publique affair

i think mikhael had it right when he had this to say about a public affair: The world is turning upside down. A totally idiotic popstar actually made a brilliant record? This track is every kind of fabulous. Sounds like early Madge but totally well arranged and Jess' voice kinda sounds cool here.

I think this is what i was expecting when i heard madonna was bringing disco back. it sounds so retro but so fun. jessica is cool again. it's safe to admit i used to be a fan! hahaha i actually have a copy of irresistible lying around.

the song in itself is really fun. i can totally imagine myself going somewhere really far and having it on loop (actually, i did have it on loop about two days ago). who cares if the song is soooooo stupid? it sounds fun. hahaha

the video was fun. i heard brett ratner directed it. i guess its no xmen but it reminds me of janet's all for you (back when she wasn't all boob-exposing). a word of warning: the first part in the limo feels like a dumb blonde joke. i hope the people with IQ aren't offended by the very sight of that scene.

anyway, can i just say how glad i am that she's back (and without nick). she leaves much more to the imagination now. :D

i totally didnt notice andy dick. joel says he's the guy licking the shoes. i have to check.

where is ryan seacrest in this video? he could NOT be the guy jessica fancies. (UPDATE: I streamed the video via youtube <-linky! and found him. he's the limo driver. cheesy use of cameos.)

anyway, public affair is soooo much better than paris hilton' song which totally sucks. hahahahaha she sounds so fake. who is she kidding? thank modern technology for voice filters so airy heiresses can actually sing now. hahaha (sorry mike, i know u love her to death)

that's about it. i've been too bitchy already.


  1. haha. I really like public affair. Sounds a bit like Madge's Holiday.

    Yeah, the new paris song doesnt really grow on me no matter how i try. hehe. and yes, i still love her to death.

  2. it's starting to grow on me. (shudder shudder). it's totally moronic but it's fun- if you wanna be a ditz and drink a lot. haha


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