weight watching

there's a test in mercury drug. i'm not sure if you've ever tried it. it's a glorified weighing scale-slash-height tester and yesterday, despite claims that i gained weight, i actually lost *gasp* one pound. anyways, there's this percent there, body something or other. I used to be in the tens-twelves. yesterday, i was only 3%. i found it weird and assumed that the warning "not a medical act" is very important.

went to adrian's wake yesterday and i'm sorta glad i went because i found peace in how i treated him. weird how a wake can give you peace. it was an awkward event that made us all sad. on the way home, we saw two streetchildren dead on the pavement. life is fragile.

i found this cool site where you can download free concert taped performances. some are really good but even on a broadband, it takes several hours. anyways, i'm glad i'm finally hearing vintage mraz stuff.

i have this shirt that, if you're any friend of mine, i'm sure you've seen. it's white and has a faux vintage feel and it says "don't annoy the unmedicated person". at first, i was a bit wary to wear this in church or anywhere remotely religious. but since i work in a seminary and my measly per project salary doesn't afford me the luxury of having shitload plenty clothes, i had to wear it. if you don't already know, i work in a born again seminary-slash-graduate school. the thing is, whenever an american pastor/professor sees me, s/he always has to comment on my shirt. "that's funny" or "that's cute" or "that's really good" after reading it out loud. today, i was taking pictures for my layout and i had to interrupt a class. the professor just HAD to comment on my shirt. it's weird since there's a mild drug dependancy reference and it's these pastors who seem to appreciate the humor. i think the prudish folks who frowned at me in church once should read this post. hahaha :D

downloaded joss stone videos too on FLV. i got an FLV player from this site. i'm too lazy to link today. :( also got jack johnson's video. *yawn* so bored and sleepy. i want to watch madagascar.