Sunday, May 1, 2005

my first short story in a long long long long time!


I was listening to a Jason Mraz song called Absolutely Zero and I was like 'this is doable'! I can totally make this a story. So I did and this is what happened.

Gawsh, I hope I did the song justice. It really is a nice song.

I think it's funny how the character liked saying stuff like 'you know'. I think it added to his personality. Plus I totally had Mraz in mind. See the part about the cap.

Note: My new blogger template couldn't get every formatting detail for this story. There were italics and tabs and font changes when the point of view changed. Here's another version of the story in HTML format if you want to see it properly. :D

Absolutely Zero
pugnosedfreakazoid with Jason Mraz <- Due credit is given! Ha ha ha...

"Have you ever listened to a song and found it really nice? Jason asked. "You rush out and buy the CD and then you listen to it and if you're anything like me, you'd even sing along but then something happens. Something's gone. I guess that's how you could sum everything up." He continued. "It's like you expected it to be so much and when it's finally there, something's gone awry."

Jason sat uncomfortably in his chair. He was scratching his head as he tried to recall how things began in the first place.

"How did you meet her?" I asked, in an effort to make things easy.

"We were elementary friends, you know? We sort of stayed in touch for a while, then not again, and then about a year ago, she called me again." He liked to talk with his hands.

"You were long-time friends right?"

"Well obviously" he chuckled. "But it was this last year that really struck out."
I stared at him from my side of the room, not quite sure what was about to happen. He seemed to have a wound that he wouldn't share.

"We talked a lot, you know?" he continued. "Sometimes even up to the crack of dawn."

"What did you talk about?"

"Stuff" he said. "C'mon man, don't tell me you've never pulled an all-nighter with a friend over the phone. You just lose track of time."

I nodded, a bit surprised at how he responded. I wasn't talking much. I just wanted to listen.

"One night she comes over you know all wrapped up in tears. I didn't quite know what to do. It must've been that schmuck she was seeing. Albert, was it? I really don't remember."

"Hello Jai? I'm outside. Can you ring me up?" Lisa trembled over the phone. I wondered what would make her rush up to my counsel. It was raining, that much was clear. It wasn't like her to just show up uninvited.
I buzzed her in and from above I could see her coming in. She didn't have an umbrella.

"You're soaking wet." I said through the door as I opened it for her.

"I know" she replied. Her mascara was a bit runny from the rain.

"He's gone" she mumbled under her breath. It was then I realized the rain never caused mascara to run. I went up to her and held her close, her wet clothes wetting mine. But this wasn't a time to mind things like that. Lisa really needed me.

"I don't know what I did wrong. Everything was going smoothly. We had just, you know, and then he leaves and he doesn't return my phone calls. He doesn't return my messages."

"Shhhh…" I offered. "It's okay"

"What if he was the one, Jai?" she asked. "What if I had just sent out Mr. Right?"

"Honey, you didn't send him out. Plus, I doubt if Mr. Right would bang and bail. That sounds like something Mr. Clean would do"

She chuckled a bit over muffled sighs. I held her head close to my shoulder. There wasn't much I could do. I mean bang and bail is pretty common, you know? We sat down on the sofa by the TV as she struggled to psychoanalyze the situation.

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