Thursday, December 8, 2005

silly writer

Thanks to Martin Gonzales for the picture. Click it to see his blog. He's got a nice feature on Maximo Oliveros.

Okay, if you've never heard of Pinoy Big Brother, you've probably been living under a rock. Their faces are plastered on every sidewalk and billboard from here to Timbuktu and the equally sticky theme song is played almost every minute.

So last night, I was watching it, right? Okay, I can see where this is going. Maybe before I start this post, I ought to warn you. I am a TV addict and I'll absorb whatever junk ABS-CBN produces and markets as uber cool. But last night, phew, last night was just stupid.

They were asked to burn, cut, and throw away almost all their clothes. Now I always try to empathize with them during tasks like this. I ask questions like "would i do this?" or "can my frail body handle that?". But last night was super stupid. What lesson would they get from destroying items of sentimental value?

ABS-CBN tried to cover it up, saying that the test was to see how the housmates knew Big Brother. Now, that was stupid. Maybe the average viewer with an IQ of 100 would believe you, as seen by Cass' downright humiliating apology. I bet the lesson for that task had to do with being materialistic and since those silly writers (who need a good whacking) realized this was something the housemates would not stand for, they had to edit it. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Which goes to show that nothing is perfect. I thought ABS-CBN had it right this time. Apparently not. If I were them, I would've edited out the whole thing and made a killing on DVD. "The episode where the Final Four almost walked out."

Jason was right when he said that he would do a lot of things to be the winner but never at the expense of someone else. That was dead on.

And Big Brother, aka Laurenti Dyogi (not really sure about that. rumor has it...), even struck below the belt (yes friends, even lower than that stupid task) by "testing" (in quotes because i don't believe his intentions were good) Jason, asking him if Uma and his Israeli pants were worth more than his sickly mother and the future of his children. That was both manipulative and mean.

They can't have the Final Four walk out. They would've cancelled voting by now. Plus, to quote Mean Girls, they've already paid the DJ. Too late. I wonder if the housemates know how much power they really have.

I'm in Netopia right now. My usual Internet place is still open but when I went there, the guy was still eating and he couldn't pay attention to me. It's 3:00 so I'm guessing he must be pretty hungry if he hasn't eaten lunch by now so I didn't want to disturb him. Maybe next time.

I watched Chicken Little yesterday and it wasn't as bad as everyone says it is. There are just some underlying issues I'm not confortable with like if your parents don't listen to you, it means they don't love you. Or if your parents don't believe you all the time, they don't love you either. Let me tell you, if that were true, my parents must really not love me. He he...

My mom got a new job and she's starting early next year which means I have to say goodbye to the precious laptop. *sigh*

What was Gwen thinking? Re-releasing Love.Angel.Music.Baby without the Luxurious remix?! So sad. I saw it in Tower kanina but I can't find a copy of it on the internet. It's almost monochromatic with a bronzey feel to it. Has anyone else seen this?

Almost as sad as the Karma video not in The Diary of Alicia Keys re-issue. A lot of women are cashing in on reisuues these days. There's Kelly Clarkson and then Mariah Carey. At least Mariah released a video for one of the bonus songs. Kinda gives you a reason to buy the same record twice, eh?

That's it. That's all I wanted to say. Hopefully, tomorrow will be more interesting.

Tuesday, December 6, 2005

the daytime star: describe to me immediately!

i'm not sure if y'all are interested in this but i actually saw this weird translation of the theme from sesame street while i was looking for a DECENT mp3 to put in my authorware activity. anyways, here's the site where i got it from and here's the translation which will surely make your day.

it was translated from english to this weird language i'm not entirely sure of before translating it back to english. to sum it up, everything's lost in translation!

Here's the original version.

Sesame Street
Sunny day
Sweepin' the clouds away
On my way
to where the air is sweet.
Can you tell me how to get,
how to get to Sesame Street?

Come and play!
Everythings A-O-kay.
Friendly neigh-
bors there, that's were we meet.
Can you tell me how to get,
how to get to Sesame Street?

It's a magic carpet ride,
ev'ry door will open wide
to happy people like you.
Happy people like,
what a beautiful
Sunny day...

Here it is translated to and from Klingon.

Sesame He bom
A day of the daytime star.
The clouds are compelled to commence fleeing, and are filled with dread.
I have a destination;
and there, because of the atmosphere, I am pleased.
Describe to me immediately
how to go to Sesame Street.
Accept the game!
To all things we are compelled to say "Well done!"
The neighbours seem to behave in a friendly fashion,
and there is where we enter!
Describe to me immediately
how to go to Sesame Street.

You go there in legendary Birds of Prey.
And when you have arrived, the doors are soon
open and functional, because you are happy.
Fully functional, because of there being happiness about.
Today it is a truly beautiful
day of the daytime star...

Monday, December 5, 2005

oh my

here's a super smart blog. for the love of all that is holy, click here!!!

i was supposed to hotlink his equation on pete yorn but i figured such genius shouldn't be copied. he combines math with indie music ergo the indie equation. super smart.

i'm adding him to my links when i feel like it. it's super super smart. and he knows pete yorn! aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!

Sunday, December 4, 2005

not another bad day - the sequel

i guess i really wasn't fair to some close friends when i wrote that. i wanna apologize. people do a lot of stupid things when they're mad and i guess even i am guilty of that. i realize this now and although i am apologetic, it has never been my practice to apologize for being honest and so the post remains unedited.

but this isnt my reason for posting today. i braved the 5 steps to the internet cafe to post. i just watched harry potter today and i saw the trailer for Superman begins. oh my gawsh! i nearly crapped my pants. im so excited. so so so so excited!!!

hopefully by then, i won't be such a bitch and someone nice will hold my hand as we watch. :D

Friday, December 2, 2005

not another bad day

I'm having another bad day and it's crazy how i feel like no one's really willing to talk to me about it. It's like, i'm so easily dismissed as a happy person who doesn't have an edgy side but that couldn't be farther from the truth.

Pissed off because I finally understand why this girl in my school doesn't like my company. It's so pathetic okay. I was actually quite close with her at one point and then this guy came along and courted her. We used to ride home together all the time and she'd ask me what i thought about Guy. So i told her what i thought, at that time, honestly that he wasn't exactly the type i imagined her to be with and stuff. But i ultimately changed my mind when i got to know him more. I thought everything was peachy and when we weren't classmates anymore, i found out they finally became a couple.

There was a time that i liked her but that was only for a wee bit, until i realized how all the attention was starting to get to her. I found out that she told Guy I was saying bad stuff about him, delaying their "coupleness". It was as if i was saying bad stuff about him in purpose because supposedly, i wanted her for myself.

