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Thanks to Martin Gonzales for the picture. Click it to see his blog. He's got a nice feature on Maximo Oliveros.

Okay, if you've never heard of Pinoy Big Brother, you've probably been living under a rock. Their faces are plastered on every sidewalk and billboard from here to Timbuktu and the equally sticky theme song is played almost every minute.

So last night, I was watching it, right? Okay, I can see where this is going. Maybe before I start this post, I ought to warn you. I am a TV addict and I'll absorb whatever junk ABS-CBN produces and markets as uber cool. But last night, phew, last night was just stupid.

They were asked to burn, cut, and throw away almost all their clothes. Now I always try to empathize with them during tasks like this. I ask questions like "would i do this?" or "can my frail body handle that?". But last night was super stupid. What lesson would they get from destroying items of sentimental value?

ABS-CBN tried to cover it up, saying that the test was to see how the housmates knew Big Brother. Now, that was stupid. Maybe the average viewer with an IQ of 100 would believe you, as seen by Cass' downright humiliating apology. I bet the lesson for that task had to do with being materialistic and since those silly writers (who need a good whacking) realized this was something the housemates would not stand for, they had to edit it. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Which goes to show that nothing is perfect. I thought ABS-CBN had it right this time. Apparently not. If I were them, I would've edited out the whole thing and made a killing on DVD. "The episode where the Final Four almost walked out."

Jason was right when he said that he would do a lot of things to be the winner but never at the expense of someone else. That was dead on.

And Big Brother, aka Laurenti Dyogi (not really sure about that. rumor has it...), even struck below the belt (yes friends, even lower than that stupid task) by "testing" (in quotes because i don't believe his intentions were good) Jason, asking him if Uma and his Israeli pants were worth more than his sickly mother and the future of his children. That was both manipulative and mean.

They can't have the Final Four walk out. They would've cancelled voting by now. Plus, to quote Mean Girls, they've already paid the DJ. Too late. I wonder if the housemates know how much power they really have.

I'm in Netopia right now. My usual Internet place is still open but when I went there, the guy was still eating and he couldn't pay attention to me. It's 3:00 so I'm guessing he must be pretty hungry if he hasn't eaten lunch by now so I didn't want to disturb him. Maybe next time.

I watched Chicken Little yesterday and it wasn't as bad as everyone says it is. There are just some underlying issues I'm not confortable with like if your parents don't listen to you, it means they don't love you. Or if your parents don't believe you all the time, they don't love you either. Let me tell you, if that were true, my parents must really not love me. He he...

My mom got a new job and she's starting early next year which means I have to say goodbye to the precious laptop. *sigh*

What was Gwen thinking? Re-releasing Love.Angel.Music.Baby without the Luxurious remix?! So sad. I saw it in Tower kanina but I can't find a copy of it on the internet. It's almost monochromatic with a bronzey feel to it. Has anyone else seen this?

Almost as sad as the Karma video not in The Diary of Alicia Keys re-issue. A lot of women are cashing in on reisuues these days. There's Kelly Clarkson and then Mariah Carey. At least Mariah released a video for one of the bonus songs. Kinda gives you a reason to buy the same record twice, eh?

That's it. That's all I wanted to say. Hopefully, tomorrow will be more interesting.


  1. I havent seen the big bro pinoy version but i saw some pics of it over google and my impression is : Scandalous.

  2. scandalous? hahaha... not a chance! mtrcb (philippine censors) are super uptight. it may be a but risque at times but still nothing compared to other big bros around the world!

    but i hear the internet version (which is free of censors) is a bit more... ahem...

  3. well im actually fan of big bro (US version) I love all the twists and flirting issues.. and the decision of eviction is thru the hands of the houseguests not thru the audience, which is exciting its like survivor, they need to fight for their asses to survive. oh well there's no way i could watch the pinoy version, my folks r not really fanatic of TFC.
    i heard that there's a preggy girl who join the BB house in netherlands...

  4. haha. i think PBB is so overrated. i love the mean girls bit in the end. gawd, i love that movie.

  5. hi, thanks for the credit (PBB house pic). laterz! ;)


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