interlude: flight

the difference between flying and falling
lies in one’s awareness of his capabilities and limitations.

so the next time i love, i will no longer fall.
i shall fly.

that way, if i should hit the ground,
it would be because
my feet missed the stability of the earth.

Photo Credit: Dream Currents

Fiona Apple
Parting Gift
Extraordinary Machine


  1. fly as high as you can.
    you deserve it.

  2. ambilis mag-comment ah.

    as for deserving it, hmmm... i'm not really sure about that. pero whether or not i deserve it, gagawin ko talaga. haha

  3. Poetically said. Nyl, I reckon you too are a romantic.

  4. @thecurioscat ~ thanks! good luck to all of us. haha

    @red ~ aren't we all? problem is i'm a romantic disguised as a jaded person. but definitely next time i go into something with someone, i won't allow myself to fall so hard. it's hard to find someone who can catch you.

    *emo overload*

  5. fly, fly and grab that elusive golden snitch.


  6. "Love should not be a heavy feeling
    It should not make you suffer
    Love should make you happy
    It is a smile in the heart
    It makes you come alive
    Love makes you want to fly."
    - Sharon Cuneta in P.S. I Love You

    Wala lang. Feel ko lang magpaka-Janice De Belen a.k.a quotation queen. Hehe! :P

  7. @geek ~ how HP of you! hihi

    @aris ~ i love that! haha mapanood nga. hanap ako torrent.

    kahit cheesy, napaka-apt lang niyia sa situation ko. haay.

  8. weeh! this reminds me of my latest walang kwentang blog entry. :D

    yes, kuya Nyl. you will fly. away.

  9. i love this post.

    nicely put nyl.

  10. One day I'll fly away
    Leave all this to yesterday

  11. Falling in love is easy; it's falling out of love that sucks. Happy weekend! :)

  12. a nice way of putting love in a different perspective. =)

  13. wow.

    citybuoy with wings!!! :)

  14. @yas ~ bakit naman walang kwenta? sige i'll check it out later.

    @engel, lee and paci ~ thanks!

    @rudeboy ~ why live life from dream to dream.. and dread the day when dreaming ends?

    @andy ~ well said.

  15. so ito na ang compressed version ng love-river-mountain-girl story?

  16. ay tama!
    I'm FLYING!!!
    i don't want to fall...
    nasan ang karugtong!!!

  17. haha hala nag high school musical?

    yung karugtong? sinusulat ko pa eh. di ko mahanap yung tamang words. hayaan mo. mga next week siguro.

  18. parang kanta lang ah.. yung may lyrics na 'gotta fly away' pero di ko alam kung sino yung kumanta at title, toink! hehehe

    nga pala, citybuoy, I know its first time dito. Hingi na rin sana ako ng support for my latest blog entry I need comments. Super thanks ah! Apir!

  19. ooh a new face. welcome to my blog! ;)

  20. oooh, nice one. never thought of it that way.

    next time, i'll say "i'm flying in love" instead of "i'm falling in love".

    i don't think that makes sense. haha.

  21. haha when you put it that way, it doesn't really sound nice. sounds like something an addict would say. haha

  22. Haha. Ok lang yun. Ako din naman. I often sound jaded or disheartened when I tackle ardor issues. My past few posts have been replete with emotionality. Malapit na kasi ang Valentine's, and it makes us romantics feel all the more self-aware.

  23. kung ang mga kristiyano ay may pasko, tayong mga romantics, may pasko. haaay let me pull a janina. i don't feeeel any preyshur right now!

  24. But the thing with love is that it knows no bounds or limits. When we fall in love, we deny all boundaries and we are aware that we will fall, yet we fly like the moth heading for its death into the fiery candlelight or like Icarus captivated by the power of flight thus falling to his doom in the bottom of the sea.

    Love is indeed like flight. We fly high for a moment, and we shall forever treasure that moment until we fall once again into the deep face of reality.

    -in short, love sucks- :P

    (wla lang, nag emo ako. toinks)

  25. welcome to my blog! :D visiting your site now.

    i guess yun yun eh. it's just that i'm pretty sure there's a way to fall in love without being so self-destructive. anyway, time lang naman makakapagsabi kung magagawa ko siya. hehe


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