What a load of bullshit. First of all, y'all should see her. She's far from pretty, okay so I don't see where she's coming from. Second, she asked for MY PERSONAL OPINION okay and I don't wanna lie just to make things happen. If she really didn't want to hear it, she shouldn't have asked.

It makes so much sense now, how she's been kinda weird towards me. Guy, on the other hand has been super nice to me but all this came from his mouth so I'm guessing everything was just plasticity. I hate plastic people. I hate them.

And to think his little clique is so popular for being that kind of element.

I may be burning bridges as we speak. Let's hope they don't ever get to read this.

Second thing to bitch about is my stupid friends who are seeing a movie today. I must've texted them a million times from this morning to this afternoon and they weren't replying. When they did, they didn't answer important questions like can we move it to Robinson's so everything's more affordable and stuff like that. I just feel so unwanted today. I don't even want to look in the mirror.

I finished a story that I've been working on for a long time now. It's 11 pages long and I seem to like it. I wonder when I'll ever be published.

At the end of everything, there's only two beings you can trust and lean on, God foremost and yourself. Everyone just lets you down. I may look happy but believe me, I am not. I hope someday I'll understand why everything happened. Maybe someday, I'll understand why Girl thinks that way and why Guy acts like we're so close. Ugh. UGH!!! DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Haaa.... I feel a little better. I hope this feeling continues.

On a lighter note, I'm almost finished with the Christmas wishlist. I only don't have 5 of those and 3 I already saw but didn't buy. See... the power of wishful thinking!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

the one

i'm having a bad day. my student who lost her dad somehow projects her emotional needs on me. it's too much responsibility, especially if the child isn't really in the mood to talk about it and just wants to be held.

i feel ugly today. i don't know why. maybe i'm just lonely.

i've often wondered: how do u know if who you found is the one? well, i figured it out. the one would know this song and understand all its subtleties. it's not a particularly deep song. in fact it's kind of shallow. but still, she'd get it and we'd sing it together when i finally learn how to play a guitar, which i plan to someday, anyways.

Someday / I'll look into her green eyes / And know that she'll come with me / A girl like you // Too many / Things I do not care for / But one thing that I adore / Is a girl like you // I'll always try / To look you in the eye / It's okay / With a girl like you // Tomorrow / I think I'll tell you something / The thing that I haven't said / To a girl like you // And even if / I don't know what the day will bring / Still I can tell most anything / To a girl like you / I'll always try / To look you in the eye / It's okay / With a girl like you / It's okay / With a girl like you / A girl like you

Wednesday, November 2, 2005

a rare intellectual post (the actual post)

There are 2 Nyl’s that I have to live with. One is the one you probably know best. He’s always wired, never resting and likes to chant “I’m a kinesthetic learner!!!” repetitively while flapping another person’s appendage (preferably an arm). He flunks subjects just for the heck of it. He does a lot of things he knows he shouldn’t and has very little self-control.

Battling with him is the quiet Nyl, although the latter always seems to be at the losing end. He’s the writer, the Sunday school teacher, the loving son, and everything that stands against the extrovert Nyl. One look at this picture and you’re probably thinking I am out of my mind.

No, that’s not my handwriting on the label that reads “Pastor Neil”. I actually attended a dinner for pastors today and they assumed I was a pastor, too. It was at that dinner that I finally brewed some thoughts that I have been holding on to for several months now.

Plastic. Two-faced. Hypocrite. Backstabber. Fake. These are some of the things that I’ve often been accused of. Admittedly, I do tend to bash people when I think they deserve a good bashing and of course feel horrible right after (though I don’t show it) but lately I’ve been thinking, don’t we all have our moments like this?

This evening, I had dinner with my mom in this benefit thing for pastors. On the way there, my mom was talking to her officemate about how the president of the seminary they work in has really bad decision making skills and how he was going to hire this student with questionable morals to be his secretary. It’s kind of a long story which I’m not sure if I’m at any liberty of talking about but to make the long story short, I came to this conclusion. Even super-closed minded Christians talk behind backs.

It’s inevitable. It avoids conflict. Once you’ve vented, you rarely feel the need to confront. You feel better when you’ve released all that negative energy, especially when the person you’re talking to feels the same way and is more than happy to contribute to the conversation. When you lay it out like that, talking about someone apart from his presence actually does more good than bad.

This makes me think of this next question: Is talking about someone’s errors behind their back called ‘backstabbing’? It’s the truth, right? So why should I feel guilty when I talk about it.

There’s this show called America’s Next Top Model and two of the most prominent characters, Camille and Yoanna (who eventually bagged the first prize) got into this really huge fight at the start of the show. Yoanna did really poorly on this one challenge and Camille started talking about her with this other chick. She wasn’t lying. She wasn’t defaming Yoanna’s name. In fairness, she was saying the truth but then Camille became this villain which everyone grew to hate in time. Is saying the truth behind someone’s back considered as backstabbing? I really don’t know.

We had this school play and at times, some of the members would talk to me and would semi-bash the other members for not doing this or for doing that when they weren’t supposed to. If I felt that these members were in the right, which I did at that time, I would join in and say what I felt about that person. But when that person arrived, I found myself perfectly fine and even chummy with her. Was I being a hypocrite then? I searched high and low for the answers to my questions but I couldn’t find them. They weren’t there.

I came to this conclusion: I can be mad at this person for the stupid things that he or she might have done. I could be mad at this person for failing me and the group. But where would that lead me? I would just hate someone who wasn’t even there to defend herself. So I looked deep inside and found a possible reason. Could it be that I was mad at what the person was doing and not at the person herself? Yes, theoretically it is possible.

I told one of my friends about it and she said it’s hard to separate the person and his actions. If I think that person screwed up, inevitably that person becomes a screw-up in my thoughts. I cringed a little, showing how I didn’t think it was so. Plasticity isn’t my sin because I don’t hold it against the person when he or she makes mistakes.

We do a lot of things that we aren’t proud of and I think I am not one in saying that not all our actions reflect highly and accurately of our true personality. Maybe it’s true. Maybe it is possible.

There are a lot of things in my life right now that totally goes against my faith. I’m a Christian, many people know that but what’s funny is many are surprised. Most Christians are super straight and prudent while I am at times ambiguous and foolish. I once asked myself if there was something wrong with me. Why do I get into the worst situations when I’m supposed to have God with me? Am I being plastic to my faith? Do I pray before meals to soothe my soul and not to thank God? Do I go to church to be rid of guilt and not to serve the Lord? Do I teach Sunday school to feel righteous and purposeful and not really to be a part of His ministry of salvation? These questions really bug me at night when I’m lying on my bed wide-awake, trying to figure out where and at what point did everything start to plummet downwards in my life.

