Friday, March 19, 2010

interlude: soundtrack

scribbled on the back of a provincial bus ticket:

funny how when i think bout u, a million songs play in my head.,
and then u look at me and i just kno.
u prolly hear crickts when u thnk of me.

Photo Credit: Doll Face

  New Radicals
  Crying Like A Church On Monday
  Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too


  1. Crickets, are more romantic. :)

  2. are they? i always thought they sounded really lonely.

  3. the picture is very distressing; triggering flashbacks to a previous life.

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  5. Death to all the people we loved who did not love us back.

  6. @manech ~ yes, i will. :D

    @LOF ~ it took me a long time to find it. i didn't know what i wanted to put in this post but i knew it had to be something slightly disturbing. i found the picture, i just added the red stripe.

    @bunwich ~ sayang sila no?

    @lost travailer ~ sa website lang yan eh. i just edited the width and height.

  7. @glentot ~ sorry naman. di ko nakita comment mo agad.

    death? wag naman. di naman nila kasalanan yun eh. *sigh*

  8. great, just what i need. hahaha

  9. how come? sorry. sadness is contagious.

  10. hahahaha i swear i could associate every boy i know with a song....

    isa sa kanila pag naalala ko ang kantang sumasagi sa isip ko eh Bawal Na Gamot ni Willie Garte bwahahahahaha

    yung isa, kahit anong Vina Morales song... mas bwahahahahahaha

  11. vina morales talaga? meron bang yung kung magkikita tayo muliiii... lol

  12. another Lady Gaga bad romance song? Ü

  13. hehe yeah the pic is scary kala ko bride of chucky LOL,ganda ng song,gonna search and DL it!thanks!

  14. now im crying like a church on a monday.. praying for these feelings to go away...

    tama ba lyrics?

  15. @chyng ~ mismo. haha kaso the more kasi na di ako pinapansin, the more i see it as a challenge. haha

    @mac ~ scary ba? haha when i first heard the song, i thought it was too weepy pero after a few moments in my life, i realized huwow, sapul siya.

    @engel ~ yupyup. sakit ba? wait, google ko siya.

    And I'm crying like a church on Monday
    Praying for these feelings to go away
    So do me a favor baby
    Put down your new god
    And love me like Sunday again


  16. the flashback involved an old friend and his (mis)use of drugs and aura photography. hahah

  17. how interesting. strange how a picture can do that to u.

  18. ui patawad.
    binasa ko mga koment.
    mamatay na lahat nang di nagmamahal sa atin in return!


    may tunay ding magmamahal sa atin.

    natuwa ako sa 'i miss you like crazy' ni bea at johnloyd.

    korni ba?


    basta try mu panuorin!

    ^ - ^

  19. haha hala dumadami na ang ganun mag-isip. lol

    i saw that movie din. siguro kasi naaliw anko ng sobra sa one more chance, masyado ako nag-expect sa miss u like crazy. ayun tuloy, di ako nag-enjoy. :c

  20. i like how the "you" is in the "u" form. with such small paper, you have to utilize every space.

    yun talaga inuna pinansin eh, bago yung message ng post, hehe. i'm such a detail whore and it shows. been a while eh CB.

  21. nice ilike the melody of the song : )

  22. There is something hauntingly sad about the image. Like a lonely doll left after its owner outgrew it. Like all things, senescent. Passing.

  23. @maxwell ~ wow napansin mo rin pala yun. haha it was actually one of the last things i added to the post. i felt like if i typed it out as it was supposedly written, it would seem more authentic. haha ikaw lang nakapansin. detail whore nga!

    yeah, it's been a while. namiss ko na basahin posts mo. :D

    @ahmer ~ thanks for dropping by! yeah, it's one of my favorite new radicals songs.

    @red ~ now that i think about it, yeah i get that impression too. the red stripe almost makes it feel like the doll was angry that it was forgotten. idk. i've always been fascinated about the possibility of forgotten life in inanimate objects.

  24. more of the opposite nga eh. lol

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