Monday, March 23, 2009

the emancipation of miming este db

everything's so random. setting aging plans into motion. new friends. blank cards (tabula rasa?). celebrating independence. getting (faux) inked. calorie-burning soup. dawson's crack err creek. dried mangoes at paseo. coffee and other highs. convergence of friendships. wonderful lighting at next door. emo moments at the park. finally getting lechon macau.

congratulations debbie! let's hang out at your new place soon! kahit na you would let me drown kasi buo na ang life ko. hmmph... kamon!

forgive the colors. everything was auto-adjusted. it's not my fault the sun wasn't up. fixed most of the colors but the quality got screwed up a bit. fughedaboutit.


  1. whoa. i thought pa naman you made the slideshow via PS. pretty coool. and yes, the kitty is soo random hahah.

  2. di ah. picasa lang yan. kung PS yan edi ang laki nung animated GIF! hehe

    you should've seen miming. soo cute.

  3. ang saya ng get together!

    hay i missed my friends tuloy...

    cnu bf mo dun?hehe

  4. haha trainee pa naman yan dito.. yung sa ad noon? haha best friend ko yung naka red pero super close kaming apat..

    bat miss mo na friends mo? go! meet up with them!

  5. i told you: i hate cats. malamang pinagaapak apakan ko na yan hehe. or ipahabol sa aso ko :P

    i'm a pussy-hater. pun intended haha

  6. @herbs bad ka. yari ka when the cats inherit the earth in accordance with the prophecy. haha

    @luis yeah, it was! thanks for stopping by!

  7. temporary tattoos. very fun. there is one or are two shots with a sort of lens flare: intentional or unintentional? natural or photoshopped?

  8. yes. they *are* fun. hehe i have another one at home. i'm saving it for a special occassion. haha

    lens flare? i doubt it. i was using a camera phone. which shots? might have been unintentional *and* photoshopped. i just used a script to autocorrect all the night pictures. i don't remember what it's called but it's the ps equivalent to an office macro. hmm...