So am I plastic? Am I a hypocrite? Do I have 2 faces? I really don’t know. Only He can judge me and so if all I said in this post were untrue and I really am a two-faced buck-weed, then I guess I should deal with my consequences. After all, if we should ever do a lot of stupid things in our lifetime, God doesn’t punish our actions. He punishes us. I guess I should know better and I guess I should thank Him and serve him honestly with no ulterior thoughts or motives. But change comes slowly and it comes from Him. Until then, all I can do is think about what I’m doing with my life and where I should go with it.

I hope these words find some meaning in your life.

Sunday, October 30, 2005


so much has happened this week. i gained 8 lbs. i lost 10 lbs. my sister got into two accidents. i got a new phone. i got a new chic touch screen mp4 player. my only nephew celebrated his third month of existence. i rediscovered God.

i love my life!

okay, back to things. i wrote this really long post about hypocrisy which i will post next time. i saved it in this document that wont open in this shop. anyways, just really wanted you to know that.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

An actual and formal CD Review!!!

The Cardigans | Super Extra Gravity | Release Date: October 27, 2005

i've had this record for about a week now. i was surprised to see that its release date is actually today (tomorrow internationally). i actually like the cardigans, even though this is the first album i ever got of them.

the look of it solely is well worth the purchase price. i so love her on the cover.

her voice is so romantically pained. she sounds like a soft shirley manson. everything ashley simpson couldn't deliver, the cardigans bring to the table. i so loved her old tracks like "lovefool" and "my favorite game". you guys should hear lovefool acoustic. it's so nice. she's come a long way from burning down tom jones's house. (not her brightest moment)

she's soft on all the right parts and tough as nails on the rock parts. sometimes shirley (manson) can be so tough plus that accent really works against her. not saying that garbage isn't good, i mean where would we be without such great songs like "milk" and "androgyny". anyways, back to the cardigans.

"i need some fine wine and you, you need to be nicer" is the first single and the video totally rocks. i usually like UK music. Keane totally blew my mind. Not sure if the cardigans (or Keane) are from the UK but they totally kick Kelly Clarkson's ass. not that kelly's all that bad either.

I love the first track called "losing a friend". it's so melancholy (even though i hate that word) but the lyrics pack a punch. when she purrs the words out in the chorus, my heart just goes out to her.

other notable tracks include "Good Morning Joan", "Godspell", and one of the many bonus tracks called "Slow". All in all, a steady 8.5/10!

My Christmas Wishlist!

My, it's quite long! I want to cry!!!

I've taken the liberty of posting this on my template for all of you's who... ahem... love me!

I must say Cindy Lauper is staging a slow but effective comeback. Many people have said her last album "At Last" was really nice and now her acoustic album has all her old songs stripped bare and sung with some of today's cooooolest voices like Sarah McLachlan and Vivien Green. I Want IT!!!

(Said like Zorro's kid) I can't wait till my Papi pirates you so I can buy you! Bwahahahaha!!!

Update on my life: After gaining about ten lbs this sem (six from finals alone!), i vowed to lose all that plus then ten more i need to reach my ideal weight this sembreak. last night, i go to the scale and tada!!! i gained 8 lbs more!!! aargh!

My desk here at the office is being infested by ants. small, red, gross ones. I'm still doing my summer job. This catalog is now officially called: the layout gig that would not end!!!

Monday, October 17, 2005

refresh the damn page

i'm finally getting some decent sleep these days. i've been stressing out these past few days over deadlines and finals but as of friday, I AM OFFICIALLY FREE!!!

So to celebrate, i thought it might be nice to come up with a couple of reviews. Enjoy!

I know the rule of sequels dictate that the first one is still the best but we have been known to be proven wrong every now and then. Shrek 2 totally kicked Shrek 1's ass. I was expecting Transporter 2 to suck big time. The trailer made it seem so b-movieish. Last night, the parental units and I drove to Gateway to see the 40-Year Old Virgin but we were about twenty minutes too late. Guaranteed Seats suck ass so if we came in anyway, we wouldn't see the first part. My dad really likes action movies (don't they all?) so we saw this one instead.

I remember liking the first Transporter movie because he's totally different from other movies of the genre. You know how in the scenes in the last two Matrix movies gets kinda old after a while because it all boiled down to who's got a bigger gun and stuff? Well that's where Jason Statham is different. He kicks ass with anything you give him. At one point, he was kicking ass with a firehose. Coolness.

In the first movie, I really enjoyed Shu Qi's screen presence even though it wasn't that significant anyway. Just the fact that she was in a Hollywood movie really made me run out and see it. There aren't any significant actors in this one, unless you count that model chick who's married to Matthew Modine but I'm glad he (Jason) was able to carry the movie all by his lonesome self.

Everything's so stylish and sleek. Even the deaths looked so damn good. The action sequences still have that chinese feel to it, thanks to a chinese dude who choreographed it (i think. not sure). Jason levitates ala Crouching Tiger and it looked so cool.

I wasn't expecting much but i came out really satisfied. Made me run out and check the first one out again. It didn't surpass the first but you can easily say that the both are equal in standing. Run out and see it, too! 8/10

This is a really old movie, I know but I got the DVD about a gazillion years ago and it's been rotting in my naughty discs since then. I haven't seen it because of school shit so last night when I was the only one up, I finally got to see it. I watched Laugh Out Loud a couple of years ago on cable and read a bunch of reviews in magazines. I was too young to look at it from the point of view I have now and so it was refreshing to review this film.

The casting is impeccable. Not many people remember Queen Latifah in this movie but yes, she was here and she really kicked ass with her songs.

The story needs a little work. I know the troubles of a character-driven story. It's so easy to write a plot-driven story where the characters all seem so distant but in this movie, you really get the sense that you're seeing through Holly Hunter's eyes. This presents a lot of conflicts in the story since she doesn't really have a picture-perfect view. Sometimes you don't really agree with how she deals with things but you just let her be anyway. A plot-driven story wouldn't allow that. The resolution of the conflict seemed a but too Hollywood-ish but what do you expect?

The film is enjoyable but I understand why it didn't really get that much success. It's fun to see how that infamous massage scene with Eddy Cibre-something (soap star) which raised a lot of eyebrows then really seems so tame now. The movie is something if you were wide awake during the mid-90's. 6/10

Possibly one of the biggest letdowns this year. I first heard of The 40-Year Old Virgin from my friend Joel. He pointed out the DVD while we were in Piracy Heaven. I thought it was a documentary!

