Monday, July 6, 2009


My sisters and I are pretty close. Growing up together does that to you. Lately, I'm starting to notice that we've become a little different. I share a room with one of my sisters but most of our conversations have either one of us half-awake in bed. The lawyer who works all day and the call center drone who works till the wee hours of the morning. Perfect combination.

Scene: Weekend. My sister in front of a laptop watching a movie. Chinese (or was it Japanese?) dialogue barely audible from the front speakers. Me, four hours of sleep, hair in fifteen different directions, unsure of the date and time.

Her: You wanna go to Osaka?
Me: Not really. I don't think that stuff's real.
Her: (pause) How can you not believe in Japan?
Me: (left eye opens and then strains. big pause) Oh you meant Osaka. Osaka, Japan!
Her: Yeah. What did you think?
Me: (sheepishly) Iridology?

I swear. One of these days, she's not going to recognize me anymore.

Photo Credit: Neon Lights in Osaka (jeffbl88)

Ben Folds
Golden Slumbers
I Am Sam: Music From And Inspired By The Motion Picture


  1. BWHAHAHAHAHA! Winner dialogue. =)

  2. i don't know if chronic sleep deprivation and its effects on your perception constitute "difference" between your sister. although your comical mistake reminds me of these awful bing commercials that have started to appear.

  3. wah, speaking of eyes... im wearing glasses na :(

  4. @Victor I know right. Haha Nahahalatang wala akong dreams na mag-travel.

    @McVie It happened a few months ago. Naalala ko lang siya bigla.

    @LOF Could be. But lately, sleep deprivation has been my one constant.

    What Bing commercials?

    @Barry Glasses? Magpa-Osaka ka nalang! haha

  5. i love it!napatawa mo ako dun ah!

  6. Whurrubout when you were telling me the story... I really thought you were talking about Osaka Iridology! pakshet

  7. @Period Salamat po!

    @Belle Ibig sabihin, pareho lang tayo mag-isip! haha

  8. Nakakainggit... i miss my sister...

  9. at nalaglag nanaman ako sa upuan sa katatawa..... hahahahaha

    shet, sira pala talaga tong upuan na ginagamit ko.... hmmmmmp

  10. I was at the movie house and suddenly actors were doing massive unrestrained free association/stream of consciousness stuff reacting to each other with more free association/stream of consciousness stuff. this went on senselessly for almost a minute then it stopped and impliedly criticized google's search method and announced the arrival of microsoft's search engine.

  11. HAHAHAHA LOL... uhm.. eherm... WAHAHAHAHA this is funny =)

  12. HAHAHAHA LOL... uhm.. eherm... WAHAHAHAHA this is funny =)

  13. @Juber Go call her up!

    @YJ Sabi ko na makakarelate ka Mr. Japan.

    @LOF Sounds amply pretentious. I'll google it later.

    @Emotionally Sloppy thanks for reading!

  14. Saan? Sa Japan o sa Iridology? hahaha!!!

  15. loving the music you're listening too! folded ben, mayer, mraz, etc! great stuff! Oh, and your blog's not too bad either :)


    and I'm not a microsoft fan, but the commercial is clever. too bad they are selling no-choice over too much choice

  17. @The Kid. Thanks, i think. that was a compliment, right? haha

    @LOF watching it now. i see the parallelism.

  18. ang kulit... haha! nung nakadorm ako ganyan din kami minsan ng mga dormmate ko. kala namin iisa lang topic namin. iba iba pala. tapos tawanan to the max na lang kapag napagalamanan na na we're not on the same page. haha! :))

  19. miscom ang ugat ng lahat ng kaguluhan sa mundo. haha