untitled (ugh how 'simple plan' of me)

Subtitled: The local pirates have finally gotten a clue.

I <3 piracy! i do. i know it's sick and so passe in a Jessica Zafra kinda way to admit it but what can I say? I love my bootlegs.

This week is 'take a chance' week. I bought a DVD without researching the title first, something that I haven't done on a realtively anonymous movie. my efforts were repaid in threefold, though. I bought 'The Dangerous Lives Of Altar Boys'. my friend joel thought it was a dirty movie. hahaha, it's kinda sick and evil but the ending's really nice and we can all relate to the feeling of wanting to be dangerous as though it makes you above everyone else. what made me want this movie initially was the roster of stars. i said in a previous post that jodi foster has redeemed herself via a very long engagement. she plays the quasi-evil nun in this movie. jena malone who was in stepmom and in one of my favorite movies, life as a house, was also there playing the un-virginal love interest. kieran culkin of michael jackson and igby goes down fame plays the best friend. *sigh* what happened to the culkins? the lead was played by emile hirsch. this is the second movie of his that i saw after the cult favorite 'girl next door'

the movie in itself was a bit too racy, considering the characters were supposed to be 14, i think. but considering how promiscuous some americans can be (seen 'thirteen'?), i guess it's okay. guess i shouldn't have watched it with my mom in the room. dont watch this movie if you've got the parental units in the room or have a very catholic person (like a grandma or a nun) in there with you. trust me, this is good advice.

the story was nice, although a bit too pubescent for me. it feels like a geek's revenge or something. i shouldn't have said that. i think i heard somewhere that the guy who wrote it was dead. surfing around, i confirmed what i just said:

Foster Says She Refused To Alter Altar Boys Title (19 June 2002 Studio Briefing)
Jodie Foster, who produced the indie film The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys (and briefly appears in it), has acknowledged that the timing of the release is unfortunate. Nevertheless, she told the Philadelphia Daily News Tuesday that she decided against changing the film's title in the wake of the recent allegations of widespread pedophilia among Catholic priests. "The book...was a cult classic," Foster told the newspaper. "The writer died very shortly after writing it. In homage and respect for him, we would never consider changing the name." The film received a very limited release last Friday and will be rolling out in additional cities next weekend.

go jodi! i didn't know she produced it, too!

by the way, i hate cougars now. watch the movie and you'll see why.

my musical taste has changed a bit, too. i still like slow, mind-numbing music but i can honestly say i'm evolving. wow, i'm a raichu now! haha, kidding. this is what i've got so far.

this really surprised me. i wasn't supposed to buy it. i thought joel was and then he said we should split it. i knew that the foos pulled a nelly and one of the discs was acoustic and the other was rock. i figured, i should get the acoustic disc and joel should get the rock one since it suited our tastes more. i ended up buying both and he bought the semi-new stereophonics and said i could rip it. he also got rooster and the semi-new oasis. i also had to rip myself off the darkness cd in order to save me some face. touching youuuuuuuuuuuu!

anyways, the first cd has the rock tracks and i'm not too much of a fan. i listened to it in passing, skipping most of the tracks. by the time i got to disc two, i was so glad to return to my usual sound. many people hate the foos now, especially this particular record but i happen to like them still. the short lyric on my header is from 'walking after you', also by them. this song is sexy in a stripped down, bare kinda way. it makes me see how competent the foo fighters are, although they've upset the stomachs of some of their old hardcore fans.

cameron from myspace introduced me to the yeah yeah yeahs last year. i downloaded 'rich' and found it a bit too rich for my taste. it wasn't until alst week that i was surfing through celebrity playlists via iTunes that i heard 'maps' and saw that it was a nice song. very very thoughtful. i was kinda shocked that the pirates had it since unlike what cameron said, they never really caught on in local shores. the last track and hidden track is very nice. kinda epitomized the weather and what i was feeling this afternoon while walking home. i listened to it on a loop for about a solid half hour which is rare for someone like me who skips tracks as easy as i change my mind. and lemme tell you, that happens a lot.

