Monday, April 26, 2010

crazy cat person

My cat Sophie and I have been together for almost a year now*. Mostly, our relationship’s been good. I started feeding her regular cat food after her seventh rat slaying. Since then, she’s put on a little weight and her fur has become exceptionally soft to the touch. She also gave birth to three wonderful bundles of joy* which not only means three more mouths to feed but also three more fluffies to love.

I kinda miss her. You see, Sophie and I had a little argument and it’s been a while since I last played with her. It started innocently enough. It was the weekend and I was in the driveway playing with her and the kittens. After rubbing her chin, I picked up her babies one by one to play with them. It wasn’t obvious at first but moments later, I could tell she was getting a little jealous. She looked at me with an expression that seemed to say, you used to hold me like that. You don’t hold me like that anymore.

But then I couldn’t help it. The kittens were just too cute. I could tell Sophie was starting to get really annoyed. She sat on my lap and started licking herself clean, rendering me unable to reach for the other kittens. I told myself I needed to pay equal attention to all four cats if I wanted them to live in a house full of love and care.

A few weeks ago, I took all that back. Sophie started getting a little frisky and I had a strange feeling our relationship was starting to become a little… well, inappropriate. I had just finished feeding them so they were sort of just lounging in the summer sun when Sophie started rubbing herself on my thigh. She was rubbing her scent on me as though she was marking her territory. I started scratching her forehead and the spot behind her ears that I know she likes. Then things got a little weird. Her tail flirtatiously grazed my leg and then she started rubbing her hoohoo on my leg. At first, I thought it was a mistake but when she did it again, I stood up and brushed her off. Uh-uh, kitty. That just ain’t happening. *snap snap snap*

She looked at me with a rejected expression. She meowed a few times, perhaps beckoning me to come back and play with her but I went inside the house and shut the door. In my head, all I could think of was how weird this whole thing was. I should either find a way to tell her that I couldn’t give her what she wanted or I should start making more non-feline friends.

The next day, I went outside to feed her but she wasn’t there. I looked for her in all the usual places but she was nowhere to be found. I decided to go around the block a few times to see if she was hiding or stuck somewhere. Sophie!!! I called. In my head, I could see polaroids of road kill like in this weird art exhibit I saw back in college. Please let her be okay, I prayed. Sophie, please be alive.

Back at home, her three kittens were busy eating. Times like that, I wish I was a cat whisperer or something. I wanted to ask them where their mother was but they just looked at me with their innocent kitty eyes and went back to their bowl of cat kibble. I thought of all the times we shared together, all the times that I played with her when I was feeling sad. I felt so stupid for ignoring her all this time. I should’ve paid her more attention. All she wanted was my love and I practically ignored her.

Suddenly, the neighbor’s door opened and out came Sophie. She walked over to where her kittens and I were in what seemed like slow motion, strutting like she had all the time in the world.

So that’s where you’ve been, I said when she came closer. I could feel my blood rushing to my cheeks. I was embarrassed that I went up and down the block meowing, looking for her but mostly I was angry that she was in someone else’s home- the same person who adopted and neglected her over a year ago. So now that I’ve fed you, now that I’ve given you a home, after I took care of your three kittens, now you’re telling me you’re coming back to… her? I was seething with anger. You started it, she replied. I went in the house, slamming the door shut to make sure she knew I was cross with her.

I was telling all this to a friend over coffee and he just looked at me with a strange expression. You need to get out more, he not-so-politely suggested. Your cats have become such a large part of your life. I must admit, I got a little embarrassed. After all, it was true. I had become that annoying cat person which, in the scale of record-breaking crazies, is only a few rungs lower than the bag lady, the flasher and the anonymous stalker. My friend had a very valid point. I haven’t been seriously seeing anyone since my last relationship ended and that was months ago. With my blog hiatus, I had no one to tell my stories to. My only constant relationships as of late have been with coffee, my job and my cats. If that’s all I’m living for, there must be something wrong with me.

That night, for the first time in weeks, I went outside to feed the cats. Ever since that time I saw Sophie come out of the neighbor’s house, I told the maid she had to feed them because I sure as hell wouldn’t. I started ignoring their meows whenever they see me, making such a big show of how I didn’t need them in my life. Seriously, how screwed up is that? I realized I shouldn’t have taken this whole thing so seriously. These were, after all, just animals with no concept of jealousy or ownership. One by one, the cats came to me. It was the little ones who approached me first and when all three were with me, Sophie came out from the darkness. I was expecting her to still be angry with me but in her eyes, I could’ve sworn she looked sorry. It’s okay, I told her as I rubbed her chin. I missed you too.

A Girl Like Me


  1. there is a criminal case from the US state of Virginia, reported in the 1700s, where someone was charged with "theft of a cat." The highest tribunal in Virginia ruled that it is a legal impossibility to "steal" a cat because, they ruled as a matter of law, it is impossible to own a cat and depriving one of their rightful ownership of some thing is a necessary element of larceny (theft). You see, they reasoned, you can feed and give affection to a cat, but you cannot own it. It comes and goes as it pleases and therefore lacks the requisite indicia of possession or ownership. This ruling was subsequently derogated by a statute, I was told, but the point remains the same.

  2. Awwwwwww. so sweet post. I'm also a cat lover just like you. I treat them as friends. I even cried for weeks when one of them went to kitty heaven.

