Tuesday, June 27, 2006

stupid oaf

i'm so stupid. i can't believe i waited to see this person (i've been sorta seeing) for an entire week only to arrive an hour early. of course, she wasn't there. why would she person be? everything about our meetings were spontaneous, sharing a mere smile (which could mean so much more if you're lonely) and nothing more. anyway, i only get to see her on tuesdays and silly me had to leave an hour early (i thought my class was at 9). now i have to wait another week. i feel like an idiot. i guess that proves that spontaneous things should never be rehearsed or anticipated. oh well, another lesson for me.

gawd, that made me sound so desperate. i'm not really. i guess it just felt good to have someone, some random stranger smile at you and to have that happen every tuesday was kinda cool. i don't know what i'm thinking. maybe it's these past few days of hurried lesson plans and getting sick from the rain. everything's a blur and i'm just waiting for things to slow doooooooooooooooooooown...

Friday, June 16, 2006

first day high

i love the colors in that ad. anyway, today was my first official school day as a teacher. i started lessons today and what a start it was. we've missed two school days by the second week so i had to rap out the lesson. anyway, they seemed to understand it.

hoping i could make a proper post in the next few days. ive bee dying to tell you a lot of things. there i go talking to my blog again.

Wednesday, June 7, 2006

flexing, of course

These past few days, i've been thinking a lot about who i am and who i want to be in the future. Inside me, there is a writer, an artist, a teacher, a lawyer, and all these other people who i want to be and each one is fighting for dominance.

First day of being a teacher was fun. The uniforms are crappy but the responsibility of holding firty-eight people's academic lives is quite thrilling.

Of course I got wasted last night and was late this morning but no one seemed to mind.

Of course I was late but seeing the Superman billboard near our house made me squeal in anticipation. It hits theaters on June 28. I'm so effing excited! What's funny is i've been in eager anticipation since last year. Check this vintage post out. Hahaha Addictions, May 22, 2005

The new Keane album is available for download in that cool site where I get my music from. :D

Thursday, June 1, 2006


so yesterday, i finally got to see failure to launch. it was fun. kinda feels like a formula film though. even though you know it's a hollywood film and everything's going to end up peachy in the end, the trip there is a lot of fun.

sarah jessica parker looks better now. she's still awfully thin but something about her seems better. maybe it's the whole hair situation she had in sex and the city.
the movie feels like how to lose a guy in seven days in a sense that the characters are all conniving and stuff.

zooey deschanel is a goddess. i love her to death.

so far, i haven't seen da vinci yet. i've seen x-men, over the hedge, and failure to launch but still no interest in dan brown's body of work.

updates and other random thoughts
  1. i got a haircut yesterday. it kinda looks weird. i was trying to fix it this morning and ended up with a mia farrow-esque do. i hope it'll look better when it grows back.
  2. separation anxiety with my hair. ahhh... i know it's so vain to say that but i do miss my hair and i won't really be like this if i didn't have such an disposition towards barbers.
  3. xmen was cool. i still want to see gambit. i wonder why he wasn't there.
  4. nerisa guevara is a poet goddess. i love her to death. (see zooey deschanel) she reminds me of my aunt who used to be part of the NPA sans violence and stuff plus a vibe that jessica zafra only dreams she could have.
  5. my sisters were ex-nerisa guevara students. i didn't know that i shared this sentiment with people so close to me.
  6. kelsey grammar is freaky.
  7. re-reading coelho's veronika decides to die. gaining weird insights i didn't catch the first time i read it.
  8. got too many things to do.
  9. thursday is purple uniform day.
  10. i miss my hair!!!
  11. dark phoenix is way cooler than jean grey. hotter too.
  12. famke still freaks me out. blame the late night nip/tuck marathons.
  13. famke is freaky. wala lang. i said it once before but it bears repeating.
  14. mystique is hot. we should all strive to be so hot.
  15. rogue is b-o-boring.
  16. over the hedge is a less funny shrek.
  17. why is lindsay's character in just my luck called ashlee. was 'hilary' too common?
  18. got too many things to do! aaaaaaaaaaaargh!
  19. i want to go to quiapo. wahhh...
  20. blah blah blah (19 seemed like an odd number to end)
that's about it. redundancy and crap and all... world peace! hahaha