why the world needs superman

so after a year of waiting for this movie, i finally got to see it last thursday. it was a bit funny because when you've been waiting for so long to see something, the tendency is for the actual movie to seem pale in comparison. of course, they chose a different angle. superman returns was more focused on the human aspect and i guess it's all cool. i noticed that a lot of people who hated batman begins also tend to hate superman returns. maybe it's because marvel has this formula of putting big stars and matching it with super action scenes.

has anybody else noticed that DC has a formula too. take the case of batman and superman. Christian Bale, while successful pre-batman in his own right, was relatively unknown. Brandon Routh was also relatively unknown. Katie Holmes and Kate Bosworth are both ex-teen stars with less than popular careers. As for the choice of top villain, seasoned actors- Liam Neeson and Kevin Spacey. It is also quite noticeable that while the action scenes are tight, the bulk of the movie rests in the main character's inner conflicts.

after the movie, i got to thinking and i wondered what it was about superman that people enjoy so much. i remembered what quentin tarantino said in kill bill about how you can't unmask superman because he doesn't need a mask. Clark Kent is his mask. Spiderman and Batman need their costume to be able to turn into the hero. Superman just is. He wears glasses to become Clark Kent.

And i guess every man has an ideal of becoming the hero. even in the iconic superman scenes in the comic books and in the movies. how he sweeps lois off her feet and how he flies with her, stepping on his feet.

but inevitably, we men start to understand that we are not supermen and that we can only do so much. more often than not, the logic of saving the girl is lost, giving way to modern rules of feminism and masculinity. it's a sad day when you realize you can't save the day.

that's about it for superman. i'm a bit tired. here's a short recap of things:
1. daniel is leaving today for singapore. bon voyage!
2. taking 16 koreans around manila at 10 in the evening is more fun than a barrel of monkeys.
3. a cab going anywhere from my house costs roughly P100. i'm not kidding. i've been to quezon city, manila, and makati and they all cost the same.
4. staying in touch with old friends is fun. just have activities planned so you don't stare blankly at each other.
5. next reunion - bring TONS of booze. :D


  1. haven't watched it yet. :( still waiting for devil wears prada. the book sucked but the movie looks promising. :)

    just wanna tell you that buying pirated DVDs turned into an addiction. Thank you.

  2. i know! there should be some kind of law against it. wait a minute, there is! hehehe but it's cool. i'm slowly getting rid of my piracy addiction. withdrawal is a bitch though. i just bought mygirl last friday. it's super kawaii.

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