Wednesday, August 15, 2007

gripo moments v2.0

i've been thinking a lot these days about how i wanted to become so many things. when i failed trig, there was a point where i wanted to just take a two year course and start earning asap. during my last years of college, i wanted to embrace the arts. i considered taking classes and read a lot of books to somehow improve my writing. a meeting with my pedxing friends got me thinking about how far i've strayed from the goal. what have i done lately to get me closer to my goal? that's what olive asked us to think about (at least i think that's what she said).

so today, i whipped out my old journal and decided if i can't write really heartbreakingly good stories or poems then i might at least try to flush out all the bad stuff till the good stuff comes out. i once told a friend about gripo moments. it's when you haven't written anything good (or in some cases, haven't written at all) in a while and you need to just keep writing until you get somewhere. take a nasty idea, whip it around and make it work. that's what i'm doing. keep writing till my fingers get sore. keep thinking till i want to cry from the exhaustion. type type type

maybe i can apply this principle elsewhere. maybe i just need to flush things out to get to the good parts. hmmm... interesting.

bleep bleep bloop. this is me signing out.

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