Tuesday, January 2, 2007

tootin' my horn

forgive me reader for i have sinned. it's been a couple of minutes since my last post.

i just came across this site that i thought totally rocked. it basically sites moi as a great blog or whatevs. i checked out the other blogs she cited and one of them belongs to jim paredes. jim fucking paredes. i feel so honored to be in the same category.

click the screencap to go to the site. i had to post it. it's so effing kawaii..

i'm still in the process of finding out who sweet_mayhem is. i've a feeling i know who she is (and be she, i believe she's a girl) she writes about me here again, this time asking about marquees.

in other news... as you may or may not have noticed, i've got a new picture. yes, adobe is my new bestfriend. i'm pushing 150 pounds thanks to the holidays and so i figured i needed something to make me feel a little better. so i photoshopped away. hahaha, hey, if angelica panganiban can get away with it, why can't it? here are both versions so you can see the difference. i know what you're thinking: why go through all the trouble of retouching when you're gonna show the original one anyway? 'cause i can!

'till next time, take care!

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  1. talaga namaaaan. hehe. at talagang inggit kay angelica panganiban ano? dalawang beses pa binanggit. haha.