The infamous trailer scenes are funny but the rest of the movie's mostly blah. Virginity's so not funny these days. Imagine a borderline geriatric version of American Pie.

Paul Rudd's gotten really fat. Has anyone else noticed that?

The finale was funny and I guess it's worth a second look when the DVD comes out. Let's see if the value added features will make up for it.

This is the problem when people tell you how a movie's sooooo good. You watch it and get disappointed. Tentatively, I give this movie a 6/10. Maybe I'll change my mind.

Not many people know this but I actually own ALL Sugababes records from the first to the last. Ha haha... call me a fan. I just dig their sound. I love their ballads and the dance hits are very sticky. When I saw Push The Button on Chinese MTV, I was totally psyched. I was glad it was on the pirate's shores. Anyways, their sound is still typical Sugababes post-member change. I do miss the first record sound with that old lead chick but i guess beggars can't be choosers.

Cool tracks: Push The Button, Follow Me Home, and a semi-confessional called Ugly. The last track is a reverse perspective of Christina's Beautiful. Not a significantly beautiful album but a tight record nonetheless. 7/10

I also got the new Ryan Cabrera (Follow Me Home), Texas' Red Book (all records after the release of Greatest Hits is bound to suck!) and Kelly's Thankful. They were all okay but not that significant to warrant a review. He hehehe...

An exception to the previous rule is Sheryl Crow's Wildflower. It's so good!

Anyways, me and the parental units went to Greenhills kanina and watched in the semi-new Promenade theater. Actually, we watched across it since Virgin was only showing in Theater Mall. The seats were nice and everything smelled new. I just wished it wasn't so damn cold.

I bought this basket thing with the white linen on top, like those hampers and magazine racks that were so popular a few years back. it was custom made for CDs so I can finally put my babies in a decent home. Very happy.

Working on old stories while I can't write new ones. Hopefully, I'll have a decent website by the end of the sembreak. My last update was around this time last year. *sob*

Weight Watch: gaining instead of losing but I will work on my 20 pound resolution! Rawr!

That's it for now. Death to Spammers who post comments! I'm adding some security so it might take a bit more time to write comments. I hope you still do anyway! :D

Saturday, October 8, 2005

personality disorders

got finals coming up so id better make this brief. here are the results of a test i took. try it out!

Saturday, September 10, 2005


believe me, this post has nothing to do with lesbians. It's just that if every woman had a day like i had yesterday, let's just say there would be more carpet-munchers around.

is it politically-incorrect to say that? pardon me. :D If you're from Educ, I suggest you turn around. This is about someone you know and I know so if you don't want to know (you know?) Ha ha ha...

here's the actual post. forgive me if the details are shady. this happened yesterday and about a gallon of korean ice cream made me fuhgedaboutit.

Subtitle: It's days like these that lesbians are made.

Why are most guys such idiots? Why are some guys so insecure of their sexuality? Some guys can be such assholes. I'm gender-ambigous and i feel fine.

It all started a couple of days ago. Me and this semi-friend (let's call him Doofus from now on) were kidding around. Here's the dish on Doofus. He's about an inch taller than me. He's pasty white and is the typical chip-on-your-shoulder kinda guy. This guy's got a lot of hang-ups. Typical high-maintenance but thinks he's low-maintenance kind of guy. I didn't really expect him to be a good friend but we developed a friendship over nicotine.

A couple of days ago, me and Doofus were playing around. I said I'll call him Big Mac (side fat, don't ask) and he said he'll call me Champ. Totally harmless. I don't think playing gay makes you any less of a man especially when you're inclined to humor like me.

Yesterday, he brought it up early in the morning (I think it was our 7:00 class). I thought he wanted to play. So I played along and I was doing my best impression of a killer-wife with matching threats of him sleeping outside if he doesn't shape up. I'd rub my tummy and say I don't want to *ahem* make the baby right now because I'm mad at him and I'm afraid the baby will look ugly.

He was laughing pa and I didn't know he was getting pikon na pala. while i was pigging out in the cafeteria, he told one of my good friends to talk to me. The little fucker didn't even have the balls to say it to my face.

Sorry for the language. I'll clean it up a bit. For all yous foreign people who don't understand what pikon means, i'll try to explain it. It's kinda like 'sore loser' but not really. You can be pikon without losing. Just not being a good sport warrants you a pikon title. Get it? It's much simpler than it sounds.

On our way up, my good friend's boyfriend who's Doofus' good friend too (confusing) told me to keep at it. I was unaware that Doofus talked to them na pala. Wassupwidat? He knew all along but still insisted I keep at it. Rawr. I held Doofus by his flabby arm and he totally shrugged me off. I kinda felt embarassed so I said "I can tell he's getting pikon na" so I wanted to stop. On the way to the fourth floor, he totally (and loudly) told me off saying it was okay when it was just us but when a lot of people are around, I shouldn't do it. I swear, I was close to melting of shame. I felt so embarassed so I dealt with it the only way I knew how: retaliation. Fuck him, I said. If he can get mad, so can I.

He should've just talked to me, you know. How hard could it be to come up to me and tell me to stop. I know my limits. I should've stopped when it was getting old. But since he brought it up, to people outside our circle (7:00 class), i thought he wanted to play. I felt embarassed, unwanted. It was just pretend but I felt like I was getting dumped. I feel like a chick. I feel so ugly and unwanted.

My good friend said "Di naman mababawasan pagkalalaki ninyo sa paglalaro niyo, diba?". Our joke wasn't making us any less of a man. Is he so insecure about his manhood that a little make-believe would shake him to purple shores? I know I'm not much to see and I'll probably never have a healthy relationship by the way things are going but this Doofus was an asshole and I hate assholes. I felt so embarassed and to think our classmates were around us to witness the fourth floor shouting. It was a scene, a small one, but a scene nonetheless. If he can get mad at me, so can I. Duh, it's not like I need another person to complicate my already complicated life.

I went home and more family shit was going on. I didn't have the patience to deal with it so I did my best to go around the house without talking to anybody.

I feel better already. Damn, that Korean Ice Cream knows what it's doing. Einj was right when she said it would do the trick.

On CD news, here's the full report on this week's trip to the local pirates! Hahaha, if you hate piracy, i suggest you go away now.

