déjà vu-ing

Yesterday, I proved that I do not trust my instincts enough. I know that as a guy, that's pardonable but I just can't help but feel that if only I listened to my inner voice more often, I wouldn't be so annoyed tonight.

Yesterday, I woke up in déjà vu mode. I had been déjà vu-ing all night in my dreams. In the morning, I was getting my clothes to wear and again, that whole scene seemed so familiar. What was weird was I remember last summer, the same scene happened and it totally blew my mind how I can déjà vu about one thing two times. Okay, enough with the déjà vu.

Class ended at 12 yesterday and my iPod bearing friends wanted to add to their inventory. So off we went to bootleg city. We walked around for a solid hour under the hot Manila sun until we finally decided to go home.

At the back of my mind, I wanted to go straight home but I knew I had to finish the layout gig that's spilled over from summer. I needed to finish it if I wanted to get paid. Even though it was so hot and I was dripping with sweat, I decided to be mature and go to the office.

To go to the office which is in Project 7, I would have to take a Project 6 FX and walk about half a mile to the office. Whereas if I were to go home, I could take the SM Fairview FX and a trike will take care of the rest. Normally, the streets are abound with Project 6 cars while the SM Fairview cars are usually scarce. But that time, it was the other way around. Under the hot sun, fifteen minutes can seem like an hour. I watched as endless SM Fairview FXs drove by, each one cooler than the last. In my heart of hearts, I felt mom had left the laptop and that I should just go home but I was thinking it might be just me in lazy lima been mode.

Voila, when I go there, a note was waiting for me. She did leave the laptop. Grrr...

I also bought some blank CDs for clearing my hard drive of the millions of MP3s that had accumulated. I found a place that sold them for P7 each but the one beside it was selling it for P5. Money at that point was as scarce as the Project 6 cars and I wanted to save that extra money. What's annoying is none of the 10 CDs I bought worked. Whoa, that's like P50 down the drain. I could've eaten na with that much money.

Anyways, here's the cheery side of this post: In continuance with my 'take a chance' week, I bought a couple more discs. Now I may seem addicted to bootleg city but really, this week was a rare time (I actually went there four times).

First stop was audio CD land. I bought a bossa nova sampler after Achi's Next Stop Wonderland totally stole my heart away. I listened to it last night and it was so relazing.

Next was the new Better Than Ezra CD, Before The Robots. I have heard of the group before but I didn't know a single song they penned. I was listening to the radio about last week and I heard American Dream and it totally blew me away. It was so much fun. When I heard the title, I figured it was a back to basics kinda record, retrospective of the time when Coldplay used less synthesizers and basically the whole rock scene was stripped of technological advances. Ah, the good old days.

The song American Dream is only one of the many songs that are brilliant on the CD but alas, the premise that had built up in my mind wasn't true. There was this one song called Juicy that was so full of robotics that it could pass as a Darkness or Chris Kirkpatrick b-side. You get my point. His voice is not that great but some of the songs are pretty nice. The rest are just okay. His voice kinda gets irritating after a while like Five For Fighting's John Ondrasik. I was thinking if I should've bought their Greatest Hits na rin so that it would be like a crash course but after a while, the band got old in my ears and I'm glad I didn't.

I got this CD that they were playing when we got there. It was a sampler called Mainstream Vol. 4 and it wasn't bad at all. It was the first time I heard Tyler Hilton's voice. I knew who he was from surfing around but I didn't know he had a nice voice. The whole CD is so mainstream and hyped and typical but it's still to listen to in passing. Kinda feels like a teen Hollywood soundtrack. The first song I heard was a remake of the eighties (?) hit, Listen To Your Heart. It was a very stripped performance, the female vocals (someone named DHT) just backed by a solo piano. Kinda like DJ Sammy's Heaven which I kinda liked before the j-logs devoured it. Other songs in the CD that were nice were Saving Jane's Girl Next Door, Hope Partlow's Who We Are (sounds so much like Ashlee Simpson), and like I said, Tyler Hilton's How Love Should Be. I also got a good listen to Fall Out Boy's Sugar We're Going Down. Martin said their the next big thing and that I should watch out for them but after the Yeah Yeah Yeahs didn't really make it big, I stopped listening to my friends in the States for musical advice. Anyways, the YYYs still rock whether or not my friends think so.

I also got this sweet deal on all four of the Superman movies all crammed into one DVD for only P35. the quality's definitely superb but the subs are embeded and won't go away. Anyways, tried to watch the first one kanina but I fell asleep. Old movies are paced so slowly. I guess i'll just have to wait for the new one next year! I can hardly wait! :D

Anyways, I'm so tired. I've got a good idea what the new template's gonna look like. I'm gonna try to make it more minimalistic and plain (redundant?) so that it won't look so cluttered.

PS: How'd you like my new linkies? I'm sorry it doesn't have descriptions anymore. :( There was this script that had a variable text at the bottom and you could assign descriptions to each link at the pulldown menu but it wouldn't work on my blog. Maybe it only works in pure HTML pages. Oh well, *sigh*.


  1. bilib talga ako sa bootleg devotion mo.

    yeah, I study in uplb but i'm really from south cotabato. yup. in friggin' mindanao. hehe

    anyway, better than ezra's one of my fave band. yeah, i watched next stop wonderland on video and i adored it. the music was superb.

  2. "bilib talga ako sa bootleg devotion mo."

    hehehe... never underestimate a man with a budget! parang ung slogan ng market! market!: the fun is in the finds! hehehe :D

  3. switi, im not inlhuv..i dont think p0sting cheesy stuff is tantamount to being in lhuv..to me atlest.. wahehe!
    take care..

  4. sorry, it was an honest mistake. hahaha, whether or not you are, im happy for you! :D

    hope u update soon!

  5. wow... nice stuff... okay, as soon as i'm not as busy i'll take the time to completely read it so i could come up with better things to say than nice waheheh....

    but judging from looks alone (something i rarely do... hegege)
    ur good at what you do...

    and oh, i replied to ur msgs on my bloggie wahehe

  6. oyst nyl, mapapanood ko ang better than ezra on july 4th dito sa vegas. 14 bands playing para sa freedom concert at sila ay isa sa mga banda. i will send you the photos next month.

  7. @eiddler, thanks, i think. not sure if that's what i should say.

    @abe, talaga? wow! hehehe cge ba! :D

  8. okay, now i got the chance to fully read it... hehe...

    it's weird and freaky how almost exactly alike we are, but i guess i'm worse, u don't trust ur insticts, and i'm simply indecisive....

    how do you get these pirates to lower down their prices for you?

    btw, the webpage was designed by my ex... the idea came from both of us but yours truly wasn't (and still isn't) capable of using html and all these codes so i left it to my ex to do all of that part....

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