prettiest garbage

i finally saw the video for Sex Is Not The Enemy which was supposed to be in the enhanced portion (or is it Why Do You Love Me?) of Garbage's latest CD, Bleed Like Me. It seemed to be running on a low budget. Mostly Shirley Manson just playing around. I was running on a low budget, too so I just bought the bootleg. *sigh*

Anyways, I was checking out the official Garbage website so that I could watch SINTE nga but I was so surprised to see that my favorite (and title) track, Bleed Like Me had a video na pala. It's so cool. A bit on the cheesy side at times (sullen crazy people) but very reminiscent of Girl, Interrupted (my fave movie.)

I especially love that scene (look above!) in Bleed Like Me where she's on her bed and her red hair flows eerily like blood. Sorta, nay really creepy but nice anyway. I swear, Shirley Manson can get away with anything.

you should see my scaaaaaaaaaars!

postscript (edit): look alive! it's here. be afraid. be very, very afraid. chris from sophomoronic says the first single is okay but anything with that redhead is garbage to me. (no reference to shirley manson whatsoever) :D


  1. most of garbage videos are a little freaky and quite unusual compare to other rock bands videos, that created them a distinct image.. btw thanks for having me in ur list. i did the same as well.. keep posting dude!!!

  2. yeah. don't u just love the video for androgyny?

    my list is always welcome to nice people! :D

  3. i didnt know that vilma used to be the kampanerang kuba! haha.. wat school do u go to? that u need to cut ur hair off!! catholic school?
    oh i havent see androgyny video yet, hang on let me check that out!

  4. hahaha, i think she is. i remember hearing anne curtis say how vilma gave her advice on the role.

    i go to ust. some colleges dont have haircut restrictions. unfortunately, mine does. grrr...

    got ym? u can IM me anytime. my page says im offline but i'm usually just there. grrr. be waiting for you. :D

  5. yeah medyo mahirap hanapin ung selection of foreign movies, and it actually cost a lot just buying the DVD itself, thats why i'm just renting it.. hehe.. but anyway maybe meron din dyan for sure!

    Anne curtis will going to suffer back problems eventually, its not that easy bending most of the times.. oh well she paid a lot naman so its worth it..

    hang on, ill try to add u in my ym as well ..

  6. hahaha, she can't act for shite but never mind that. she pulls off the pretty part flawlessly.

    the local pirates have foreign films too but i doubt if they have canadian movies. there's mexican, chinese, and the occasional korean flick. :D


  7. oh well, i'm not a fan of John Stevens, but his first single is forgivable as compared to what he has done in Idols.

    Garbage, hmmm, i was a fan of them during the time of 'i think i'm paranoid' and 'push it', i think i even had an original cd of them. i don't know what had happened to them until now.

    you go to USTe, damn, my friend was suspended for two days there just because of his hair. Used to be there almost every day.

  8. @chris, yeah, those priests really like their short hair. grrrness.

    my family is a garbage fan. i'm more of a no doubt fan. haha but when beautiful garbage came out, i really liked them. but the thing is, people call that album a sell-out. hahaha anyways, peace! :D

  9. i so love garbage. i bought the cd and it was not enhanced. i didn't know they had an enhanced one prolly just the US version. But the Phil. one had only the tracks.

    I don't buy bootlegs anymore dude. Let's help fight piracy. I mean if u like the band u don't want them to stop right? So lets help them. ;) besides it's not cool.

    keep rocking!

    did u know that shirley has body dysmorphia? she's really depressed about the way she looks. she thinks she's real ugly. Oh well, we have the same prob though. hehe.

  10. @mike, i guess we'll have to agree to disagree regarding piracy. i dunno. it's kind of a shaky ground for me. i but the cd if i can and if i think the artist deserves it. not that garbage isn't very very good, it's just not enough to make me rush out to the record bar. but i do own original cds (gasp!) hahaha, quite a lot, actually.

    body dysmorphia? hmmm... i hate my body, too. do i qualify? :D

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