A lot of people have said Nickel Creek was nothing but another Alison Krauss project. I actually hated them when I first saw the video fot "This Side". I was downloading some MP3s over the net one day and I got "The Hand Song". It sounds kinky but it's actually a religious song and it made me *ahem* cry (but don't tell anyone). Those times were a bit shady for me and the song had a unique message and the lyrical metaphors are flawless.

This album is edgier than "This Side". There were a lot of fun songs last time mixed with some of the more dramatic songs. Typical Bluegrass. I was surprised this time around that they have songs about the not so typical relationships. Like in "Can't Complain" which is about an average girl and a guy who told her straight up that he "might lie" so when eh did, "she can't complain". Sounds like a Tori song when you lay it out like that but it actually sounds nice. Sara's voice is flawless and the guy songs aren't bad either. All in all, 3/5

He's neat, shirtless, and likes jumping. Yes, he's James Blunt. A lot of my friends don't like him. His voice isn't that impressive but it has a great way of showcasing emotions. He's kind of like a more tolerable John Ondrasik of Five For Fighting. His songs are mostly about love. You may have seen You're Beautiful over at MTV. Some favorite cuts: High, You're Beautiful, Goodbye My Lover, Cry, and Tears and Rain. These are sentimental by nature so don't expect any hard rock sounds. James is at his best with an acoustic guitar.

He's sensitive and very honest with his songs. We should all be so lucky to have someone sing us these songs. Sigh. Rating: 4/5

You know I'm here to brag. I <3 Switchfoot I do! I DO! You may have heard of them from A Walk To Remember. Last year, they re-released Dare You To Move with a louder sound. Their last albums are all gems in my collection. For vintage Switchfoot, check out Amy's Song, Learning To Breathe, and Let That be Enough.

This time around, they've got a louder sound, remnants of The Beautiful Letdown makeover. I haven't listened to it that much since James Blunt basically took over my MP3 player but I really like Stars. The video is colossal. Nothing like the old SF videos. His hair is so nice. I wish I had hair like that. The Blues is a nice song and you can tell these guys are Christians by how they write. They totally captured the moment in every Christian's life when you're so alone and you're wondering if God's there. Even Christian superstars feel that way at times and I'm glad their songs have a happy ending always. This is an album I'm getting in original form when it comes out next week. Rating: 3/5

Another unreleased album that hit the Pirate's shores. I sorta don't like this album anymore. It just reminds me of that time me and Doofus were in Pier One and Don't Cha was playing really loud. Anyways, You may have heard of them singing scantily clad with Christina Aguilera. The Pitch: They're hot and they can carry a tune. The Catch: They All Look The SAME!!! They're all so pretty and skanky that you can't tell one from the other (except the black chick and the lead). You may have also heard them jazzing up Sway for the Shall We Dance? Soundtrack. Anyways, tentatively, these 3 tracks are really cool: Don't Cha (i could do without Busta though), Stickwitu, and Tainted Love (remake). These girls could stand on their own but they collaborated with Busta, Will.I.Am and Timbaland. Those cuts are worth a listen, too. Rating: 2.5/5

Four down, two to go. Second to the last is a collection of Nat King Cole hits. Nat King Cole?!?! you ask? Let's just say these days, any reminder of my happy family past does good. This isn't available in original cd stores so I won't elaborate. I'm just glad it has Quizas, Quizas, Quizas (Spanish Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps) and that other foreign song Wong Kar Wai used in In The Mood For Love. Definitely a steady 4/5. Just sour that it doesn't have Walking My Baby Back Home.

Last but definitely not the least is One Tree Hill Soundtrack. Personally, I don't watch the show but I know a lot of hardcore OTH fans. Tyler Hilton totally shines in this one. Too bad no one here has heard of him enough to get the record bars moving. His album, I heard, is really fabulous but it's such a shame that they don't produce it locally. My only chance is Amazon and I'm still stinging from my last bout with online shopping. Some favorite cuts: Mix Tape by Butch Walker (ho I so love for singing Take Tomorrow in the Hot Chick Soundtrack), the flashback known as The First Cut Is The Deepest by my girl Sheryl Crow, Glad and When The Stars Go Blue by Tyler Hilton and The Wreckers (Michelle Branch et al) with The Good Kind. Definitely a 4/5.

I hate that I can't listen to the songs I heard in Pier One and not be irked at Doofus. Right now I can hear that cheesy Gasolina song and all I remember is him singing it. Grrrrr... We hate Doofus. You may think that I've got a thing for Doofus but believe me, I just really hate it when people humiliate me. Wouldn't you feel the same?

Sorry if the last parts are a bit hurried. I'm kinda tired plus I'm renting. Grrr. someone get PLDT a clue and hook us up already! Here are a few albums to look forward to: Liz Phair's Somebody's Miracle is so cool. I heard some previews at this site and they sound nice. Liz should quit touring and just stick to records because her voice sounds better. Sheryl Crow's Wildflower (did I get the title right?) looks promising. I'm excited to see what Fiona Apple's done to Extraordinary Machine. I'll be cheking those out when they hit the shores. Anyways, till then, I'll be seeing you. I'll try to keep you as updated as possible! :D

Thursday, September 8, 2005

i only blog to brag these days! hehehe

I finally have it! Those pirates rule! "The Blues" is my favorite track of the moment but "Stars" is so cute. They noisied up a bit but that's always good news. Damn, those pirates are fast.

I got James Blunt's disc. He's so cool. You guys should check it out. Nickel Creek's showing some signs of improvement. They still sound the same but they've a bit more angst for their new album. I'll see if i can make a decent review in the next few days.

this sucks. i'm in netopia. my laptop finally gave in. :(

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

fiona is free!!!

hahaha i'm soooo happy! there is hope for the rest of us!!! hahahahahaha :D

they're releasing it. i think they added a couple of tracks. i'm pretty sure they won't release it in its leaked internet format. finally, i won't have to deal with compressed versions of not about love. i so love this album! i can't believe it's actually happening!!!

did the online petition do much? i swear, i'm totally shitting my pants right now. go to freefiona by clicking the link back there to read all about it. i guess the bootleg hitting the new york times shores got sony's attention. we fiona fans are a force to be reckoned with!

this is not about love! because i am not in love! rawr! check out the video on Launch! (yahoo!)

there have been a lot of hoopla over at the forums page at about why the album was shelved, the 'conspiracies'(?) 'behind its disappearance, and why fiona is mum about it. it's all very intersting in a stalkerly kind of way. :D

now that i'm reading about it in billboard, i realized that things aren't what they seemed. sony isn't evil. they didn't freeze extraordinary machine. in truth and in fairness, fiona just needed the time to make it better and improve the tracks that she wasn't happy with apparently.

maybe this is all just an elaborate marketing hype. sony and fiona aren't saying a word.

i'm still ecstatic. i scored the highest in three prelims. must not forget to thank the Almighty! he he... :D

I''m so happy. I feel like i'm on ecstasy. hey, i saw a green pack of cigarettes in the mall that caught my eye. the brand? ecstasy? typical scenario:

buyer: Miss, may Ecstasy ba kayo? (do you have Ecstasy) {cigarettes, not drugs [for slow people]}
lady: ADIK! lumayas ka! (drug addict! GO AWAY!!!)

