Saturday, June 4, 2005

mraz has failed us

he's pulled a.. well... i'm not sure who's done this before. he's not crazy like mariah or anything. oh well, mayer wouldn't do this.

i still like his music and i wouldn't let something as trivial as jason mraz stripped naked with a guitar (a clue on the picture) get in my way of getting kickass music.

postpublish addition: maverick records of madonna fame is releasing two new records that you might find interesting. jagged little pill is going to be rereleased in an acoustic form in a few days. john stevens of ai3 fame is releasing red, his first studio album this month. a sarcastic yipee for that one.


  1. ur a christian?..really?.. i was so overwhelmed up0n knowing that..

    im a born again christian.. let u in a secret i'm a past0rs daughter..hehe! its not a secret naman some pe0ple really just freak out when i tel dem dat..

    and about my bro, i'm really not dat hard on him actually..i'm really just not sure with the gurl..

    and took u 3 years? thats a pretty long time huh! =)

  2. im from the fundamental baptist den0.. pentic0stal?..
    im not familiar kc..

  3. Hey Nyl. Rico here. Napadaan lang kasi pinost mo yung link mo. Of course I remember you. SY '02-'03's Tanglaw Literary editor. Heh. Not *yet* in UP - one more year to go and I'm in college. (I just like to stay there for no reason, and I guess it's prettier if the grasses were green) ikaw din, blog on!


  4. By the way, I LOVE your layout. It's real' splendid.

  5. omg i just saw jason mraz's pic. i like his songs pa naman! :) haha!

    bloghoppin :)

  6. ***
    michi said...
    omg i just saw jason mraz's pic. i like his songs pa naman! :) haha!

    yeah, OMG... but anywas, i still love his music and what if he posted naked, his willy wasn't shown. lol

    o/t: you're layout seems find, don't think you need a change but its your blog anyways. ;)

  7. hahaha thanks chris. i take that as a compliment.

    yeah, like i said, i won't let that get in the way. he kicks serious ass. have you heard wordplay? super cool. can't wait for his new album! :D

  8. "wonder if the circumstances will allow that the bloggers would meet. nothing cheesy like an EB. hahaha :D something bloggerly and stylish"

    ----i agree with you, and i think
    although live jourNals are an interesting way to meet pe0ple, keep track of friends, life and times.
    der are still d old- fashioned manner of living dat dos not at all require the help of a computer..

    computer screens are really begiNNing to replace s0uLs..hehe..

  9. yeah, instead of conversations, we have haloscan (or comments if you're a blogger loyalist). instead of confiding in friends, we blog instead. hahaha, not that i mind. at least the computers never have mood swings. :D