Wednesday, May 27, 2009

come back to me

She couldn’t remember much about that day. They were driving in the desert and the road seemed to stretch out for miles. All she remembers is that it was very hot- scorching even- and she could barely think straight from all the heat. They were in his car. It was a beat up old Chevy- a mere shadow of what it was ten years ago. They could sense what was coming but perhaps out of fear, they both ignored it. The heat was unbearable but his gaze on her fevered neck burned even more.

“Do you believe in God?” she whispered. He held her hand, looked into her eyes and sighed.

“In moments like this, I know God exists.”

She looked at him, helpless in his car’s leather seat. Why this? Why now? Why me?

“Maybe one day… when you’re older or bigger or stronger… maybe we could start again.” It was a silent promise that she would keep in her heart forever. He opened the door- his personal way of letting her go. The desert was hot. She was unsure of what was to come. She looked at him as if to say please don’t leave me.

It is night time. A small blue car pulls up. The window rolls down and from the benign darkness, a shadow could be seen inside.

“Need a ride?” he asks.

“No. I’m waiting for someone.”

“Are you sure? It must be scorching out there. I can take you where you need to go.”

“I’m waiting for someone. He said he’ll come back for me.”

He looks in her eyes, so full of despair. I can’t help you, they seemed to say. He drove away, leaving only the dust to settle once again on the barren desert road.

In the morning, another car pulls up.

“Get in.” he says, confident of his next conquest.

“I’m waiting for someone. He’ll be here soon.”

“I won’t take no for an answer. I can give you a better life.”

“He’ll be here soon. You wouldn’t want him to see you. He’s coming back. I just know it.”

He drives away, the dust forming clouds in the air. She imagines faces and places in those clouds. That one looked like a rabbit caught mid-leap. Another one looks like a cat giving birth. This one looks a lot like him. Maybe he’s just circling around the block. Maybe he’s on his way back.

“Please don’t tell me you’re coming back...” she whispers. “…if you’re not.” It was a silent prayer. God knows if He heard her.

It’s been two years. She still walks the lonely road alone. She still thinks about him sometimes. The desert leaves no leaf unturned, no dirt unshaken.

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David Cook
Come Back To Me
David Cook


  1. something in the metaphoric language made me think of backdrop to jeepers creepers... i don't know if its a lonely road or a old beat up chevy. something.

  2. i think i know who she is,,,

  3. @LOF Haven't seen that but the imagery I used was pretty generic so I see where you're coming from.

    @Stupidient Who?

  4. a good song for this would be WAITING IN VAIN by MYMP

  5. [“Please don’t tell me you’re coming back...” she whispers. “…if you’re not.” ]

    just like the girl, i waited for long. he told me kasi na he's going back.. pero ngayon, i finally accepted the fact na hindi na talaga siya babalik. i just hope the girl will realize her worth and that someday, she'll be happier. :)

  6. "At sya ay naghihintay sa anumang alam nyang hindi naman darating..."


  7. @Herbs haha as an ex-MYMP fan, i actually know what you're talking about. I'm more partial to the Annie Lennox version. check that out, too. she removed the reggae edge and over-all, it's way better.

    @Algene a friend and I were talking about this one time. a lot of people get screwed up when their relationship ends in a 'promise'. promising is easy. followuing through is another deal altogether.

    @Waterbased And the hope that he might one day return kills any chance at an immediate happy ending.

  8. sad story of love,hmmm,i hope she wakes up and take a ride with someone else...

  9. maybe she needs a hot guy in a red jaguar. haha

  10. i used to think that i could wait
    wait till there's nothing left to wait for....

    but i realized that icould wait...
    wait till i forget the reason why i'm waiting....

    echoz... baka trycicle hinihintay niyang sumundo sa kanya hehehehhe

  11. awwww that's sad..
    i haven't had an experience similar to this (like waiting for someone and nothing happening) like everyone does i think... i mean does everyone have this? ako lang ba ang hindi naka-experience ng ganito?
    *nagwala at nagbasag ng bote*
    hay, at least di ako nag-hintay sa wala..
    (nagdrama mag-isa?! hahaha)

  12. @YJ "wait till i forget the reason why i'm waiting...."

    how sad.. :c

    baka nga tricycle lang katapat nito! haha

    @Carlo haha yan naman ang gusto ko sayo eh. pag wala nang ma-drama, maghahanap ng drama hahaha!!!

  13. it really makes me to sad to read stories with something like waiting moments as endings... sigh!

    this is a good one! kudos!

  14. thanks! :D i appreciate that you liked it.

    nakakasad talaga mag-intay. lalo na pag wala ka na namang inaantay.

  15. (sagot ko po sa reax mo sa blog ko...)

    i fact a station took me in, ang format nila ay tipong rx...but after the training, i politely told the owner na hindi na ako tutuloy

    masakit pa rin sa akin ang memories na dulot ng pagiging dj...

    i still have nightmares about it

  16. i wish the girl would make up her mind. she could get moving and run after the guy, or she could accept a ride so she could get away from there and forget everything. i think she has a choice, other than waiting.

  17. i disagree.. i think of all the characters in the story, she has the least opportunity to choose. i wanted her to be very passive because there's no active way of dealing with a situation like that. but then again, that's just me. this is open to everyone's interpretation.