Oh well, all in a day's work. :D

Sunday, August 21, 2005

i feel like the biggest idiot in the world

of course mr. a-z stands for MRAZ. duh...
hahaha, i so love liz phair's new single. :D
proper post hopefully in the works
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Thursday, August 18, 2005

somebody's miracle!

It's coming! I can't wait. Ha ha... I've got her album on repeat. I'm listening to "Everything To Me" stream. The computers in the lab are new. He he... they look cooler now.

Latest find: Aimee Mann! God, I so love her! I first heard of her in the I Am Sam soundtrack. I know, sooooo old but her voice has this weird quality. Plus, she did (in The Forgotten Arm) what I wanted to hear for so long: a story inside an album. Each track reveals the story of John and Caroline (not Kennedy). I think John's a boxer. Ít's so cool. She sounds kinda like Liz Phair except she doesn't falter voice-wise.

Evil confession: I downloaded my copy long before I knew she was so cool. I just remembered her name from the song they used for the I Am Sam trailers. Now that I know she's really cool, I want to get the real deal. I saw one in Tower. Saving up. He he...

I can't wait for the new Liz Phair disc. It's coming out in October (10/4/2005 to be exact). I wonder when they'll release it here. Her website just teched-down but you can listen to the first single there for free. Click on the header in this post to go there. It kinda sounds like a Sheryl Crow b-side. Speaking of, I hear her new album is going to be supahcool!

I once wrote a post where all the discs I wrote there, I finally got within a few months. Ahem... here's my new list! Hehehe..

I want the semi-new Alanis disc which I have on bootleg anyway. I want Jason Mraz (which I also have on bootleg) if only for the typo on Track 5 (Mr. CurioUsity). I want the new Liz Phair disc, the new Sheryl Crow disc, the stripped version of Gavin's Chariot, and ugh... can't decide. I'm starting to sound like a selfish kid.

The new Crow disc looks promising. I'm just worried because of two reasons. First, the albums after an artist releases a greatest hits compilation are almost always sucky. Plus, she might pull a Bennifer and have an album all about her fast boytoy and when they break up, it'll be too depressing to listen to. Not that I was depressed when Bennifer broke up. uh oh.. i said too much. :D

The new keyboard is kinda weird. Sometimes, the letters appear in a different way like the french c instead of the real one or putting umlauts where they aren't required. Grrr...

We still don't have a landline. It's insane, I know. Anyways, my whole internet life is hanging by a thread. I've even neglected my ads in Pusit. *sigh* Thanks to everyone who greeted me on my birthday. Thanks for everyone who still go here even if I haven't bloghopped in eons. THANKS! :D

PS: here's hoping I can bloghop when we finally get a line. Grrr...

Nigga Shoutouts. Haha... No, I'm not black! Hope I didn't offend anyone! :(
Kuya Monts! are you really a frequent visitor? hehehe :D just kidding... I hope you leave a tag when you go. :D
Mike: I missed your blog too! I'll be leaving comments when I find the time! :D
Mines, Rongie, Doc, Chris, Evi, and everyone who sent me messages in Friendster and left comments here, thank you so much for making my birthday nicer! :D I wasn't that sad anyway. I was just quoting a Mraz song. Sorry if I didn't say it then. :D

Tuesday, August 9, 2005

it's my birthday and i can't find no cause for celebration

hello. i'm sad. it's my birthday. well, not officially. i was born at 4:00 and it's 3:11 PM on the 9th so it's technically still my birthday.

i miss the usual people who would greet me on my birthday. hehehe

i watched 13 going on 30 and i realized i knew who my jennifer garner was. question is, am i ready to be someone's mark ruffalo? eeww... goosebumps...

cheesy. bye!

PS thanks to all who greeted me or intended to but couldn't reach me! :D
love, the boy with no number

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

proper post

so much has happened in these past few days. only God can explain why everything has to move so fast and why we always feel left behind when we least expect it. hemmingways, we're finally here. we've moved. haven't made any neighbor friends yet so if you're from pioneer and you're reading this, PLEASE! hahaha, it gets lonely.

here's a picture i took of the street from the house one day when it was raining. it opens to a larger picture when you click it.

rainy days and mondays always get me down

i really missed blogging. hope i can blog soon. you don't know what extents i went to just to post here. i actually lugged my dusty laptop to my achi's house so i could plug up to their connection... i feel like a squatter! :(

hemmingways, got a test tomorrow so i can't stay long. feel so annoyed i wasn't able to take this test for a very important class because i was fifteen minutes late. *sigh*

blogger in too deep

moved houses. no landline. no internet connection. i feel like a plant with no water. sob... i miss proper blogging, not emailing posts via a mobile phone. sob... sob...

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Monday, July 11, 2005

Quiapo SO rules

Subtitled: Girls can get away with anything!

Let it be known that today, the 11th of July, I was able to get The 'All-American Rejects' latest album 'Move Along', a day before its official US release. Two if you factor in the time zones and stuff. I am soooo happy I could shite my pants tight. Quiapo rocks. QUIAPO ROCKS!!!

FYI, Move Along is one of 5 records that I'm anticipating this year. There's Oral Fixation due November, I think. Mr. A-Z and Jagged Acoustic due this month. Move Along is here (I don't need to get an original copy like Jagged since i'm not thaaat into them) and the new Jewel disc which I'm not sure will be out by this year.

The new AAR record sounds a bit different than the first one. There's less drama and more music. Not that the drama is at all bad. I kinda liked that about them. His voice seemed better on the first record. It had more emotion. Move Along kinda sounds like The Calling sometimes crossed with Hoobastank. I think I read somewhere that the guy that produced one of Hoobie's records produced this one.

I noticed that the band is no longer affiliated with Dreamworks. The new record was published by Interscope (No Doubt?). Their debut album was better but this one rocks as well. My favorites are 'Dirty Little Secret' and 'Can't Take It'. Be sure to get it when you see it! (or not, totally depends on you!)

