believe me, this post has nothing to do with lesbians. It's just that if every woman had a day like i had yesterday, let's just say there would be more carpet-munchers around.

is it politically-incorrect to say that? pardon me. :D If you're from Educ, I suggest you turn around. This is about someone you know and I know so if you don't want to know (you know?) Ha ha ha...

here's the actual post. forgive me if the details are shady. this happened yesterday and about a gallon of korean ice cream made me fuhgedaboutit.

Subtitle: It's days like these that lesbians are made.

Why are most guys such idiots? Why are some guys so insecure of their sexuality? Some guys can be such assholes. I'm gender-ambigous and i feel fine.

It all started a couple of days ago. Me and this semi-friend (let's call him Doofus from now on) were kidding around. Here's the dish on Doofus. He's about an inch taller than me. He's pasty white and is the typical chip-on-your-shoulder kinda guy. This guy's got a lot of hang-ups. Typical high-maintenance but thinks he's low-maintenance kind of guy. I didn't really expect him to be a good friend but we developed a friendship over nicotine.

A couple of days ago, me and Doofus were playing around. I said I'll call him Big Mac (side fat, don't ask) and he said he'll call me Champ. Totally harmless. I don't think playing gay makes you any less of a man especially when you're inclined to humor like me.

Yesterday, he brought it up early in the morning (I think it was our 7:00 class). I thought he wanted to play. So I played along and I was doing my best impression of a killer-wife with matching threats of him sleeping outside if he doesn't shape up. I'd rub my tummy and say I don't want to *ahem* make the baby right now because I'm mad at him and I'm afraid the baby will look ugly.

He was laughing pa and I didn't know he was getting pikon na pala. while i was pigging out in the cafeteria, he told one of my good friends to talk to me. The little fucker didn't even have the balls to say it to my face.

Sorry for the language. I'll clean it up a bit. For all yous foreign people who don't understand what pikon means, i'll try to explain it. It's kinda like 'sore loser' but not really. You can be pikon without losing. Just not being a good sport warrants you a pikon title. Get it? It's much simpler than it sounds.

On our way up, my good friend's boyfriend who's Doofus' good friend too (confusing) told me to keep at it. I was unaware that Doofus talked to them na pala. Wassupwidat? He knew all along but still insisted I keep at it. Rawr. I held Doofus by his flabby arm and he totally shrugged me off. I kinda felt embarassed so I said "I can tell he's getting pikon na" so I wanted to stop. On the way to the fourth floor, he totally (and loudly) told me off saying it was okay when it was just us but when a lot of people are around, I shouldn't do it. I swear, I was close to melting of shame. I felt so embarassed so I dealt with it the only way I knew how: retaliation. Fuck him, I said. If he can get mad, so can I.

He should've just talked to me, you know. How hard could it be to come up to me and tell me to stop. I know my limits. I should've stopped when it was getting old. But since he brought it up, to people outside our circle (7:00 class), i thought he wanted to play. I felt embarassed, unwanted. It was just pretend but I felt like I was getting dumped. I feel like a chick. I feel so ugly and unwanted.

My good friend said "Di naman mababawasan pagkalalaki ninyo sa paglalaro niyo, diba?". Our joke wasn't making us any less of a man. Is he so insecure about his manhood that a little make-believe would shake him to purple shores? I know I'm not much to see and I'll probably never have a healthy relationship by the way things are going but this Doofus was an asshole and I hate assholes. I felt so embarassed and to think our classmates were around us to witness the fourth floor shouting. It was a scene, a small one, but a scene nonetheless. If he can get mad at me, so can I. Duh, it's not like I need another person to complicate my already complicated life.

I went home and more family shit was going on. I didn't have the patience to deal with it so I did my best to go around the house without talking to anybody.

I feel better already. Damn, that Korean Ice Cream knows what it's doing. Einj was right when she said it would do the trick.

On CD news, here's the full report on this week's trip to the local pirates! Hahaha, if you hate piracy, i suggest you go away now.

A lot of people have said Nickel Creek was nothing but another Alison Krauss project. I actually hated them when I first saw the video fot "This Side". I was downloading some MP3s over the net one day and I got "The Hand Song". It sounds kinky but it's actually a religious song and it made me *ahem* cry (but don't tell anyone). Those times were a bit shady for me and the song had a unique message and the lyrical metaphors are flawless.

This album is edgier than "This Side". There were a lot of fun songs last time mixed with some of the more dramatic songs. Typical Bluegrass. I was surprised this time around that they have songs about the not so typical relationships. Like in "Can't Complain" which is about an average girl and a guy who told her straight up that he "might lie" so when eh did, "she can't complain". Sounds like a Tori song when you lay it out like that but it actually sounds nice. Sara's voice is flawless and the guy songs aren't bad either. All in all, 3/5

He's neat, shirtless, and likes jumping. Yes, he's James Blunt. A lot of my friends don't like him. His voice isn't that impressive but it has a great way of showcasing emotions. He's kind of like a more tolerable John Ondrasik of Five For Fighting. His songs are mostly about love. You may have seen You're Beautiful over at MTV. Some favorite cuts: High, You're Beautiful, Goodbye My Lover, Cry, and Tears and Rain. These are sentimental by nature so don't expect any hard rock sounds. James is at his best with an acoustic guitar.