i dunno. maybe i'm getting a little too old for phantom planet. when i was a bit younger (like last year, kidding), lonely day was one of my favorite songs. the new record isn't like 'the guest' (where lonely day appeared). although i havent heard the guest in full, i heard enough from a friend's copy to want to buy one myself. this record, i'm not sure if it's older or newer seems too generic for my taste. i need an artist who will stand out, not blend in.

i'm looking for a way to get the nice yeah yeah yeahs track on my blog. maybe if i'm not too lazy, i can enconde it in the lowest bitrate and upload it on a fast server so y'all can listen to what i'm blabbing about.

i hope i haven't offended the buyers of original cds. in fairness, i'm looking forward to buying an original copy of the foo fighers' 'in your honor'. that's how i am most of the time. if the artist appeals to me, i get it and i stay loyal. just ask the corrs! :D no, you can't but i just wanted to say it.

school started yesterday, yeah, it sucked. *sigh* i'm thinking if i should return to the college paper. everyone there says they need me. but i'm not sure if i'm willing to give it my 110% again and stay anonymous at the same time. it's not my choice that people didn't know it was me who made the stupid magazine. it's just that that idiotic eic who likes the attention so much wanted to hog all the limelight. grrrness... anyways, the meeting's on monday so nothing's formal or final until then.

have a great week y'all!


  1. Foo Fighters!!! Hihihi! Thought you weren't into rock. Can't wait to rip it. Hehehe! And that Altar Boys movie still creeps me out. Hahahaha! I was so positive that it's another one of those art film thingies.

  2. hahaha... like i said, i like the stripped down acoustic disc more.

    sure thing. the discs u wanted are in my bag now! :D

  3. the foo fighters and phantom planet rock.

    damn i wish i had a dvd player. i miss out on all the good, and not-so-good, and interesting movies. i think i'll probably like altar boys. well, i'll like any movie actually. hehe.


  4. where u from ba? i know a lot of cheap dvd players under 2,000! hehehe, it's pretty easy na to get them these days if u know where to look. :D

    i love movies, too! :D i like any movie that makes me think and there arent a lot naman that doesnt diba? hehehe

    ps yes, the foo fighters and phantom planet rock! the yeah yeah yeahs arent so bad either! :D

  5. oh my gawd! meron kang yeah yeah yeahs. I so love them even though they are so overrated. hehe.

    di ko pa napanood ang altar boys pero parang American Slendor ung cover. i thought it was Mcaulay not kieran who is BFFs with Micheal Freakson? Igby is one of my fave movies. have you seen emile's the mudge boy? ganda nun.

    since nagbago na taste mo check mo ang Jet, white stripes at The Hives. hehe. favorites ko kc un. la lng.

    rock on!!

  6. Altar Boys is one of the best teen movies that i have seen. Though watched it years ago, it's atill worth watching now. same as you did, i also bought my quiapo without knowing a single thing about the movie, and heck, my 60 bucks is worth it.neways, where do you buy your stuffs in quiapo???

  7. @mike, yeah, they so are but i love them anyway. especially the song that i unsuccessfully set as my blog's bground.

    the movie's nice. you should see it. if ur in manila again, i can even lend u mine. hahaha. i heard macaulay (spel?) is in prison for marijuana. igby is so kick-ass. i <3 the culkins! (minus michael jackson!)

    i liked 'are u gonna be my girl'. hahaha :D i'll check them out.

    @chris, altar boys is nice nga. i got mine for P35 lang because i think it's old. gawd, i've been everywhere in quiapo. i think that's why i lost my phone. hahaha! the sidestreet near jollibee has some quality discs for 3/P100 but u have to look for the DTS or MCD mark on the spine to ensure the nice quality. :D hail me, piracy expert!

  8. ei, di alam kung panu pumunta ng quiapo. san b yun? mahal ba pag mag taxi? ehe. pwd b mrt papunta dun? ;)

  9. @mike, it's fairly easy but expensive if u take a cab. it's best to find a friend who actually knows his way around since that's how most of us got there anyway. hey, arent u from LB? that's pretty far from quiapo!


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