Tuesday, December 5, 2006

quantity or quality

there are times when, to be able to understand completely, you have to distance yourself from the situation and ask yourself the most basic of questions. in a failed love, ask yourself "is it worth it?" in school, "what am I doing?".

the opportunity to test this came in the form of an organization. this year, I am in charge of layout and major editing in the school paper. it took a while for me to finish the editing since most of the articles needed major grammar reconstruction. I had to rewrite a lot. several trips to the coffee bean finally got the job done.

segue to a few months later and I find myself once again in a tricky situation. it's insane for some people to think that an entire layout can be completed in a week. I am just learning indesign, shifting from primitive pagemaker and once again the muses find me in a 'layout block'.

what's more is the idiotic editor in chief with grammar like a malnourished somalian boy went behind my back several times. There are about five articles in the paper that I have never even seen, let alone read despite the fact that the constitution clearly states that all EJ articles must come through me. his reason? I took too long.

so now, i am stepping away from the situtation. what is more important- quantity or quality? are we in the business of hurried journalism?

anyway, this malnourished somalian had the audacity to reverse the changes I made to his editorial. he said our faculty advisor approved the rollback. it wasn't enough that my red signpen on his editorial caused the feeble paper to hemorrhage. so I asked him if he was sure, grammatical errors and all? he said yeah. when I got the chance to talk to him, he asked me what his grammatical errors were. I had half the mind to show him my editing draft but the shear humiliation would just kill him. despite being a bitch, I still have a heart.

strike one, you cut around me. strike two, you do away with my editing. still waiting for strike three. I'm on a semi-layout strike. basically, I've skipped his articles in the entire layout process.

the trouble with holding multiple positions in an organization is that you cannot separate the emotional implications of either. this much is true: he has offended my editing skills.

fine, mess with the associate editor but do not mess with the layout supervisor. we have ways to inflict pain. layout is important. A skilled layout artist can make an article seem bad just by how it looks. *evil laughter* he will regret this. :D


  1. hoy. how are things? Has been a long time since I last visited.

    rock and roll!

  2. i know! hahaha eto wonderful parin kahit na there are a lot of people who make me believe that abortion is a neccesity in today's modern culture. hindi naman ako masyadong galet. hahahaha

    kaw? what's new?

  3. new? nah. I'm still fabulous. haha. nway, the books are for high school kids. we're supposed to make a computer science reference. boring stuff but the moolah is good.

    oi, invite naman sa friendster. hehe

    rock and roll!