so happy together

it's a rare day when i've nothing to bitch about. i was in the old gutsons in cubao lat night. they've undergone another name change. this time, they're called joey's sports bar. it was really fun. the food and beverage was the same but this time, they had a band. a real live band. you can request and stuff. we were cheering up carlo's friend although i'm not sure she had such a great time afterwards.

currently loving double vanilla tea lattes. discovered it by accident when they didnt have moroccan mint. yummy. reminds me of warm warm fuzzy blankets. also love kettle corn. yummy. yummy... mmm...

so my birthday kinda sucked. i got a pineapple plant as a gift and that's it. nothing more, nothing less. my sister did buy me the pussycat dolls ticket and i kinda remember her saying that would be my gift so if you think about it, i got tickets and a pineapple plant for my birthday.

jeez... i don't even like pineapples. now whenever i see one, i just get irritated. it's in this horrible pink hue and a basket so you know it's not even an edible pineapple.

i wasn't able to take my trigonometry test yesterday. i couldn't find the place. when i went to the room where the exam was supposed to take place, there were complete strangers inside. oh god... i'm really scared.

anyway, i'm stuck here listening to the turtle's so happy together which i stole off mikhael's blog. it's such an upbeat song. i wonder why it's associated with the third sex.

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  1. Ola! happy birthday! ;) the pineapple's kinda nice.


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