fiona is free!!!

hahaha i'm soooo happy! there is hope for the rest of us!!! hahahahahaha :D

they're releasing it. i think they added a couple of tracks. i'm pretty sure they won't release it in its leaked internet format. finally, i won't have to deal with compressed versions of not about love. i so love this album! i can't believe it's actually happening!!!

did the online petition do much? i swear, i'm totally shitting my pants right now. go to freefiona by clicking the link back there to read all about it. i guess the bootleg hitting the new york times shores got sony's attention. we fiona fans are a force to be reckoned with!

this is not about love! because i am not in love! rawr! check out the video on Launch! (yahoo!)

there have been a lot of hoopla over at the forums page at about why the album was shelved, the 'conspiracies'(?) 'behind its disappearance, and why fiona is mum about it. it's all very intersting in a stalkerly kind of way. :D

now that i'm reading about it in billboard, i realized that things aren't what they seemed. sony isn't evil. they didn't freeze extraordinary machine. in truth and in fairness, fiona just needed the time to make it better and improve the tracks that she wasn't happy with apparently.

maybe this is all just an elaborate marketing hype. sony and fiona aren't saying a word.

i'm still ecstatic. i scored the highest in three prelims. must not forget to thank the Almighty! he he... :D

I''m so happy. I feel like i'm on ecstasy. hey, i saw a green pack of cigarettes in the mall that caught my eye. the brand? ecstasy? typical scenario:

buyer: Miss, may Ecstasy ba kayo? (do you have Ecstasy) {cigarettes, not drugs [for slow people]}
lady: ADIK! lumayas ka! (drug addict! GO AWAY!!!)

Oh well, all in a day's work. :D


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