breaking the silence

okay, i half didn't want to do this but the reason why i haven't been blogging as usual is in this post. be afraid, be very afraid.

you know how blogging is a healthy way of unloading whatever's in your brain. it's like a best friend without having to deal with her mood swings. you can't fall in love with your blog (but you can be in love with a template, trust me i know!) and you can always tell it anything without having to worry if it'll call you in the morning. trust that it won't (and can't)

so i couldn't really unload my brain because my brain's been filled with such hoo-ha these past few days. i've been bloghopping to see what others are talking about and they aren't talking about what i'm about to say. *sigh* here goes my rep.

i'm so masa right now. i can't believe it. i'm officially a pop culture junkie. i consume anything marketing will wave in front of me. heck, i adore survivor even though everyone says it's scripted. i watched b-movies like can this be love just so i could see the stupid hero-sandara love team. stop beating around the bush, nyl and just get on with it.

okay, there goes my rep. ah, the haters can go fug themselves. this is such a likeable show. i mean, the directors of ikaw ang lahat sa akin have totally reinvented john lloyd cruz. from this average fat leading man, he's now officially the philippine's answer to robert downey jr. and that wasn't easy to say since i love robert downey, drug past and all.

the treatment is so not pinoy. it's like a cross between a chinovela and a koreanovela. the musical scoring is the same song in different tempos. slow when the scene is sad and upbeat when john lloyd's monkeying around. bea alonzo does a stunning rendition of sadako although i doubt if that was the look they were hoping to achieve.

here's what the official site (all pictures from same site) had to say: ( i cut out the first paragraph in this gyst since i didn't believe it to be true. refer to previous paragraph.)

Directed by Eric Reyes (Sana’y Wala Nang Wakas) and Jerome Pobocan (Hiram), and costarring acclaimed actors Hilda Koronel, Tirso Cruz III, Jaclyn Jose, Noni Buencamino, and Carmi Martin, with Kathleen Hermosa, Vanna Garcia, Marla Boyd and Glaiza de Castro, Ikaw Ang Lahat Sa Akin centers on the story of three young women whose journeys intersect in the most unexpected of ways.

Nea Cruz Fontanilla (Claudine Barretto) and Jasmin Cruz Fontanilla (Bea Alonzo) are sisters, although they haven’t seen each other since Nea was five – when Nea’s father Larry (Noni Buencamino) abandoned her and her mother Elena (Jacklyn Jose) to live with the rich Yolanda (Carmi Martin).

Years after their traumatic separation, it’s only a matter of time before Nea and Jasmin’s paths cross again. Raised in above-average circumstances by Larry and Yolanda along with her stepsister Hazel (Shaina Magdayao), Jasmin is the resident strange, shy girl in school – the target of the pranks of Oliver Ynares (John Lloyd Cruz), the mischievous younger son of the prominent Ynares clan.

An “old money” family, Ynares patriarch Roden (Tirso Cruz III) and matriarch Susana (Hilda Koronel) have given up on the unruly Oliver, they do have their hopes set on the bright, intelligent Ivan (Diether Ocampo) to fulfill their dreams of having a politician in the family. But unknown to Ivan's family - and his beautiful, rich, and devoted girlfriend Karri Medrano (Angelika dela Cruz) - Ivan has a dark secret that he kept hidden from those he loves, but now threatens to destroy the life he has carefully built.

But while Jasmin and Oliver’s imperfect lives are about to take an interesting turn, an unexpected change will come from Nea, who is now dead-set on destroying the life of her estranged father, Larry. But what brought about this change in Nea? And how will it affect the Ynares family?
the idea is so unoriginal but like the idiot's guide to creative writing said, make a fresh new spin not a stale rehash. this show delivers that and more. plus, anything with screen goddess jacklyn jose is amazing. it's also really refreshing to see angelika dela cruz working again after moving to abs-cbn and pulling a crash and burn. her role as a major sosyalera is so convincing, it's almost unthinkable how she almost always played the cinderella maid in gma 7. my advice is to keep her in these small roles and to keep diether ocampo's mouth shut. i swear, this boy is the only annoying thing in this show. he's got the pronounciation of a fish vendor to think that job used to belong to a different 'hunk'. eww. can't believe i know of the hunks. *sigh* who doesn't?

my second addiction is tada: kompanerang kuba. i swear, it beat's darna's unexercised pot belly anytime! this show started last night and at first, i didn't think it would catch on since it seemed so average and was cashing on the fantaserye fad. i watched it last night and it was more fun than a barrel of monkeys! hahaha. seriously. there was singing and dancing and ex-evil nuns. what more could you ask for?!

kampanerang kuba is the unofficial philippine spin on the hunchback of notre dame. they are both horribly disfigured hunchbacks whose primary source of livelihood is ringing the church's bells. KK has more heart. in HOND, the priest torments quasimodo and doesn't let him out of the church because he's ugly. in KK, the three nuns tell her she's so pretty, people might take her. it may be a lie but it's still heart-warming. plus, in KK a magical candle turns her into a beautiful girl with no hunch (physical) what so ever. that's pretty original, i think. :D

so far the show's been nice even though i've only seen one episode. it starts off in the kuba's childhood days so anne curtis hasn't appeared yet. i heard she took tagalog classes to sharpen her skills. i swear, i hope she does a good job in this one. i mean, her track record hasn't exactly been peachy until now and i'd hate for her to ruin such a show.

