Thursday, December 4, 2008

life on mars

I had a staring contest with half a glass of water, pondering on whether it was half-empty or half-full. It didn't really answer my question. It just mocked me for thinking about such inane things. Nothing seems right today.

I woke up this morning with such an odd feeling. My bed felt like it was not my own. My fingers danced on the iron bars. This seems like my bed but today, it's more prison-y. For a second, I checked my phone, forgetting completely that no one texts me anymore. Gone are the days when I had a good morning when I woke up and a good night before I go to sleep. I got up and realized the sky was green and the walls were blue. My red towel (which was blue yesterday) in hand, I went downstairs to take a bath.

The water felt warm on my skin and I could feel it seep into my very bones. Ignoring this awkward sensation (and eyes closed because of the shampoo), I awkwardly felt for my loofah. I winced a little so I could find it until I realized it was right there, biting my right hand. Its fangs looked rabid and so I let it be. By the time I finished bathing, it had already consumed two of my seventeen fingers.

At work, things went from weird to crazy. The cabbie gave me Monopoly money as change.

"Manong, tama ba to?"

"Oo. Dumaan tayo ng
Go diba? May sahod ka."

I nodded but I still had my doubts. Forty pesos and 20 Monopoly dollars in hand, I said goodbye to him and the silver thimble on his right thumb.

I shook my head. Nothing seems right today.

After lunch, I was craving for something sweet. Out of nowhere, a nipa hut bearing snacks and sweets emerged from the benign darkness of the fifth floor. I chose my poison, an innocent pack of mini piyayas.

"Ang strange nung piyaya ngayon. Parang may coconut. Tikman mo nga." I told a friend.

(pops a piyaya in his mouth) "Sira na to. May amag na."

"Ha?! Eh naka-tatlo na ako eh! Pweh! Pweh!"

I went to the nearest toilet in hopes of puking it out. I could imagine the evil little mold particles in my stomach, wreaking havoc like a pack of invaders from a forgotten history book. I almost swallowed my hand but I could not puke. Must be the missing fingers. Suddenly, I was 17 again. Pimples started popping out of my face and I was puking a pack of Sky Flakes at the school restroom. Oh to be young and to have nothing better to do than purge! I miss those days.

A cup of coffee and two bottles of Yakult later, I was still feeling odd. On my way home, a bear dressed as a panda tipped his hat for me. Hopefully tomorrow won't be so strange.

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