In terms of artwork, I'm glad they finally chose to be on the cover. Their last CD had no pictures of them, despite the lead singer looking like an anorexic Christopher Reeve semi-clone. That's what separates this band from other bands. They look so darn pretty. Ha ha... my friend Joel asked me why I like AAR and not Yellow Card. Hehe, hope that answered your question.

Anyways, Quiapo is super cool. Super cool. I was there with Nairah, this girl from my Speech class. She saw me get down the cab, ran after me, and offered to come with me. It was cool how I was thinking I might see her while I was in transit but I didn't expect I actually would. We went disc shopping really quick and on the way back, her bag accidentally caused a pile of Renz Verano Karaoke CDs (not kidding!) to fall on the floor. Simultaneously, my left shoe caught one of them and left an *ahem* lasting impression. I could've peed my pants if only I didn't have better bladder control. She smiled, batted her eyelashes and said 'Sorry' in a way only Kris Aquino could equal. The guy smiles, almost blushingly says 'buti nalang maganda yung nakabagsak!' or 'It's a good thing the person who dropped this is so pretty'. I was counting my money in my head just in case I had to pay for the pile but thank goodness her winning smile sorted everything out! :D

I also got the complete Fall Out Boy collection. My friend Martin always made kwento about how they were sooo cool and stuff. I dunno. I'd be a liar if i didn't say I was very disappointed. They seem like a less impressive, less attractive, less funny version of Good Charlotte. Martin seems to really like them. Maybe if I listen to them a few more times, I'll finally get it.

I'm cleaning my room. Moving out by the end of the week. So much fun. Got stories to tell you but they'll have to wait. The woods are lovely dark and deep but I've got promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep.

COCK IT AND PULL IT! :D (those words will do horrors to my search engine keywords)

Friday, July 1, 2005


Okay, I’ve had a couple of posts that are jammed in my mind’s queue. I’ve been a bit busy these past few days and I only get to check my blog when I’m in Computer Laboratory and that only happens on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I’ve promised a Batman Begins review and even if it is weeks late, I’m posting it anyway.

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Batman movies is that it always seems to have a sort of theatrical aspect, that is it’s very outrageous, gothic eye candy. I’m pretty sure I’m not getting my point across. All I’m saying is that they’ve always had an eye for drama. Batman has always been dark and mysterious and all the villains have back stories and their own inner demons. That’s where this movie differs.

Christian Bale is an average Batman. Some call him the best yet while others have named him the worst. Personally, I think he has the acting prowess to cover the sensitive side of Batman. That is while the movie slowly unveils his mystery, you can’t expect someone like George Clooney to deliver the same side.

The story in itself is quite different. The treatment is less theatrical, more sensitive and biographical. I can’t say so much without giving away the ending but it’s the kind of movie that’ll keep you thinking.

Casting is impeccable. Michael Caine as Alfred is so right. I know in the past the Alfred’s have been thin and frail but Caine still delivers the kind of British class that Alfred epitomizes. Christian Bale does a good job as well. He has the kind of aura that says ‘I’m a crazy superhero by night’ but not too much that the audience can’t relate to his f*ed up reverie. As for Katie Holmes, ugh, I know I’ve mentioned it before that I really don’t like her now with Tom Cruise and everything but when I saw the movie, I knew she was perfect for the job. It takes a lot of willpower to be a nondescript but (oxymoron) standout woman on screen, especially because that’s what a superhero love interest needs to be. She plays the role flawlessly.

The villains are wicked in both good and bad ways. Bad because they’re so believable in their role that you can’t help but despise them. Good because that’s what they were paid to do. Even the non-evil villains in the company do well. The final villain (involving a twist and round characters) was amazing. I may seem like the internet’s biggest idiot but I totally did not see that coming.

My only comment is in wardrobe. SOMEBODY PLEASE GIVE KATIE HOLMES A BRASSIERE!!! Especially in the scenes where she’s wearing a silk blouse. Please. Please!!! I think they filmed in Iceland, if I’m not mistaken and so her nipples are obviously going to have problems. Please someone hand her a band-aid even if a brassiere is not available onset.

Batman Begins delivers what it needed to. It gives the audience a crash course on Bruce Wayne without making him seem like this crazy rich man with a leather fetish. I only hope that if the same people make a new sequel, they would surpass this movie.

Incidentally, I’ve watched two other movies that are somehow related to Batman Begins and so here are my reviews. What’s funny is that most of the actors here have played vague and unrecognizable roles. Who wasn’t surprised with Christian Bale in The Machinist and Batman Begins? Katie Holmes is creepy in The Gift but smart in BB. Even Cillian Murphy who both smart but creepy as the Scarecrow but appears like a total dud in the next review.

First up, Cillian Murphy makes a surprising appearance in Girl With A Pearl Earring starring Colin Firth and Scarlett Johansson, surprising because I’ve never seen him prior to BB even though my friends have been chirping his name for months now.

GWAPE is the fictionalized story of this old painting which is supposedly the ‘Mona Lisa of the North’ or was it East, I’m not sure. It stars my favorite actress Scarlett Johansson and Colin Firth from Bridget Jones’s Diary. It’s an unusual story which you may or may not have heard of before. I actually saw the trailer and the book about late last year but it never occurred to me that the movie was even remotely what it was.

The story is very unique. From the outside, it may seem kind of sexual in a May-December kind of way. When those two are alone in the room, you can’t help but think that something’s up. The story laid out the possibility of a master-maid relationship via another character, Van Ruijven. Like I said, when those two are alone in the room, you could cut the sexual tension in there with a knife. I mean, all they’re doing is mixing paint and stuff but there’s such tension and fear in Scarlett’s performance. She is truly one of this generation’s best.

The movie is really nice but I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re only looking to be entertained. It’s an engaging art film and it makes you think. Plus, the scenery is so nice. Eye candy from the props and the actors themselves.

I’m getting a bit tired but here’s my last one. I saw The Machinist about twenty minutes ago and I’m still a bit disheveled. It’s a beautifully crafted story that’s part thriller, part horror (anorexia is hell), part basic creepiness. It’s full of twists and the ending really got me thinking. It’s a man’s journey towards redemption.

Acting was nice. Jennifer Jason Leigh plays the hooker with values. Her performance was good but easily forgettable. The waitress Maria also played a touching role. I’m sorry if this is sounding terrible. I’m quite tired. Haaahhh… I’ll try to come up with a decent Machinist review when I’m not so tired. The movie was nice but it can really get you down.

