Sunday, May 1, 2005

so dead

i won the two bids i made at eBay. i feel like such an idiot. i mean, why bid twice? aaargh! on the same disc!!! stupid!

it's pretty cheap. one is $.01 and the uther is $.49. what's fifty cents, right? well, it's a lot if u add $20 for SHIPPING! F-THAT RIGHT?!?!

I'm so dead. i havent been this worried since that time pldt sent us a bill for calling partyline several times a day. uh oh.

it's not like i'm broke. okay, i'm a littttttttle bit broke but i'm expecting some money soon. mom's gonna pay me five grand for this layout gig and i'm expecting some pusit CD money coming in. it's just that i'm so dead because i'm gonna blow all this money for two cds that i already own anyway. i feel like such an idiot. aaargh. this is embarassing. this is caught-without-your-pants-on-trying-to-you-know-what embarassing. :(

anyways, this is yestin zaki!!! :D

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