double aaaaargh! i wrote this post super kanina pa then i disconnected para di sayang ung net and then i totally forgot i was offline and clicked publish. grrr... my whole post down the drain.

watch while i try to reconstruct:

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! this day totally sucks ass. i can't believe i've got classes na tomorrow. grrrr... my day started last night when my dad announced that our bid for this condo won and we're probably moving this july. i figured i've got classes by then and i probably won't get the chance to pack my stuff correctly. i've got a LOT of shit in my room, being the packrat that i am. so today is a desperate effort to get my act up. i even skipped my last day of MP3 downloading, err, work to clean.

i sit on my bed and armed with janet's velvet rope, i make my way to the radio on my gray desk. i start to hear creaking noises but i didn't pay it much mind. this is an OLD house and creaking sounds are no stranger to my ears. two seconds later, BOOM, the front/left leg collapses and my cd racks fall down. i cut my hand with one of the rack's edges.


still think this is a beautiful day? i've spent close to three hours surveying the damage and cleaning the massive mess it left. but good thing i was able to take pictures!

good thing my semi-trusty radio survived the damage. sadly though, a lot of my cd cases broke around the handle. *sob* as you can see, i own a lot of bootleg cds. here's a survey of the mess: my toolbox flew open and you can actually see my broken sendo mobile. a couple of cds lay littered on the ground, several of them hideously pirated. some ISP bonanza reloaded cards for staying up all night, Guesstures is super fun. Scrabble is okay, too. my barely used table tennis racket is also hiding and my box of paperworks is still intact although it did fly from where it lay.
look at how neat my cds used to be. it's a good thing the crash only endangered half my collection since the bulk of my records lay in shoeboxes, for the lack of better space.

anyways, i logged online to check my mail and blog just to take my mind off things when this schmuck ruins my day. why do people like pissing other people off. i'm selling cds via pusit and they are relatively cheep, considering the amount of online middlemen there are. if you aren't buying, don't leave a fucking comment.

From: pang-asar - - (2005-06-13 09:52:03)

Hoy, nagkalat sa Quiapo at MRT shaw station yang mga binebenta mo (artists and album titles.) Sa Quiapo, P25. Sa MRT shaw P40. Anong sinasabi mong cheap?

i semi-stylishly told him off saying that my customers pay more money for a guarantee and for me to come to them. plus, it's a whole lot safer than going to quiapo where the chances of being held-up massively increased over the years. i should know, you know? i also gave announced a huge discount just to tell him off. i hope spammers flock to your inbox, albert and stay there! at least he knows he's annoying. take a look at the name he wrote down.

grrrrr.... this day is ruined. all i want to do now is go running and it looks like it's about to rain so i doubt if that'll happen too. to top it all off, i accidentally clicked pubilsh post kanina while i was still offline and so my post went poof before i knew it. grrr...

i watched mean girls again last weekend and i'm so happy that they swept the awards in mtv. i know this movie is so manufactured but it's fun and light but smart enough to make you think. as a bitch, i know my mouth can get mean at times so i really related well.

did y'all know that the dumb girl and the oblivious love interest from mean girls were both in the daytime soap 'all my children'? they never crossed paths though since the guy left before the girl came in. there was a two week interval daw.

i hate this day. i've got so much crap pa to clean. grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! maybe i should watch mean girls again, that ought to cheer me up! :D


  1. Awwww... Bwahahaha! People, don't believe this guy, his house ain't that old. Dude, have you forgotten about my crib? It's at least as old as your grandma. Wohohoho!

  2. hahaha, that may be true. i wouldnt want to go against your house. it's a living legend. :D

  3. Poor you babe,...that had to suck! I HATE cleaning stuff up! Grr!! & all the broken stuff? *sniff-sob* I'd DIE!

  4. yeah, i hate it as much as i hate tacky shoes. anyways, it gave me an excuse to act all obsessive compulsive. i got to change cases from plastic to felt (the thin kind) and then i'm gonna get a binder to hold everything in! :D

  5. Laki ng pagkakaiba ng sulat mo noon at ngayon. Hehehehe :))))


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