Saturday, September 26, 2009


A few weeks ago, I ran into an old trainee. She looked alarmed and asked me if I was okay.

“Oo naman!” I defensively replied, my voice seventeen decibels higher than normal.

“Wala lang. Mukha ka kasing sad. Or na-tipus.”

I dismissed that last comment and went on my way. I suppose the transition from being on leave to working nights again was not as easy as I had hoped. I overdosed on ascorbic acid, focused on getting a lot of sleep and apparently it paid off.

I was speaking to a friend earlier today and she said my aura looked a little different. I don’t really believe in auras and whatnot but it’s nice to receive a compliment every now and then. She said I looked healthier and I didn’t seem as emo as before. I thought the day couldn’t get any better when…

I was looking at some of my blog statistics when I noticed that I got a lot of hits last Wednesday and Thursday. Being slightly vain and curious, I wanted to know what caused it. I totally freaked out when I saw that I got a lot of traffic from a particular website- The Philippine Blog Awards.

Two years ago, I learned that I was nominated for a PBA*. I didn’t know who nominated me or how I even made it to that list but truly, I was ecstatic. It didn’t matter that I found out about it four months after the contest ended. The mere fact that I was nominated was enough. I’ve always seen this page as my own fortress of solitude and the fact that someone thought I had a shot at an award made me feel really nice.

Hemingways… Back in July, I submitted my blog for this year’s awards. To be honest, I just wanted to display the nice shiny badge. They sent me an email early this month to confirm that I was an official nominee and today (drum roll please) I learned that they’ve chosen this page as a finalist for the Best Personal Blog category. So happy! :D I didn’t think that lighting could strike the same place twice but apparently, it can and it has.

Back in ’07, I wasn’t very sociable in the blogging world so I didn’t know any of my co-nominees. This year, I’m proud to say I know, err read a couple of these blogs. Koji from Excuse My French and RZ from Room For Squares are also finalists for Best Personal Blog. My favorite movie reviewer Francis from Lessons From The School of Inattention is a finalist for Best Entertainment Blog.

Whatever happens, I’m just glad to be a part of all this. Everyone is so talented. I’m in such awe. Looking through the entire list of finalists (see it here!), all I can say is the judges are soooo going to have their hands full. Best of luck to everyone!

Black Eyed Peas
I Gotta Feeling
The E.N.D.


  1. ANG GALEEENG NAMAN NG KAIBIGAN in, soooobra! im so proud of you..pangarap ko rin na manominate diyan, subalit dahil puro kalandian lang naman ang laman ng blog ko, i doubt kung may magnominate man lang..ahihihihi

    wag ka na po sad..dapat happy tayo parati..

    lab lab my friend..galing galing!


  2. congratulations, nyl! i am very happy sa nomination mo and i am very optimistic na mananalo ka kasi magaling ka talaga. *hugs* :)

  3. salamat guys! ang bait bait niyo naman. :D di naman ako umaasang manalo. masaya na ako na napansin nila ako. hehe

  4. congratulations and good luck. you're a great writer and do deserve the nomination.

  5. congrats friend... anong costume mo sa awards night? hihihihii

    muahz.... ikape natin yan ha!

  6. @engel ~ thanks!

    @yj ~ di ko nga alam eh. haha baka magtuxedo mask with matching rose. haha

  7. congrats.:) btw, i think there are 20 blogs listed as finalist in the PBA Personal Blog category. here's the link >


  8. yup yup! posted that link too when i published this post. i didn't write about those i didn't know na.

  9. I'm checking out the finalist and I personally think your blog have a heart - it's sincere,
    so congratulations!
    you deserve it. Keep on blogging!

  10. awww that's so sweet! thanks yodz!

  11. congratulations! you deserve it. i hope you win. :)

  12. wow congrats! ibang level ka na!!! haha.

  13. Congratulations for being nominated! It's a tough job to judge! Good luck :)

  14. seems like it! all those blogs look really good!