Friday, June 24, 2005

tide you over

pepsi has renewd my contract! haha don't be afraid to ask for more!
Who's a hog? I AM! today, i managed to pack a gazillion pounds. the culprit: three of four ridiculously delicious go nuts fab four donuts. i'm glad they pried the fourth one away from my hands or else i'll never be thin again. NEVER!

okay, here's i am about to break the silence yet again. not with wind, of course. i've been real busy making a new template. I've been getting so sick of my template that no amount of new javascripts i learned to install can make it better. like i said, I've got a new one in the works and hopefully, y'all will like it. it's predominantly black, in contrast with my bright and sunny current template. i've been photoshopping like crazy all day trying to make my most original (and second) template yet. here's a little taste of what's to come. you can also find this in my friendster profile (yes, i still use friendster and no, i dont think it's cliche.) this comes in the center of my main picture. i've got a whole new and totally different sidebar! :D

why do people hate friendster? i mean i know it's slow and stuff but i think people who ask users to boycott friendster and jump to myspace are kinda cuckoo. i worked really hard to get that little amount of friends i have and i won't start all over again. plus, people who say it's out of style are the same people who only joined because once upon a time it was. joining a website because people say it's in style is kinda whack, don't you think. uh oh. i hope people don't get mad at me. im just speaking my mind! :D

i sound like an idiot. must be becuase i havent blogged in days!

my folks are watching the machinist. i bought my copy yesterday. not sure if it's any good. i only bought it because all the reviews of batman returns mention it somehow. i watched a couple scenes whenever my mom would gasp in horror and it seems kinda creepy. suspense thriller plus christian bale beyond anorexic.

i don't think i'll post a review of batman returns until i can watch the machinist. i think i'll have better judgement on christian if i've seen his previous work. preliminary judgements are optimistic, of course although i still think katie holmes could use a bra.

i didn't know you could upload pictures straight via blogger. all the while, i was still uploading it via geocities. it's just a bitch to upload here though. i think i got to upload that picture after three tries. hope they can improve it somehow. it's very convenient like this. :D the coding seems more complex though. they used style attributes and stuff. you can even assign one of those hover tooltips. haha :D amazing!

things i have to do:
  • watch the machinist
  • write a proper review for the machinist and batman
  • watch my superman dvd
  • return my stupid nicole kidman (birth) dvd
  • do a ton of homework. notice the hieararchy (spel?)
  • finish encoding my record collection so that i can update my pusit ad
  • update my pusit ad for cds
  • sleep
that's it. that's everything. hopefully, i can make more sense of this in the morning. hey, is it obvious i'm just starting to learn HTML? those unordered lists are so much fun.

you know whats hard about always being happy (on the outside at least)? when you're actually sad, no one helps you. yesterday, i was feeling kind of sad. i had this really weird dream. it wasn't a nightmare or anything. in fact it was one of the best dreams i've ever had. i felt so safe and secure as this faceless and genderless person let me lean on (it). (it) kept assuring me, saying things like 'you may think no one understands you but i embrace your complexities and i make them my own'. i felt so safe in (its) arms. when it was time for (it) to go, i didn't even know (its) name. story of my life. one-sided love. when i was younger it was always about me.

creepy thing was in the morning, i realized who the person was. we weren't even that close. we just spoke a couple of times. i told my friend about it but she didn't even comment. i guess that's the problem with us happy guys. when we aren't, no one's there to cheer us up.

how do you face a person you've loved in a dream? how do you talk to that person after you've shared so much in your subconscious. i hope i can come up with the answers as soon as possible. classes resume on monday.

i've got a test on monday and hopefully i'll ace it and become editor in chief. i know it may seem like a long shot. people have been doubting my loyalty to the organization. even now, i'm still unsure if i'm no return to ej. my previous posts remind me of what a crazy life i led with ej in the past. it won't be the same without debbie (see links). :( *sigh*


  1. Good luck Pnf! You can make it.

  2. thanks evi! i'm sorry i haven't linked you but don't worry, i'm linking you right now! :D