Thursday, January 27, 2011


Breathe Me  
Colour the Small One  

i brought out the large corelle bowl-
the one we only use when we have visitors.
(and in this order) i dumped in
this morning’s sausages,
last night’s lasagna,
tuesday’s fish,
last saturday’s fried bananas
a couple slices of cheese,
oregano, basil, marjoram,
and a dash of salt to taste.

i popped it in the microwave,
watched it rotate,
listened to the sound of oil popping,
of cheese melting,
and a need about to be filled.

i wish you had been there
to see me eat it all.
viciously, selfishly,
like it’s going out of style.
i burned my tongue.

and i wish you had been there,
to watch it go down the toilet
in strange circular motions.
(they say it turns differently over there.)*

but you weren’t. so it doesn’t fucking count.


  1. i'm dismayed that in the attempt to binge eat you didn't consider multiplying the sodium content with something more than salt -- like aji-no-moto or magic sarap. you're such an amateur.

  2. @LOF: but lof, you're forgetting i have my beliefs. msg is bad for the body. lol

  3. I'm confused whether or not this is emo or not, nevertheless, I like the last stanza. :) A mention of color would've completed it! :D

  4. @Spiral: I guess it's a little emo. Just a little. lol

    And it's funny how you should mention that because color had a lot to do with that stanza. *ahem*

  5. rotflmao. it is good to have principles!

  6. In the literal sense or not?

    And what a sneaky citybuoy, you are, Nyl. I spy an attempt at camouflage!

    (which is ingenious)

  7. @LOF: For one who stands for nothing falls for me. lol

    @Spiral: I think (or maybe I'm just over-analyzing) I wanted it to seem bleak. As bleak as possible. I purposefully removed all rhythm to make it as boring as possible. Because when you remove all the hype in bulimia, that's exactly what it is. lol

    3AM logic. Never fails to fuck up.

  8. Visceral and auto-erotic. like. \m/

  9. @LOF: Why do I feel like maybe I'm bullying you now. lol

    @Undoy: Hey there! Welcome to my blog. Visceral? Like Ange's last name? ;p

    Thanks for dropping by!

  10. are you on a tight budget?
    at least you didn't just to flush your hard earned $ down the drain. : D

  11. because i chose to wear the victim mask =P

  12. @Ahmer: Poverty and Vanity: a bad combination. lol

    Just kidding. I think I was just mirroring previous thoughts. But I did make leftover salad. That part was true. I just didn't anticipate that cream spoiled so easily so I had to throw everything away.

    @LOF: Potato, potato. (I realize this makes no sense when typed out. But maybe I chose that too. lol)

  13. Hmm a nice poem about eating and shitting... or mali na naman ang pagkaintindi ko???

  14. @Glentot: It feels strange to talk to you in several different networks. haha

    Pwede rin naman. As long as you. You're strong to me, eh.

  15. you mocked the dish by adding salt.

  16. You had me at fried banana.... :P


  17. based on my analysis, is the second stanza means sex? haha

  18. you can do a reprise, a rehash but you give it new life and turn out something beautiful. it'll never be sh*tty. bless you my dear writer. =)

  19. Ummm, that's a scary mess of left-overs no matter how you look at it ;)!

  20. i just found sia last week and i love her.

    my personal favorite is her i'm in here...


  21. Poems are so in nowadays, yours are waaayyy better though.haha :P

  22. ewww. hahahahhaha!
    isang napakawalang kwentang comment, friend. pasensya na.

  23. @Alter: You sure it wasn't the spices? lol

    @Rick: Yum! :)

    @Ahmer: Close. It was the third one. hihi

    @Nimmy: Onga eh. I should watch what I eat.

    @Mark: You're too sweet. Bless you too, Mark!

    @She Writes: I know right! Oh well..

    @Geek: I'm just starting but I've heard so much about her. Sige, I'll check it out.

