Thursday, June 16, 2005

jung typology

i took this test called the Jung Typology Test and what the results are very interesting. it said that i was an ESFP or Extroverted(11%) Sensing(12%) Feeling(50%) Percieveing(56%) kind of person. I've got a slightly expressed exrovert, slightly expressed sensing, moderately expressed feeling, and moderately expressed percieving personality. I read more about it here and here. you guys should try this test. it seems dead on so far. basically, i like attention. that's so not fetch. haha :D

you guys should seriously try this out. it's fun. the second result even shows famous people of the same personality type. it's all psychology-backed and stuff. my mom's prof in grad school told her to take it as an assignment. :D

oh if you do take the test, leave a comment here with a link to your second result. the type relationships part will show us what kind of relationship our types have (derr). will you be a pal or an advisor or a grrr... counterpart! :D


  1. tried it..the result..
    my type is..
    Introverted 56
    Sensing 12
    Feeling 50
    Judging 11

    moderately expressed introvert

    slightly expressed sensing personality

    moderately expressed feeling personality

    slightly expressed judging personality

    ..mwah! mwaH! dropped by..

  2. hi steph! glad to see you're back! hope it's for good!

    you forgot to leave the four letter profile part. it's how we can see if our type personalities are friends or enemies or whatever. hahaha wasn't the test fun? :D

  3. yeah the test was fun..
    nwei i miss my online presence too..super busy kc..wah! im s0brang trying to stay sane from all the cha0s around me..
    bye for now switi..
    lots of hugs..