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<3s are broken everyday pt.1

like water for chocolate

declining morals

another depressed post. but this one's got a better ending.

it's irrational for one person to be this excited.

puto bumbong induced migraine

at the center of learning (what is it pt. 2?)


after fifty million years nanaman!

after fifty million years

i <3 puto bung-bongs! (at the center of learning pt.2)

at the center of learning pt.1

QuickKwiz : Bloggers' Quiz - What Is Your Best Sexual Skill

sunday school fiasco. no <3s today.

chivalry is dead.

The number of the day is seven.

something awful happened

get a hold of me!

my own private spanish film festival

pugnosedbabblefest italics


i went jogging... err... running

pretty people make me sad.

here i go again

rainy days and mondays

got to go to school tomorrow!

feeling sentimental.

antagonizing the pugnosedfreakazoid

on the cutting edge

I asked for a sign...

buena mano