old dog, new tricks

i know ive been promising you a new layout since like forever and ive had so many attempts at a new layout all end in vain. it's just the whole process of choosing colors and hoping/praying they'll all go together, ah, it's too much. but anyways, i was sorta experimenting with photoshop and hopefully, you like what i came up with. i decided to keep the old code and just change the image so that there's coherence and other bs like that. anyways, i know the worn out look is so old (literally) and nobody does it anymore but i still think it's cool. :D

this is the picture that inspired the whole thing. i was just playing when i realized it would be a year (april 2005) since i last updated the template. kinda embarassing since i'm surrounded by computers all day. i should've updated sooner. i'm sorry.

that's my nephew gabe. we were praying for him (dedication) :D

postscript: as i was updating my kinky linkies, i got sad. some of my closest blogfriends have vanished. chris, tragic, oh where have u gone?! some ardent posters are not updating too, so so sad...


  1. hehe... "posted by someone who is a shitload smarter than you"... well said.

    you're artistic. as my friends would joke -- artistic or autistic? nyahahaha... kidding aside... i like the layout.

    about broken links... nothing is permanent in life. don't worry, we're still here.

  2. heya there good friend. i still like the worn out look too. very artsy fartsy.

    does this mean no more long blogging breaks? ;) LOL

  3. to mikhael: damn, i hope so! hahaha, ive gotten this sudden urge to be active again in blogging. i dunno. hey, did u catch the new jewel video? it's so hott...

    to evi: thanks for dropping by. yes, i have heard i was 'autistic' before. hehehe and they weren't british or anything. anyways, im glad good ol evi is still here. i never forgot your butterflies. haha

  4. ei... im lovin the new layout.. thanks for hoppin' by my dying blog. lolz. :D take care. god bless. :D

  5. dying? oh c'mon, we all take our little blog breaks. hehehe, don't stress out. :D keep it alive!


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