Thursday, October 21, 2010


Rachael Yamagata  
Moments With Oliver [Instrumental]  

Chaos. Such Beautiful chaos.
Eruption. Destruction.
Sadness. And lots of it.
And then Anger in equal Proportions.

Blaming Him.
Blaming Me.
Loneliness. Emptiness.

And then You.
Like a beautiful melody. Without lyrics.
I close my eyes and finally
There is Peace.

Photo Credit: SVA


  1. That is very creative of you, who would have thought that your blog links can actually form a poem in which each posts could be interrelated with one another. :D

    I'm glad you found peace. :)

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  3. is this a picture of the energy released when subatomic particles are smashed together?

  4. Magaya nga ito. Only mine is more like a cloud of porn links. Hahaha.

  5. hongturuy! hihihi.
    utak mo talaga idol! wooot wooot!

  6. "and then you... finally there is peace." beautiful citybuoy... inspiring

  7. panalo ito!!
    who would habe thought...


  8. ano pa nga ba ang masasabi ko kundi... huwaw, ang galing! :)

  9. @Louie: Thanks! I'm really glad too. It's funny. It started with a thought na wala na akong mablog kasi parang in my head, ang gulo ng lahat hanggang sa narealize ko na wala namang magulo. That was when I finally realized na ang tahimik ng life ko. lol

    @LOF: Haha I wouldn't know what that looks like. lol It's a phoenix. Not a very literal one though.

    @Glentot: Dapat kasama Tarzan x!

    @Ced: Gawa ka rin! :)

    @Nimmy: Nambobola ka naman eh. haha Pero salamat narin sa pag-comment. :)

    @Tricia: Thanks Tricia! :D

    @Mark: Why thank you, Mark! I appreciate it.

    @Claudiopoi: Sorry it's not quite what you expected. Wala eh. Wala na akong mapiga. haha

    @That Girl: Thanks That Girl! And I'm glad you posted your link now! I can finally visit you. :)

    @Mac: Why thank you, Mac! Sorry di pa ako nakakadalaw sa inyong respective homes. Sa weekend, babawi ako!

    @Ceiboh: Salamat pohz! jeje :) hahah

    @Aris: Salamat din Idol!

  10. did i already say that you are a genius, nyl?

  11. Aww Geek, you're always so sweet to me. :) haha nakakataba naman ng suso yung comment mo. Este puso pala. :)

    It's funny kasi you were there for most of these posts. Grabe no, antagal na nating blog buddies?

  12. hindi ako marunong mambola nyl. nagsasabi lang ako ng totoo. pak na pak! :)

  13. Whoa. This kind of post will take me a year to complete. I can never do beautiful with the filth I'm writing.

    Marvelous amount of time you got there.

  14. oh i see. my other guess was a fire breathing wrasse. but, the symbolism there didn't really come together with what you wrote.

  15. nag-sorry daw? hehe :) ang galing nga eh. di ko na tuloy alam kung anu na ang dapat kong iexpect sa mga posts ko. ang unique lang kasing post na to. hehe :D ang galing lang ng pagkakatahi-tahi. idol material ka talaga nyl! :)

  16. puki mo...

    imperness napangiti ako... knowing na ang hirap kong i-please hahahahaha


    akin na yung admirer mo ha! hihihii

  17. this is just genius nyl. :) your creativity, brilliant!

    pa-shower naman ng talent mo dyan :p

  18. After destruction comes creation. Am pretty sure this next phase is forthcoming. Update us?

  19. ang ganda ganda ng structure! puro words! lol!

    nice one, my friend.
    parang lagi akong natatamaan sa mga posts mo. :D

  20. i like it. and that phoenix is close to my heart. :3

  21. @Nimmy: Well in that case, salamat ng marami. I appreciate it.

    @Momel: Funny how you should say that. It's actually quite the opposite. I recently started a new class and was moved to a new shift so my body clock's been killing me. Hence I didn't have time to write a whole post. lol

    And I don't think your writing's filth. C'mon. I'm sure you know what filth looks like. lol

    @LOF: *googling* haha no, that's kinda far. haha

    @Claudiopoi: Naks naman. Baka lumaki na ulo ko niyan ha. Salamat!

    @YJ: Tama! Ang hirap mo talagang i-please.

    Sayo na siya. Kunin mo bago may mang-agaw pa. lol

    @Lee: Haha sakto umuulan-ulan. lol Salamat Lee!

    @Peter: Otherwise, you'd be left in ruins. I wonder how Greece makes it work.

    And yes, I shall write about it when I can finally wrap my head around it. lol

    @Andy: Kahit maigsi? hihi Salamat Kuya Andy! Inom ulit?

    @Spiral Prince: Oh really? Must've been something traumatic in the past. Good to see you're pretty much okay. :)

  22. wow Nyl... huwag kang ganyan...tinatamaan daw si Andy sa mga words mo... huwag mo babanggitin ang MANG-AAGAW! nyahahahaha

    joke lang kuya Andy! ahlabyu

  23. great. i like the way you express your thoughts here... short and serve on it full of value content but short. and i didn't get bored reading it : )

    mapamahaba man o maiksi magaling pa din. (parang iba ata ang dating nun) hahahaha

  24. @YJ: Bad ka. Wala naman akong sinabing MANG-AAGAW SI ANDY! haha

    @Ahmer: Parang iba nga ang dating. haha But at any rate, I appreciate it, Ahmer. :) Salamat ng madaming madami!

  25. un naman oh !!! itsyaboykorki likes this :)
    galing !!

  26. Nice. I hope you're doing okay. Peace of mind is one of the things I'm aiming for.

  27. We all want it. Sana lang lahat tayo, kaya panindigan. hehe