did i mention the prostehtics are horrible. think cakey foundation times 10 and you've got a ballpark estimation of what her face looks like. but like i said, singing and dancing and ex-evil nuns! doesn't that spell FUN FUN FUN?! hahaha :D plus, with evil demons that make your kids fugly, you can't go wrong!

it seems to me that abs-cbn has been cashing in on their tried and tested formulas. they even enlisted the help of the music dude from unitel to write the songs. anyways, in kampanerang kuba, eula valdez and jean garcia of pangako sayo fame is reunited, this time as sisters. there's an evil dad played by that fabregas dude, jaime and an unwanted pregnancy. tons of family secrets are spilled, worthy of tabloid coverage. jean is the victim this time while eula plays the richer girl. they may be sisters but jean ran away with a poor farmer (pinoy indie film hero yul servo) and had his kid. blah blah. i'm not giving justice to the story. so much has happened and to think it's only got one episode under its wing.

the synopsis is in tagalog so i won't paste it here. i know a handful of people who wouldn't understand it anyway so here's a link instead.

anyways, that's all i wanted to say. excuse me while i wash my hands of the shame. THE SHAME! AAAAAAAAH! i'm so masa now. next thing you know, i'll be campaigning against the government.

there isn't much to go on about this since like i've repeated, there has only been one episode. there's plenty more to be expected and plenty more to blog about. hahaha :D trust that this isn't the last you've heard of my primetime addictions!


  1. Strangely enough, I also found KK very amusing. Nakakatuwa siya. Lalo na sina Eugene Domingo (the nuns). I actually found myself teary-eyed at the cliffhanger scene last night. Ang babaw. Shet. But then again, JOLOGS nga ako, diba? :)

  2. "excuse me while i wash my hands of the shame. THE SHAME! AAAAAAAA!

    laughed so hard when i read this! haha! ur funny!

    inevitable at that na some pe0ple really find it oh so baduy/c0rny watching filipin0 made telenovelas..hayhay..hehe! so it is really something that ur actually talking about it..and liking it for that matter..

    nwei i honestly love "kk"&"ikawangLahatSaakin" for some reas0ns..hehe! i love both bea&j0hn's character they are ad0rable..and their theme s0ng..gawd i love it...bear with my cheesy crap..=)hehe!

    i agree, it is really a likeable show..

  3. @tara(skye) the cliffhanger was so cool but they edited it to look like eula was looking at kk but actually, she was looking at the nun pala. lalang. :D i was teary eyed this episode. haha can't believe i'm owning up to that.

    @steph what cheesy crap? hahaha not when i just dished out my latest secret! hahaha :D how can u hate such a show. tonight's episode was so amazing. i officially resign from my carmi martin fan's club membership! hahaha joke!

  4. kampanerang kuba? thats a remake right? it sounds like it had been for ages.. whooaa anne curtis looks really freaky in that pic,, hehe.. interesting post! keep it up!

  5. cheesy crap? i tot i was cheesy..haha!

    too bad dk0 nakita epis0de ng kk & IALS lastnyt..ngblackout b nmn d2..argh! ure a former carmi martin fanatic?..interesting..hehe!

  6. @fran, yeah it is. hahaha actually, what's interesting (at least to me) is that both darna and kampanerang kuba (rival networks) are remakes of vilma movies. :D coolness

    @steph, hahaha i liked her kasi she was like the filipina demi moore. so old but still so hot! hehehe, anyways, where u from ba? didn't have electricity probs in my place. :D

  7. lol.. i dunno but i really love all your posts here. nakakatuwa kasi. and i can relate to everything.. from the ka-jologsan of the soap operas (haha! i watch 'em too!), to AVLE and Miss Tautou! oh i love her since Amelie :). And I'm a BIG fan of Michelle Branch so i was just shocked O.O to see those photos of her. lol. :)

    thanks for your comments in my blog. i really appreciate it. and you were right 'bout that Neruda poem. lol. *huggles* have a nice day! :)

  8. @darl, thanks for that comment. made me smile. i was up all night wondering if my responses to your posts were too assuming and ended up making me look like an arrogant pompous (spel?) fart. :D

    wanna exchange links? just say the word and it shall be! :D

    my grammar is crazy today! grrr

  9. haha. this is a fun post ;) I dont really watch those. so unfilipino of me! but i think i watched "sana'y" once and i thought john loyd was horrid! I dunno about the robert downey thingy comparison. but i'll be watching the new claudine movie though.

    keep rockin!

  10. @mike, that's perfectly fine since watching local shows is kinda the new unfilipino thing to do. weird how we prefer foreign shows. hahaha, not that i mind. if i had a choice, id watch queer eye (guy not girl) any day over said filipino shows. err...

    hmm... maybe not but i'd flip in between commercials!

  11. im from bic0l pla.. legaspi city..yes..where the the may0n v0lcan0 is..=)

  12. All I can do is read. I can't watch filipino telenovelas because we don't have those here or maybe we do through TFC but I don't have the dish. I'm missing a lot -- this and korean telenovela.

    At least, i'm sort of updated because of your post. ty.

  13. @evi, hahaha you can also read up on the official abs-cbn website! :D


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