busy busy busy

Here's what I've been busy doing all christmas break. I've been taking pictures and stuff! I've also been quite busy with taking care of my nephew who's just bundles of joy. Browse down and enjoy the pictures!

My window is one of my favorite subjects!

He almost looks scared in this one.

And a few for my friendster account: This is a play on the super late reruns of ANTM in Channel V.

Ever been surprised to find someone sleeping on your bed?

My second venture. A little more surreal.

So that's it. I actually feel like such a loser when i found out Mutya had left the Sugababes and I didn't even know about it. Gawsh, to think I own every record. *sigh*

I'll be updating again when I feel like it. Hehehe... :D

PS. My sim card and i had a 'little' accident and to make an excrutiatingly long story short, i snapped it in two. So now my phone book's basically populated with emergency numbers and hotlines. If you own a mobile, please send me your number so I won't have to ask for an introduction. That's sooo embarassing. :D


  1. hhmmm!! nice pics! nice sunset!
    i like the forth pic the most... really nice... sometimes it's nice to have a chat with yourself hehehe
    actually, i also didn't know that Mutya had already left Sugababes.... just so that you know : )
    on the third pic (with you looking at a sleeping nyl): sinadya mo bang mag-iwan ng space sa gilid? para kasing putol yung nakahiga e...
    as always wala pa rin akong bagong post ahahaha... may sakit din ako e kaya di ako makapag-isip ng maayos....
    hehe ingatz!

  2. I know, right? Some Amelle Berrabah is replacing her. She needed a break though. what with her 1st daughter and all.

    I didn't know you were a fan. I got all their albums too. Got hooked since overload.

    Red dress is my fave in the new cd. what's yours?

  3. i actually liked ugly but i dont think the video did it justice. i thought gotta be you was nice. anyways, a member change is always nice. ive been looking for the solo cd of the first sugababe who left (her name escapes me) but i just can't find it anywhere. people say it's nice.

  4. to carlo: thanks for commenting. sayang about the posts ah. they were so very interesting.

    thanks for commenting on the pictures too. yeah, i had to put a space kasi that's where the picture ended eh. that's why i added a faux painting para mafill up ung space. guess i wasn't successful. :D

  5. i got mine at amazon. expensive shit but worth it. hehe i think it's available in your fave P2P software. ;) if u knw wat i mean.

  6. oh wow! that's so cool! more than anything, i wish i could have a copy! aaargh...

    i've tried the p2p softwares. they didn't have it.

    how much did it set you back?

  7. well, the cd is 'bout $14 and the shipping's bout the same. I'm not really sure though cause I used my dad's card. I think it's cheaper if you buy by the loads to cut shipping costs. actually, nakisingit lang ako sa dad ko kasi he bought some book. he was doing all the transactions and wouldn't let me touch his card. wahehehe. it came in 'bout 2 weeks. bilis noh? ;)

    try mo bearshare. meron yan khit na limewire. pero na bore na ako after several repeats. hehe.


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