somebody's miracle!

It's coming! I can't wait. Ha ha... I've got her album on repeat. I'm listening to "Everything To Me" stream. The computers in the lab are new. He he... they look cooler now.

Latest find: Aimee Mann! God, I so love her! I first heard of her in the I Am Sam soundtrack. I know, sooooo old but her voice has this weird quality. Plus, she did (in The Forgotten Arm) what I wanted to hear for so long: a story inside an album. Each track reveals the story of John and Caroline (not Kennedy). I think John's a boxer. Ít's so cool. She sounds kinda like Liz Phair except she doesn't falter voice-wise.

Evil confession: I downloaded my copy long before I knew she was so cool. I just remembered her name from the song they used for the I Am Sam trailers. Now that I know she's really cool, I want to get the real deal. I saw one in Tower. Saving up. He he...

I can't wait for the new Liz Phair disc. It's coming out in October (10/4/2005 to be exact). I wonder when they'll release it here. Her website just teched-down but you can listen to the first single there for free. Click on the header in this post to go there. It kinda sounds like a Sheryl Crow b-side. Speaking of, I hear her new album is going to be supahcool!

I once wrote a post where all the discs I wrote there, I finally got within a few months. Ahem... here's my new list! Hehehe..

I want the semi-new Alanis disc which I have on bootleg anyway. I want Jason Mraz (which I also have on bootleg) if only for the typo on Track 5 (Mr. CurioUsity). I want the new Liz Phair disc, the new Sheryl Crow disc, the stripped version of Gavin's Chariot, and ugh... can't decide. I'm starting to sound like a selfish kid.

The new Crow disc looks promising. I'm just worried because of two reasons. First, the albums after an artist releases a greatest hits compilation are almost always sucky. Plus, she might pull a Bennifer and have an album all about her fast boytoy and when they break up, it'll be too depressing to listen to. Not that I was depressed when Bennifer broke up. uh oh.. i said too much. :D

The new keyboard is kinda weird. Sometimes, the letters appear in a different way like the french c instead of the real one or putting umlauts where they aren't required. Grrr...

We still don't have a landline. It's insane, I know. Anyways, my whole internet life is hanging by a thread. I've even neglected my ads in Pusit. *sigh* Thanks to everyone who greeted me on my birthday. Thanks for everyone who still go here even if I haven't bloghopped in eons. THANKS! :D

PS: here's hoping I can bloghop when we finally get a line. Grrr...

Nigga Shoutouts. Haha... No, I'm not black! Hope I didn't offend anyone! :(
Kuya Monts! are you really a frequent visitor? hehehe :D just kidding... I hope you leave a tag when you go. :D
Mike: I missed your blog too! I'll be leaving comments when I find the time! :D
Mines, Rongie, Doc, Chris, Evi, and everyone who sent me messages in Friendster and left comments here, thank you so much for making my birthday nicer! :D I wasn't that sad anyway. I was just quoting a Mraz song. Sorry if I didn't say it then. :D