  3. "I am the Cat that walks by himself, and all places are alike to me."
    - Kipling, The Cat That Walked By Himself.

  4. bitch, you know pussies and us will never get along that well. nevah. well, unless you go both ways.

  5. i think you're only taking care of those cats because deep inside you want to be catwoman!!! :P

  6. @LOF: they say you never own a cat. you can take care of it, feed it, give it all the love in the world but it will never be completely yours. it was something someone told me years ago. i didn't know there were actual laws and cases involved. lol

    @Nimrod: how sad! my oldest cat ran away to die. till the very end, she was still full of pride.

    @Rudeboy: that somehow managed to tie in with your lonely Thai shots. you know how they make me feel sad. :c

    @Herbs: iba ka talaga! long distance ang kahalayan mo! haha

    @Engel: well, i think she took the crazy cat lady persona a little too far. haha among the batman villains,i see myself most as... hmmmm... nerdy poison ivy? lol

    @Jepoy: thank yeeeeeeeeeeww!!

  7. Awwww. I have a cat to. I took care of him nung kuting pa lang siya. Tapos tabi pa kami matulog. Tapos ngayon matanda na siya and all. Hahaha. Cats are soo awesome. :D

  8. @Yohan: Aww... I had a cat grow old with me once. Kaya lang, like I said to Nimrod, she went away to die. I think nahiya siya to show her weak side. In her prime kasi, she was quite the ratteur.

    @Felipe: What happened to her?

    @Eternal Wanderer: Huwaaaat?! There's plenty of pussy love to go around!! :c

  9. Awwww. Cute post. Diba nakakatakot yung kuko ng pusa pag hahawakan mo sila? takot kasi ako sa claws nila. Kaya dito samin, aso ang bida.

    Oh, na-miss ko daw si Nyl. Hehe

  10. sabi ko nga, it feels good to be missed. hehe i missed bloghopping din. di naman obvious sa pagka-rapid ng comments ko.

    aso din bida samin. mas nakakahika daw kasi pusa eh lahat kami hikain. pero i dunno. i've always had a close affinity with our feline friends. in the end, kagustuhan ko rin umiral. lol

  11. Initially, it sounded like feline porn but the story grew into a tragedy and then ended as a love story. Great storytelling. You should really return to blogging -- you're getting a little mundane. Cheers.

  12. Feline porn? hahaha my goodness. hahahaha this had me in stitches!

    Yes, I'm feeling the bitter sting of stagnation. This post officially marks the end of my hiatus. I really missed making my blog rounds. Comforting feeling. :D

  13. I have a cat too. He's the lone son of my previous beloved cat who went haywire, and we had to abandon at Tagaytay. And my current feline friend, I believe, is not straight.

  14. ooh a gay cat! haha how odd.

    i had a lesbian rabbit once. but i think that was more of our mistake. we all thought she was a guy so we kept pairing her up with girls.

  15. i love cats too. :) speaking of cats, where's my mining? hahaha! i have one too. :))

  16. andaming bloggers na may pusa! hehe post ka rin ng picture! :D

  17. aaaawwww cute little pussies =D wait, that didn't sound right hahaha

    which reminds me of our cat na kakapanganak lang last month. nasan na kaya sila?

  18. cute little pussies? bwahaha

    yay more kitties!

  19. Parang laging double-meaning ang mga posts mo ah. I was telling myself 'Were you referring to a cat or an actual person?'

    Enjoyed reading it though, as usual. :)

  20. @Glenn: you forgot the z! diba nga zzzzOMG! haha

    @Mikee: Well, yeah i usually have double meanings but I can assure you this time, I'm really just talking about my cat. haha

    Thanks for dropping by. :D

  21. yan na ba in ngayon? cat-man relationship? ♥

  22. Haha sabi na eh. Sana mas madalas ka mag-post ng entry. :)

  23. parang may namamagitan lang sa inyo ni sophie ha.

    ikaw ha nyl. mmm hmmmm.


  24. @Chyng: Oo naman! Di lang man. Pati girl, boy, bakla, tomboy, butiki, baboy, kalabaw, unggoy haha kamown!

    @Mikee: Once a week yan. hehe

    @Iya: Yay! May blogger acocunt ka na! haha lilipat na yaaaann!! j/k

  25. nakyutan ako sa post mo. kakatuwa talaga ang mga hayop. naalala ko tuloy pusa namin na natigok na last year lang. same year na namatay din ang aso namin. saklap no?

    neweys ganun lang sila. babalik yan. :)

  26. @Cio: babalik sila? after they die? that's creepy! lol

    get a new pair nalang. para mas happy ang life! :D

  27. I love cats. This is the first time I've heard a cat "rub" itself to a person, though. And a female cat at that. Yuck, hehe.

    Are you watching Cats the musical?

  28. Well I guess there's a first time for everything. Haha I suppose my cat just wanted to be closer to me. Haha I just didn't think it would be that inappropriate.

    Cats? Probably not. I can't really afford it.

  29. hey, hindi after nilang mamatay. babalik sila kapag nagutom hahaha

    pusa kasi namain ganun, bumalik nung marealized niyang gutom sya lagi sa kapaitbahay. ayun naging loyal na siya.


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  31. That's sweet. haha yung cats ko ngayon ko lang narealize, may schedule. Sakin sila pag gabi kasi that's the time I get to feed them. Pag umaga at tanghali, dun sila sa kapitbahay. haha