Haaagh… Sorry if i let you down. Now i kinda now what a premature e*j******r feels like.

Monday, June 27, 2005

my brothers they never went blind for what they did

this album is so brilliant!
Jagged Little Pill is one of the rare albums that hit me hard. I've had it since 1995. (Actually, my sister did. I didn't get an actual copy till I was old enough to buy one!) I remember sneaking my sister's copy out every once in a while and listening to Perfect or Mary Jane and basically letting the music pull me through some of the hardest days of my life. Everyone said she was too angry, too jaded, there was always something wrong with her. Being a repressed product of a strict Christian school, I had to listen to it in private and spoke to no one.

To date, there is no song in that album that I cannot sing to. I think everyone knows at least one Alanis song enough to sing to its words.

Under Rug Swept soon became another favorite. That Particular Time and Flinch felt like Alanis ripped my heart out and wrote a song about it. I don't say that often about songs. It's rare to find a song that speaks directly to us.

Okay, thank bootleg city I finally have a Jagged Little Pill Acoustic album! It's been released in Starbucks America since early this month. I was going to wait until July 26 when the album will be released internationally but the pirates have helped me see through that.

All the tracks follow the same order as the original but have gone through a lot of changes in terms of vocals and instruments used. Some have the eary strings reminiscent of Uninvited. Admittedly, this album is less powerful than the first one but any hard fan will appreciate the fresh spin on the songs. It mirrors the artist itself as we all know Alanis had become tamer through the years. Yes, she still screams about heartache and pain but this time, you get a feeling that she's past it and is on her way to redemption.

All the songs are stripped down, that is except for the previously hidden track Your House. This and Forgiven are my two favorite JLP tracks on both versions. Because the old YH left plenty to the imagination in its accapella form, I was initially wary that the acoustic accompanied version would fare less than the original. I was not disappointed though. The dressed up version includes a very touching guitar that sounds the words' pain with each stroke. This is a very beautiful album. From beginning to end, it showcases how one can grow beautifully from pain. It almost feels like a story that we've all heard before told in a totally different manner.

Can't wait till July 26 'till I can finally get the original one. According to the internet, it'll be enhanced and stuff. My copy isn't so I'll surely get an original copy when it's released. Alanis totally rocks!

Saturday, June 25, 2005

moving in and out


Nope, this is not a love post. I told Tara I wouldn't do that anymore! Read on...

Moving in and out of houses has always been a difficult process for me. I was living in the same house for sixteen years before the modern laws of commerce dictated we move elsewhere. Three years ago, we moved into this smaller house. The floorboards creak when we move around. There are rats, mites and other unspeakable horrors lurking in the darkness. Despite all this, I believe I am content.

The process for me may seem more intense than others. We fall in and out of love and go through such a complex process. Just like in moving out of a house. I start to feel pity for the walls that have sheltered me for years. I start to reminisce those times I spent when the house seemed to be the only place I felt safe. Then I start to feel anger or even hatred. This house has hindered me from doing so many things in the past. You start to notice all the flaws in the house, every crack, every hole, every time you felt scared. The last stage is pity. You will be empty after I am gone.

It doesn’t matter how many more people live here. This house will have always been our house. It’s like an indelible mark we leave, a remnant of our spirits. Upon first glance, we have a good view of who has lived in the house. The kinds of things they leave behind the house are an indicator of the life they led. Our current house, according to our landlord at least, once was home to a famous comedian trio, Tito, Vic, and Joey. The house smells like olden days, probably because it’s been around since the early 1970’s.

Today, I finally realized that our moving to a new place is final. We even have a date set out: July 16, 2005. On that Saturday (that could have been a regular day if only we weren’t moving out) we will finally leave this house that has housed us for close to three years. We will move to a house that’s closer to everything, a walk a couple of minutes from Robinson’s Pioneer. Everything’s perfect at this point. All our demands were met. The money is provided for. But something in our new house makes me feel uneasy.

It’s not that it’s so much closer to 2105. It’s not that it’s so much closer to my Achi’s place. In fact, that’s even a plus for me. It’s the house itself that kinda creeped me out. Emblazoned on the wall are four words that gave me the creeps: “You Never Deserved ME!!!”. I don’t know who wrote it. I don’t know what kind of heartache she was left in. I don’t even know if she leapt to her death. 29 floors above the ground is no laughing matter. Come to think of it, I doubt that would’ve happened since we didn’t really hear anything about it in the news. An old-new house has its stories and as a writer, it’s fun to imagine what kind of people lived there. I saw a pet cage, an old refrigerator, a pirated copy of Mr. And Mrs. Smith, among other things.

The broker said it once was owned by Johnny Litton. I don’t know who he is but my father says he was a lewd comedian in the late eighties to early nineties. I asked him if it was “Oh No, It’s Johnny” Johnny and he said “probably”.

Another thing about our new house is, it’s where Nina shot her video for jealous. The pool deck is where she was throwing pictures of her and the guy. Just a little bit of info.

There’s a gym, a pool, bowling, and a tennis court and I’ll probably enroll in the gym. Now that I’ll be farther from the park, I’ll have to find my exercise elsewhere.

I’ll be much closer to Gabe, my new nephew who will be born around the time we move in. My sister will be taking her maternity leave then until September so I’ll be seeing her, too everyday.

I guess it’s all for the better but I can’t help but feel pity for this house. I’m in the last stage, I guess and all I can say is I hope this works out. If it isn’t God’s will then I’m sure something would’ve stopped us by now. Everyone’s just psyched that we’re moving. I should be, too.

Clockwise: Me on the far left, Grayzel, Marianne, and Mikee!Nostalgia moment: I was clearing out my files in this computer in a desperate effort to reclaim processing speed. Look what I found. It’s such a shame things didn’t work out for the four of us. They have their own world now and it saddened me at first that they no longer wanted me to be a part of it but I wish them well and congratulate them for moving on. I’m moving on as well. I guess it’s much better when the L word doesn’t get in the way of my studies. Hover over it to see who’s who. :D

That’s it. Gotta go do homework now. If only I didn’t feel so lazyyyy… *yawn* Maybe I’ll just go see The Machinist.


I feel inspired to actually maintain this thing thanks to the guy who posted my first comment in the previous post.
This is from the Iris, a webmistress from She has a blog which i posted a comment in eons ago. I visited it again recently and I'm glad i'm not the only one who appreciates comments! She should get more traffic considering her blog is linked to the main page itself! Anyways, i'll frequent her blog more often now. :D

PS to everyone who's exchanged links with me, i promise i'll tag and leave comments when i've got free time! :D Blog on!