Wednesday, July 26, 2006

goodbye tina fey

so i was watching jay a couple of nights ago and tina fey was on. i can't believe she's leaving SNL. she's like an institution there, next to lorne michaels. i mean think about it: nobody makes it out of SNL alive. chris kattan: poof. jimmy fallon: semi poof. she should just stick to what she does best.

the super delayed SNL featuring the ever lovely scarlett johansson aired, finally and tina fey was barely on it. maya rudolph was nowhere to be seen. (maybe it was around the time she was preggers.) i guess tina was slowly pulling out. i can't imagine weekend update without her. *sob*

okay. i take my word back. stars are blind is kinda growing on me. grrr... after a hilarious dance at our GA, im sorta rethinking my stance on this song. in one hand, it's irritating and soooo stupid but on the other, i can imagine myself on the beach with this song.

i'm watching the pussycat dolls this friday. i'm sorta not that excited. maybe it's about me being so busy these days.

have y'all seen pink's new video, u and ur hand? it's a fun song. typical pink rudeness. apparently, she shot it around the same time she shot stupid girls. in one shot, she looks like a naked cow. u might say all cows are naked but believe me, u'll get what i mean when you watch it, too. she's on the bed wearing lace. mooooo...

i am officially addicted to cold case. since classes were disrupted, i have finished the entire season. i'm kinda praning now that cold case has taught me that crime and murder is everywhere. gasp. there's a bad man in my room. let me jump out.

anyway, im sorta busy so i'll be updating in a few days. hopefully, i'll be more well versed. got a really funny story about a bar, too much drinks, an open mic, and "push the button".

peace. :D

ps. here are a few pictures my korean friends sent me.

this one is me walking to robinson's. feeling self-conscious because they were oh so blatantly taking my picture. look kinda weird. i don't know why the girl next to me looks like an exposé gone bad. maybe she didn't want to be in a picture with me.

this one is kinda funny. they really put some thought into it. i guess it's nice to be missed. :D

Friday, July 21, 2006

publique affair

i think mikhael had it right when he had this to say about a public affair: The world is turning upside down. A totally idiotic popstar actually made a brilliant record? This track is every kind of fabulous. Sounds like early Madge but totally well arranged and Jess' voice kinda sounds cool here.

I think this is what i was expecting when i heard madonna was bringing disco back. it sounds so retro but so fun. jessica is cool again. it's safe to admit i used to be a fan! hahaha i actually have a copy of irresistible lying around.

the song in itself is really fun. i can totally imagine myself going somewhere really far and having it on loop (actually, i did have it on loop about two days ago). who cares if the song is soooooo stupid? it sounds fun. hahaha

the video was fun. i heard brett ratner directed it. i guess its no xmen but it reminds me of janet's all for you (back when she wasn't all boob-exposing). a word of warning: the first part in the limo feels like a dumb blonde joke. i hope the people with IQ aren't offended by the very sight of that scene.

anyway, can i just say how glad i am that she's back (and without nick). she leaves much more to the imagination now. :D

i totally didnt notice andy dick. joel says he's the guy licking the shoes. i have to check.

where is ryan seacrest in this video? he could NOT be the guy jessica fancies. (UPDATE: I streamed the video via youtube <-linky! and found him. he's the limo driver. cheesy use of cameos.)

anyway, public affair is soooo much better than paris hilton' song which totally sucks. hahahahaha she sounds so fake. who is she kidding? thank modern technology for voice filters so airy heiresses can actually sing now. hahaha (sorry mike, i know u love her to death)

that's about it. i've been too bitchy already.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

diary wiary

check this out! (if you've got a baby picture lying around, post it in your blog, too!)

the folks at STAUST asked me for a picture of myself when i was a kid and i remembered there was one in my diary so i brought it to school. a piece of paper fell out and i immediately recognized it. it was a poem i made for her way way back. you know her. i've had a lot of angry posts about her. but now that we're okay (civilized people should always be okay), i guess it's cool to post it now.

it's written with a pencil and at the bottom, she scribbled March 12, 2006, 3:30 AM in red ink. we were at a friend's house writing her paper. i wrote it in like 15 minutes but i've been reeling from it for so long.

anyway, here it is. it's still untitled, maybe because i didn't want it to seem so final. i think i'll just leave it like that.

the ignorant human
stands barefoot at the
throne of the gods
feeling unworthy of
the blessed company he keeps

there are no words
to describe, even remotely
the confusion, the shame
the anguish his mortal heart holds

it is heavy, the cross that he
chooses to bear
to feel so out of place
in a world so unnatural
and so far from the
grasslands he roams in
desolate desperation

he sits there
breathing their air
and eating their food
not exactly sure
what the world still means to him
or why he's there,
clumsily stumbling out of his league,
feeling so much for gods who
would not care if he should perish

the unnatural sound of their resonant footsteps
are not alien to the echose of his heart

oh, what will the people think?
how dare he cohort with them!
does he not know his place?
but still, the gods sit there watching
the pristine goddess eating a warm grape
the virginal sweetness of purple still lingering
in her timid lips

the image of the gods in the hall
still haunt the mortal's memories
those final steps as he exits
the saline tears his weary eyes betray
living will never be the same
the people blur in his vision
he should've known his place
maybe i should've known my place

Wednesday, July 5, 2006

why the world needs superman

so after a year of waiting for this movie, i finally got to see it last thursday. it was a bit funny because when you've been waiting for so long to see something, the tendency is for the actual movie to seem pale in comparison. of course, they chose a different angle. superman returns was more focused on the human aspect and i guess it's all cool. i noticed that a lot of people who hated batman begins also tend to hate superman returns. maybe it's because marvel has this formula of putting big stars and matching it with super action scenes.

has anybody else noticed that DC has a formula too. take the case of batman and superman. Christian Bale, while successful pre-batman in his own right, was relatively unknown. Brandon Routh was also relatively unknown. Katie Holmes and Kate Bosworth are both ex-teen stars with less than popular careers. As for the choice of top villain, seasoned actors- Liam Neeson and Kevin Spacey. It is also quite noticeable that while the action scenes are tight, the bulk of the movie rests in the main character's inner conflicts.

after the movie, i got to thinking and i wondered what it was about superman that people enjoy so much. i remembered what quentin tarantino said in kill bill about how you can't unmask superman because he doesn't need a mask. Clark Kent is his mask. Spiderman and Batman need their costume to be able to turn into the hero. Superman just is. He wears glasses to become Clark Kent.

And i guess every man has an ideal of becoming the hero. even in the iconic superman scenes in the comic books and in the movies. how he sweeps lois off her feet and how he flies with her, stepping on his feet.

but inevitably, we men start to understand that we are not supermen and that we can only do so much. more often than not, the logic of saving the girl is lost, giving way to modern rules of feminism and masculinity. it's a sad day when you realize you can't save the day.

that's about it for superman. i'm a bit tired. here's a short recap of things:
1. daniel is leaving today for singapore. bon voyage!
2. taking 16 koreans around manila at 10 in the evening is more fun than a barrel of monkeys.
3. a cab going anywhere from my house costs roughly P100. i'm not kidding. i've been to quezon city, manila, and makati and they all cost the same.
4. staying in touch with old friends is fun. just have activities planned so you don't stare blankly at each other.
5. next reunion - bring TONS of booze. :D