He's sensitive and very honest with his songs. We should all be so lucky to have someone sing us these songs. Sigh. Rating: 4/5

You know I'm here to brag. I <3 Switchfoot I do! I DO! You may have heard of them from A Walk To Remember. Last year, they re-released Dare You To Move with a louder sound. Their last albums are all gems in my collection. For vintage Switchfoot, check out Amy's Song, Learning To Breathe, and Let That be Enough.

This time around, they've got a louder sound, remnants of The Beautiful Letdown makeover. I haven't listened to it that much since James Blunt basically took over my MP3 player but I really like Stars. The video is colossal. Nothing like the old SF videos. His hair is so nice. I wish I had hair like that. The Blues is a nice song and you can tell these guys are Christians by how they write. They totally captured the moment in every Christian's life when you're so alone and you're wondering if God's there. Even Christian superstars feel that way at times and I'm glad their songs have a happy ending always. This is an album I'm getting in original form when it comes out next week. Rating: 3/5

Another unreleased album that hit the Pirate's shores. I sorta don't like this album anymore. It just reminds me of that time me and Doofus were in Pier One and Don't Cha was playing really loud. Anyways, You may have heard of them singing scantily clad with Christina Aguilera. The Pitch: They're hot and they can carry a tune. The Catch: They All Look The SAME!!! They're all so pretty and skanky that you can't tell one from the other (except the black chick and the lead). You may have also heard them jazzing up Sway for the Shall We Dance? Soundtrack. Anyways, tentatively, these 3 tracks are really cool: Don't Cha (i could do without Busta though), Stickwitu, and Tainted Love (remake). These girls could stand on their own but they collaborated with Busta, Will.I.Am and Timbaland. Those cuts are worth a listen, too. Rating: 2.5/5

Four down, two to go. Second to the last is a collection of Nat King Cole hits. Nat King Cole?!?! you ask? Let's just say these days, any reminder of my happy family past does good. This isn't available in original cd stores so I won't elaborate. I'm just glad it has Quizas, Quizas, Quizas (Spanish Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps) and that other foreign song Wong Kar Wai used in In The Mood For Love. Definitely a steady 4/5. Just sour that it doesn't have Walking My Baby Back Home.

Last but definitely not the least is One Tree Hill Soundtrack. Personally, I don't watch the show but I know a lot of hardcore OTH fans. Tyler Hilton totally shines in this one. Too bad no one here has heard of him enough to get the record bars moving. His album, I heard, is really fabulous but it's such a shame that they don't produce it locally. My only chance is Amazon and I'm still stinging from my last bout with online shopping. Some favorite cuts: Mix Tape by Butch Walker (ho I so love for singing Take Tomorrow in the Hot Chick Soundtrack), the flashback known as The First Cut Is The Deepest by my girl Sheryl Crow, Glad and When The Stars Go Blue by Tyler Hilton and The Wreckers (Michelle Branch et al) with The Good Kind. Definitely a 4/5.

I hate that I can't listen to the songs I heard in Pier One and not be irked at Doofus. Right now I can hear that cheesy Gasolina song and all I remember is him singing it. Grrrrr... We hate Doofus. You may think that I've got a thing for Doofus but believe me, I just really hate it when people humiliate me. Wouldn't you feel the same?

Sorry if the last parts are a bit hurried. I'm kinda tired plus I'm renting. Grrr. someone get PLDT a clue and hook us up already! Here are a few albums to look forward to: Liz Phair's Somebody's Miracle is so cool. I heard some previews at this site and they sound nice. Liz should quit touring and just stick to records because her voice sounds better. Sheryl Crow's Wildflower (did I get the title right?) looks promising. I'm excited to see what Fiona Apple's done to Extraordinary Machine. I'll be cheking those out when they hit the shores. Anyways, till then, I'll be seeing you. I'll try to keep you as updated as possible! :D


  1. ello there.

    i love james blunt! i just bought his cd yesterday and it is mighty fine. very modern jazz and totally power pop! but i hate the cover art.

    rock and roll!

  2. ei nyl!
    grabe ang tagal ko ng di nakapunta sa blog mo!
    anyway, about this Doofus guy, yeah he should have had a talk with you regarding his concerns.. maybe that's just him.. or maybe his friends asked (or teased) what's with you and him so he was 'forced' to tell it to them first... alam mo na ibang tao defensive masyado and pa-astig..
    didn't he give signs to you that you should stop? if he didn't then definitely he's the bad one...
    aba music rater ka na din a! keep it up.
    yung tagboard sa left 'nakapatong' sa 'about me' area.... kaya di ako makatag hehe (di ko alam kung sa browser ko lang ba yun o sa encoding na)
    anyway kamusta na? kelan kayo magkakaphone (landline) at ng makabalik ka na sa sibilisasyon?? : )

  3. Carpet... yum. Sexy lesbians are fun to watch. ;p

  4. yup, i misd ya. had a dream na i talked to you. cgro dahil tgal na tyo di nguusap. hop to talk to you soon, kso di nako nkakauwi sa pque. iba na nga pla cel ko. ingat k lgi at God bless

  5. Hiya Nyl! Super cool place! Judging from merely these blog entries, I'd say you're a very good writer!



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