    @RJ: Di naman! haha but yeah, nakikiuso lang din ako. haha

    @Mike: Ichokey. Matching lang yan sa tao no. haha joke lang. *peace*

  24. (they say it turns differently over there.)*
    --- somewhere in the Southern Hemisphere??? (Australia...)

  25. weee.. mas matindi pa ito sa mga street food na nakain ko.. wahehehe..

    and its nice reading poems nowadays.. nakakainspire...

  26. weird. in a very good sort of way.

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. <3<3<3 <--- i hope the symbols work here.

  29. @Brent: Aren't we part of that? I was thinking somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere. But then again, that theory has been disproved so, oh well. lol

    @Kiko: Makes me want to look for quek-quek.

    @Rei: Thanks! In a good way, of course. :)

    @LOF: You know you can never do wrong in my eyes. ;)

    @Arian: Coming from a real poet, that looks really good. Thanks!

    @Ceiboh: Only if you came, too. :)

  30. CB,

    "..but you weren’t. so it doesn’t fucking count." - its clear. For all I know my heart got broken because mas pinili ka nya.

    May issue? Haha.


  31. where the hell was he fren? :)

  32. hah! you're not gona slim down doing that.... eh di sana pumayat na sina Andy at Glenn.... try this....

    kain ka madami hangang sa hindi ka na makahinga... tapos fingerin mo lalamunan mo.... in a couple of months anorexic ka na! gooooooooooow

  33. not too good at reading between the lines, but my take on this is infidelity out of anger. maybe it's my own history talking to me

  34. which is why I deleted the comment from public display. haha

  35. @Cio: Issue? lol

    @Juber: On the other side of the world, friend.

    @Gervin: Nope. I washed it! lol

    @YJ: Salamat sa advice, friend! ;p

    @Sean: It could be that. Have you listened to Amy Winehouse's I Heard Love Is Blind? Awesome song.

    @LOF: I noticed. hihi

    @Sanunai: Thanks for dropping by!

  36. this is so Hanna Marin meets Blair Waldorf Must Pie! chic, ayluhvet! haha! :D

  37. Whoooah I missed reading your posts!!

    Loving everything here: words, pictures, layout! Yay! :)

  38. @Eric: I'm so taking that as a compliment. lol

    @Erin: Yeah, it's been ages. When're you coming back to the blogging world?

  39. it's about food! woah..

    is this the first time you wrote about food??

    and here i thought i'm the only one who knows about this song.. waaa~!! super like...!

    -key (^^)

  40. @Key: No, I used to write about food a lot. I don't know why I just stopped. Maybe it took the exhaustion of several other topics before I could start thinking about it again.

    And I'm so new to this Sia thing but I'm loving what I'm hearing. :)

  41. I'm curious, where you sated at all? :D

  42. Same here, I've been eating leftovers from Christmas. It's been a month now and there's still more to eat from the fridge. God, I'm bloated, haha


  44. i read your amazing poem twice and this is what it said to me: we're made ugly by desires. now i'm putting astringent on my face. i've been giving oral sex far too much.

  45. @Spiral: Yeah, until I puked. lol then, I was hungry again.

    @Andy: Christmas food? Oh dear. We still have some ham and queso de bola from that season.

    @Demigod: welcome!

    @John: We are made ugly by desires. I like that. I'm gonna make a shirt that has that and no, I'm not gonna credit you. lol Then, I'll have something to wear when you visit.

  46. *laughs* hindi kasi ako natapos magbasa lahat ng entries mo...baka babalik ako sa pagbabasa. 'tas babasahin ko pa yung nasa isang blog mo! wii~!!

    super like sa new photo..promises! :D
    you should listen to her (sia)..she's kinda weird for me.


  47. @Key: Thanks! I like it too. hihi And I'm currently downloading her first two records. I haven't listened enough to form a real opinion but so far, me likey! :)

  48. I went from "Eww!" to "Aww!". Hahah...

  49. @James: Thanks for dropping by! :)

  50. go for gold,nyl! *laughs*

    it's nice that you're not picky with music...because..hmn..i am too!

    best wishes.


  51. @Key: Yay for music!