not another bad day - the sequel

i guess i really wasn't fair to some close friends when i wrote that. i wanna apologize. people do a lot of stupid things when they're mad and i guess even i am guilty of that. i realize this now and although i am apologetic, it has never been my practice to apologize for being honest and so the post remains unedited.

but this isnt my reason for posting today. i braved the 5 steps to the internet cafe to post. i just watched harry potter today and i saw the trailer for Superman begins. oh my gawsh! i nearly crapped my pants. im so excited. so so so so excited!!!

hopefully by then, i won't be such a bitch and someone nice will hold my hand as we watch. :D


  1. he kinda looks like the late christopher reeve.

  2. i know! and to think i thought tom welling was a dead ringer. brandon routh (that's him) looks like he couldn't hurt a fly yet here he is, convinving as the man of steeeal!

    let it be known that i am a superman fan! bwahahahaha!

  3. i just wish the cape would be redder. don't you?

    the glasses... yeah i gotta get me one of those.

  4. i know! the colors seem kinda off this time. i hope its just the computer shots that are like this. anyways, im so digging the clark kent look. i want glasses!

  5. erm, hello. superman returns pala ang title, at inupdate din talaga nila ang costume kasi masyadong kiddie 'yung bright tones dati. eto pala ang sites, baka lang interested ka:



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