Saturday, June 25, 2005

moving in and out


Nope, this is not a love post. I told Tara I wouldn't do that anymore! Read on...

Moving in and out of houses has always been a difficult process for me. I was living in the same house for sixteen years before the modern laws of commerce dictated we move elsewhere. Three years ago, we moved into this smaller house. The floorboards creak when we move around. There are rats, mites and other unspeakable horrors lurking in the darkness. Despite all this, I believe I am content.

The process for me may seem more intense than others. We fall in and out of love and go through such a complex process. Just like in moving out of a house. I start to feel pity for the walls that have sheltered me for years. I start to reminisce those times I spent when the house seemed to be the only place I felt safe. Then I start to feel anger or even hatred. This house has hindered me from doing so many things in the past. You start to notice all the flaws in the house, every crack, every hole, every time you felt scared. The last stage is pity. You will be empty after I am gone.

It doesn’t matter how many more people live here. This house will have always been our house. It’s like an indelible mark we leave, a remnant of our spirits. Upon first glance, we have a good view of who has lived in the house. The kinds of things they leave behind the house are an indicator of the life they led. Our current house, according to our landlord at least, once was home to a famous comedian trio, Tito, Vic, and Joey. The house smells like olden days, probably because it’s been around since the early 1970’s.

Today, I finally realized that our moving to a new place is final. We even have a date set out: July 16, 2005. On that Saturday (that could have been a regular day if only we weren’t moving out) we will finally leave this house that has housed us for close to three years. We will move to a house that’s closer to everything, a walk a couple of minutes from Robinson’s Pioneer. Everything’s perfect at this point. All our demands were met. The money is provided for. But something in our new house makes me feel uneasy.

It’s not that it’s so much closer to 2105. It’s not that it’s so much closer to my Achi’s place. In fact, that’s even a plus for me. It’s the house itself that kinda creeped me out. Emblazoned on the wall are four words that gave me the creeps: “You Never Deserved ME!!!”. I don’t know who wrote it. I don’t know what kind of heartache she was left in. I don’t even know if she leapt to her death. 29 floors above the ground is no laughing matter. Come to think of it, I doubt that would’ve happened since we didn’t really hear anything about it in the news. An old-new house has its stories and as a writer, it’s fun to imagine what kind of people lived there. I saw a pet cage, an old refrigerator, a pirated copy of Mr. And Mrs. Smith, among other things.

The broker said it once was owned by Johnny Litton. I don’t know who he is but my father says he was a lewd comedian in the late eighties to early nineties. I asked him if it was “Oh No, It’s Johnny” Johnny and he said “probably”.

Another thing about our new house is, it’s where Nina shot her video for jealous. The pool deck is where she was throwing pictures of her and the guy. Just a little bit of info.

There’s a gym, a pool, bowling, and a tennis court and I’ll probably enroll in the gym. Now that I’ll be farther from the park, I’ll have to find my exercise elsewhere.

I’ll be much closer to Gabe, my new nephew who will be born around the time we move in. My sister will be taking her maternity leave then until September so I’ll be seeing her, too everyday.

I guess it’s all for the better but I can’t help but feel pity for this house. I’m in the last stage, I guess and all I can say is I hope this works out. If it isn’t God’s will then I’m sure something would’ve stopped us by now. Everyone’s just psyched that we’re moving. I should be, too.

Clockwise: Me on the far left, Grayzel, Marianne, and Mikee!Nostalgia moment: I was clearing out my files in this computer in a desperate effort to reclaim processing speed. Look what I found. It’s such a shame things didn’t work out for the four of us. They have their own world now and it saddened me at first that they no longer wanted me to be a part of it but I wish them well and congratulate them for moving on. I’m moving on as well. I guess it’s much better when the L word doesn’t get in the way of my studies. Hover over it to see who’s who. :D

That’s it. Gotta go do homework now. If only I didn’t feel so lazyyyy… *yawn* Maybe I’ll just go see The Machinist.


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  1. I hate moving. Even when I hate a place, I find some little thing later that makes me yearn for it,..."The tub here is too small, I miss the big tub" or "there was more cupboard space before" Your comparison with relationships is bang on! Even when we disliked the person, we look back at some little quality here and there & wonder,...

  2. I hate moving house. It certainly does feel like you are callously leaving a friend behind because you no longer need them. And I agree with you; when you have made a home in a house, it is ALWAYS your house, no matter who lives there after you.

    I wouldn't be looking forward to moving either, but at least this is going to be a new, exciting chapter for you.
    See, thanks to Tragic, I found you, despite you leaving no link on your comment.

  3. @dotty, oh me oh my, i feel like such an idiot. hahaha, i could've sworn i left a url. anyways, i'm glad to be your blogging acquaintance! thanks for the comment! :D

    @tragic, thankfully, the new condo has a smaller but more efficient space. this old house may be big but there's lots of unused space! i just wish we wouldn't have to leave our cats! :(

  4. Poor kitties, kitties are jerks but I'd miss'em SO much! I'd take'em for you if I could, did you find homes for the poor babes?

    Oh,...Not your fault about the html thing in my comments, blog city uses some odd "wiki" now!

    Thank you for your well wishes, it means a lot! :-)

  5. unfortunately no. my sister says our little baby cat (the one on my template) since he's a guy cat, he can probably fend for himself. the mommy cat who has been with us since i was a kid is our top priority and we have to find her a home. it's hard since she's old and probably pregnant. i feel so sad. that's the worst part of moving. i'm gonna miss them so much. i wouldn't have been a cat person if Opal (mommy cat) didn't leave such an impression on me. *sigh and sob*

  6. was Brandon's official site. has it archived.