Thursday, July 23, 2015

the farthest distance

What I learned from all my years of loving and failing is that you never truly own anybody.

I’ve heard him say he loved me, scream promises to never leave me, and I watched as he took it all back. I’ve held on to his words, I’ve waited for him to come back only to find nothing but the cruelty of a door that by all means can open but never does.

I have climbed many mountains and crossed many hearts, many seas but the farthest distance I will ever know is between a forgotten promise and an unforgetting heart.

This and other 100-word stories in Project 0.1.

Photo: ocean-still
♫: Paula Cole | In Our Dreams (2007)


  1. Ibig sabihin, hindi rin tayo maaaring mangako na ang ating sarili ay para sa tao na iyon lamang... dahil maaari ring isipin ng tao na ating pinangakuan na "I can never truly own anybody."

    (nosebleed ako sa ideyang ito :D )

    1. Jep: Di naman nosebleed. Nakuha mo nga eh! Oo, nung mas bata kasi ako, I believed that was what love was about. Kaso ngayong medyo *ahem* inuuban na ako, I realize it has nothing to do with owning anyone. :p

  2. ♫♫Nobody owns me
    I don't wanna be anybody's fool
    No one can make me do
    What I don't want to do
    No, no, nobody owns me
    Nobody but you ♫♫

    -Belinda Carlisle - Nobody Owns Me

    1. Raymond: I love her! Kaso that last line just removed all her empowerment. haha

  3. Reminds me so much of this Murakami quote from 1Q84.

    “You said you're going far away," Tamaru said. "How far away are we talking about?"
    "It's a distance that can't be measured."
    "Like the distance that separates one person's heart from another's.”

    1. Rei: OMG pinaalala mo backlog ko. haha Nasa Colorless palang ako (and I'm working my way backwards) I started 1Q84 a few years ago and then I had this awful nightmare so I put it down. But with a quote like that, I just might endure the dark stuff. :)

  4. It's like the sun and the moon. Always together but forever apart. :(

  5. so unabashedly extroverted

  6. Replies
    1. Tim: Why, thank you! :) I'd like to think all the bad things that have happened make the best stories.