Thursday, July 23, 2015

the farthest distance

What I learned from all my years of loving and failing is that you never truly own anybody.

I’ve heard him say he loved me, scream promises to never leave me, and I watched as he took it all back. I’ve held on to his words, I’ve waited for him to come back only to find nothing but the cruelty of a door that by all means can open but never does.

I have climbed many mountains and crossed many hearts, many seas but the farthest distance I will ever know is between a forgotten promise and an unforgetting heart.

This and other 100-word stories in Project 0.1.

Photo: ocean-still
♫: Paula Cole | In Our Dreams (2007)

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

what it's like to die

People who’ve been shot and lived to tell their story claim it doesn’t really feel like anything. The bullet punctures your skin and an overwhelming feeling of numbness takes over. Such is the body’s nature when it knows it’s about to die.

In contrast, it’s the small and constant pains that are unbearable. Ticking headaches, impacted molars – they bring even the mightiest to their knees.

Everytime you slip away, the pain floors me and I have to wait for the room to stop spinning. I look forward to the day you leave me. The numbness will be a welcome mistress.

This and other 100-word stories in Project 0.1.

Photo: tunnel
♫: Sheryl Crow | I Shall Believe (1993)

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

the boy who cried rain

He said he loved the smell of rain. I said rain didn’t smell like anything. It must’ve been the heat escaping from the ground. No, he insisted. When it comes, you’ll understand what I mean.

He said he loved the smell of rain and so I showed him mine. I let him in to see my thunder, my scattered rainfalls, my tropical depressions. It was too late when the first of the floods rushed in.

Struggle. Air. Footing. The last time I saw him.

In the early morning when there is quiet, I still hear the boy who cried rain.

This and other 100-word stories in Project 0.1.

Photo: art-rain-room
♫: Diana Vickers | The Boy Who Murdered Love (2010)