Wednesday, April 5, 2006

gender segregation

wow, i feel kinda clueless. haha, it's been a while since i've sat down to write a blog post with that objective in mind.

i was on my way to school this morning and i was thinking about this whole gender segregation on the mrt. for those who don't take the train, the folks at the mrt decided it's high time to separate the ladies from the sex-hungry men. it's kinda annoying. i like to ride in the first car of the train since it's usually the least loaded. i'm not sure what day it started but about last week, i found myself in the third car stuck with all these guys while the women get to ride the first car and they're all comfy and stuff. it was kinda annoying.

so i asked my sister about it and she said well, there are a lot of women who get manyak-ed in the mrt. and i was like, i have never heard of a single story. the people who take the mrt aren't as gross as those who take the bus. (ugh, gross bus story. the mrt closed for the night and so i had to take the bus. this guy sits next to me and invites me, casually, to go with him to valenzuela. ewww). anyways, back to my story, i guess i kinda saw her (my sister's) point and that it is a tough world out there when you're a woman.

but the whole gender segregation, although kinda sexist, works in favor for me now. whereas before, i would gladly offer my seat to any women who may be standing up, right now i could care less for them. if they should find their way to the male cars, they should stand up. hahahaha... i dunno. chivalry is dead. i just feel like you (girls) have your own car so don't expect any favors when you're in ours. hehe, i dunno. some women ive seen in the mrt are kinda... ugh... (they're either really slow or just plain dumb). they prefer the male cars. and it's not like they've got male friends with them. some of them are all alone, waiting for the train in the male part of the waiting area (yes, there is a male part), when they could easily prance on over to the other side where they will surely get to sit.

anyways, that's about all i've got to say. gosh, my english is kinda iffy today. i need more blog practice.


  1. really? I didn't know that. Will be at the metro tomorrow for two days to do some shopping and I always go to mrt since it's faster and cheaper than a cab.

    icky. I always rely on females for their heavy perfumes to mask the constant smelliness of the males.

    hmph. YYY?! cool.

  2. i know. hahaha, we're reduced to sex-starved males. hahaha, don't breathe. :D

    stopping by the 'ol metro? hahaha, make a quick stop to quiapo! gawsh, havent been there in like, forever

  3. hehehe.... yeah.... segregation at the mrt... i remembered this one time when i was rushing to the first car then suddenly i remembered that it's only for the FEMALES and kids... argh.
    yeah, some sexaddicts molest women, but i was ALSO molested by a MALE.... (ie. running his hand from my nape to my arse and back pretending that he's just getting something from below.... and he did it THRICE, argh talk about being molested while wearing jeans that are almost kinda falling off your hips) so what do we do about that? something like this?:
    1st car - women and kids
    2nd car - heterosexual men
    3rd car - homosexual men
    4th car - bisexual men and women...
    (if there is a 4th car i dunno, that would be nice)
    what do you think? ehehehe just joking......
    argh... nice layout by the way... i also like the worn out look ya know...
    ...and i'm planning to be a blogger AGAIN after like 5 or 6 months or so....
    and i NEED some help with my layout (codes and photoshop and stuff)

  4. oh my gawsh, welcome back to the blogging world. hahaha, molested on the mrt, eh? i once read this gross website about how the last cab of the mrt is devoted to horny people. i was looking for pictures of the mrt to put in the school papaer layout and it was so stupid how he was saying stuff like "mrt people, you know i'm right!" and i'm like "i take the fucking train everyday. i don't get molested nor do i molest when i'm on the last cab!". sites like that are the reason why there is gender segregation on the train. rawr...

    thanks for the kind comments about the layout. u know, being vain and self-centered, i appreciate them! hahaha :D

    have fun! hahaha, bzzt bzzt next time!

    postscript. i found the site. i googled it. it's so funny. check out the bleeding grammar. my overused thought balloon (you know, the one that says 'magtagalog ka na lang, boy!') is up and running again.

    here's his website. check out the part where he says students are so lucky that they have access to sites like that for research. hahhaa...

    here's his "account" of why the mrt makes men temporarily gay: