Tuesday, August 23, 2005

fiona is free!!!

hahaha i'm soooo happy! there is hope for the rest of us!!! hahahahahaha :D

they're releasing it. i think they added a couple of tracks. i'm pretty sure they won't release it in its leaked internet format. finally, i won't have to deal with compressed versions of not about love. i so love this album! i can't believe it's actually happening!!!

did the online petition do much? i swear, i'm totally shitting my pants right now. go to freefiona by clicking the link back there to read all about it. i guess the bootleg hitting the new york times shores got sony's attention. we fiona fans are a force to be reckoned with!

this is not about love! because i am not in love! rawr! check out the video on Launch! (yahoo!)

there have been a lot of hoopla over at the forums page at freefiona.com about why the album was shelved, the 'conspiracies'(?) 'behind its disappearance, and why fiona is mum about it. it's all very intersting in a stalkerly kind of way. :D

now that i'm reading about it in billboard, i realized that things aren't what they seemed. sony isn't evil. they didn't freeze extraordinary machine. in truth and in fairness, fiona just needed the time to make it better and improve the tracks that she wasn't happy with apparently.

maybe this is all just an elaborate marketing hype. sony and fiona aren't saying a word.

i'm still ecstatic. i scored the highest in three prelims. must not forget to thank the Almighty! he he... :D

I''m so happy. I feel like i'm on ecstasy. hey, i saw a green pack of cigarettes in the mall that caught my eye. the brand? ecstasy? typical scenario:

buyer: Miss, may Ecstasy ba kayo? (do you have Ecstasy) {cigarettes, not drugs [for slow people]}
lady: ADIK! lumayas ka! (drug addict! GO AWAY!!!)

Oh well, all in a day's work. :D

Sunday, August 21, 2005

i feel like the biggest idiot in the world

of course mr. a-z stands for MRAZ. duh...
hahaha, i so love liz phair's new single. :D
proper post hopefully in the works
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Thursday, August 18, 2005

somebody's miracle!

It's coming! I can't wait. Ha ha... I've got her album on repeat. I'm listening to "Everything To Me" stream. The computers in the lab are new. He he... they look cooler now.

Latest find: Aimee Mann! God, I so love her! I first heard of her in the I Am Sam soundtrack. I know, sooooo old but her voice has this weird quality. Plus, she did (in The Forgotten Arm) what I wanted to hear for so long: a story inside an album. Each track reveals the story of John and Caroline (not Kennedy). I think John's a boxer. Ít's so cool. She sounds kinda like Liz Phair except she doesn't falter voice-wise.

Evil confession: I downloaded my copy long before I knew she was so cool. I just remembered her name from the song they used for the I Am Sam trailers. Now that I know she's really cool, I want to get the real deal. I saw one in Tower. Saving up. He he...

I can't wait for the new Liz Phair disc. It's coming out in October (10/4/2005 to be exact). I wonder when they'll release it here. Her website just teched-down but you can listen to the first single there for free. Click on the header in this post to go there. It kinda sounds like a Sheryl Crow b-side. Speaking of, I hear her new album is going to be supahcool!

I once wrote a post where all the discs I wrote there, I finally got within a few months. Ahem... here's my new list! Hehehe..

I want the semi-new Alanis disc which I have on bootleg anyway. I want Jason Mraz (which I also have on bootleg) if only for the typo on Track 5 (Mr. CurioUsity). I want the new Liz Phair disc, the new Sheryl Crow disc, the stripped version of Gavin's Chariot, and ugh... can't decide. I'm starting to sound like a selfish kid.

The new Crow disc looks promising. I'm just worried because of two reasons. First, the albums after an artist releases a greatest hits compilation are almost always sucky. Plus, she might pull a Bennifer and have an album all about her fast boytoy and when they break up, it'll be too depressing to listen to. Not that I was depressed when Bennifer broke up. uh oh.. i said too much. :D

The new keyboard is kinda weird. Sometimes, the letters appear in a different way like the french c instead of the real one or putting umlauts where they aren't required. Grrr...

We still don't have a landline. It's insane, I know. Anyways, my whole internet life is hanging by a thread. I've even neglected my ads in Pusit. *sigh* Thanks to everyone who greeted me on my birthday. Thanks for everyone who still go here even if I haven't bloghopped in eons. THANKS! :D

PS: here's hoping I can bloghop when we finally get a line. Grrr...

Nigga Shoutouts. Haha... No, I'm not black! Hope I didn't offend anyone! :(
Kuya Monts! are you really a frequent visitor? hehehe :D just kidding... I hope you leave a tag when you go. :D
Mike: I missed your blog too! I'll be leaving comments when I find the time! :D
Mines, Rongie, Doc, Chris, Evi, and everyone who sent me messages in Friendster and left comments here, thank you so much for making my birthday nicer! :D I wasn't that sad anyway. I was just quoting a Mraz song. Sorry if I didn't say it then. :D

Tuesday, August 9, 2005

it's my birthday and i can't find no cause for celebration

hello. i'm sad. it's my birthday. well, not officially. i was born at 4:00 and it's 3:11 PM on the 9th so it's technically still my birthday.

i miss the usual people who would greet me on my birthday. hehehe

i watched 13 going on 30 and i realized i knew who my jennifer garner was. question is, am i ready to be someone's mark ruffalo? eeww... goosebumps...

cheesy. bye!

PS thanks to all who greeted me or intended to but couldn't reach me! :D
love, the boy with no number