Wednesday, February 26, 2014

hello love

There was a man who couldn't understand the puzzle of life. But these
are his first words. 24 different pies under 24 different skies. Oh me oh
no I don't want to have no wife!
All the other words are pointless. His
words were only of kindness. The busy little witches cackled and spat at
that curiosity, suspecting wicked demons at play. We've done all we
could but...
Her daughters all wept, tearing off robes and basking
fully nude under the moonlight. There was no way the sundial could
express the things they saw. We're going to die soon, he said. Oh
how you'd like that for sure,
they replied. Hiding in the dark was a
happy little bear. His invisibility granted him many privileges. You…
you don't understand what you're doing,
it said to them. And they
have made me very afraid.
I didn't want to tell her she's all but
made it. That really wouldn't be fair to anyone, most especially to
me because I vowed to always be honest and never cruel to you. Of
these purple waves that are going to come crashing, How many will
last without proper nutrition and oxygen that they deserve? About
two days from dying of exhaustion? It's been too long, at least seven
years. It might have been too long.

I could see all this happening from my dusty balcony. Perhaps I didn't
look too far ahead. Like ants under a magnifying glass, marching
forward as they plot their own destructions and deaths. And I know that
to do all this from such a vantage point may seem cruel. The liaison was
spending way too much money. Everybody needs time to go and explore
the things they really want, even if it is embezzling company funds. The
rest persist like animals do. We are guided by instinct and mouths fed,
of course. Off course as it may be, there will always be something in
my current situation that jars me. That's life, my boy. That's just how
life is.
That's what my father told me and what his father told him. Mix
with everything you want. Wonder about the crazy things happening to
you. Then you'll get by just fine.

Happy never grows old. She's the same white dog. On that iconic show's
second year, the old faithful pet was given a chance to speak. On their
anniversary, the producers sat her down for an interview. I want
my family to remember that we are important
, she said. I've shown
love. I never aged and I never died.
In reality, she was a puppet.

You used to tell me these things when you were learning to play golf. You
are pretty strong yourself, though you know nothing could compare to
the funny way she collided with all of us. Or maybe we knew he was the
best at golf and we were better at other things. Like Monopoly? That
thing he said could make all our strengths better than our weaknesses. If
that's okay with you, we don't all have to be great at cooking. All we
ever do is eat crappy things, we say that it's okay and good. All it's ever
been is mediocre and lackluster. The fault? I don't know if it's yours or
mine. Maybe it's yours. Maybe it's mine. Or maybe, just maybe, it's ours.

♫: Naya Rivera | Mine [Glee Cast Version] (2012)


  1. At first I felt like I was reading four different poems molded into one post. But thank God for realizations. Haha. This is very sweet Nyl. Congratulations :D

    1. Rei: haha I fell asleep after I posted this. When I woke up, I saw that there were 0 interactions and that most people had spent a couple of minutes just viewing it. haha Death to a puzzle with no clues. X_X

    2. It's a labyrinth of words kasi. First timers would have a really hard time reading this. The emphasis makes it easier to decipher though, so, yeah. Haha :)

    3. Rei: That's a great way to describe it! At in fairness, ngayon nalang ulit ako nakakuha ng mga first time readers, ito pa bumungad sa kanila. lolz

  2. Beauty amidst the chaos. Good thing some words were emphasized.

    1. Marjorie G: Hello! Welcome to my blog! I think nakita kita nung launch ni Glenn. Nice to match a blog to a face. :)

      And oo, binold ko na. When I first published this, wala palang formatting so ang random lang niya tignan. haha Ang pangit na bungad naman sayo if ever. :)

  3. Words can not express how much I love this article. I wanna own it :-) Galing, congrats!

    1. Dino: Hello! Welcome to my blog! At own it talaga? Fun fun fun!

  4. So, it's another (second) anniversary post.
    There's a message behind the writings and it's beautifuly written.
    Pahingi namang ng talent!

    1. Limarx: Papa-LBC ko na! haha yes, gusto ko kasi maging sweet pero ayoko maging cheesy. Nakakasuka na. lolz

      I guess this post is a lot like what we're like in real life. A lot of random moments pero when you look closely, you'll see the moments that count! haha

  5. Best anniversary message I've seen so far. Nice one Nyl, and congratulations to you both! :)

  6. that's the sweetest. :)

    happy anniv guys! :) hihi kilig much.

  7. Wow. So sweet! Galing galing! :)

  8. Ang tagal bago ko naintindihan. Sabi ko nabobobo nako. Hahaha. After more than four days, ngayon lang ako nakapagkomento. Pambihira ka! Haha!

    1. OP: Sorry naman. Did you... overthink? lolz

  9. Acid trip. Bow. Paint the town red, Nyl. :)

  10. rhizomatic endopathic automatic writing. lol

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    1. Darc: Sorry sa sobrang late reply. Nakalimutan ko na may blog pala ako. haha Salamat!

  12. As always I am so happy
    Na masaya kayo
    Gaya ng sinasabi ko
    Lagi mong tandaan
    Ang buhay
    Natin ay
    Di kumpleto kapag walang

    1. Glentot: Pakyu! haha ayan, wala na.

  13. Awh :) Love love love I wish I could have read this earlier :) I gotta let Cheng read this haha

  14. pretty nice blog, following :)

  15. Replies
    1. OP: Hey! Sorry, I swear nakalimutan ko na talaga tong space na 'to. Will try to take better care of it. Sayang yung bagong layout. Once ko lang ginamit. haha