serious survivor spoilers

i used to not believe in these spoilers but after watching survivor and seeing gregg then caryn get the boot, i conclude that the internet leaks are in fact, correct.

this leak totally rocks. they froze a scene from the trailer and if you look at it closely, you'll see that there are four people and an obvious tom wearing the immunity necklace. duh, no surprise there.

there are basically two insiders who have been leaking results. mercedes and wazzer. not sure about the spelling though. they have been predicting results since day 0. 0! yes, they leaked the survivor castaways and only about three were messed up in the process. that's really close.

so i regret to say my bet lost. :c ian was too much of a wuss to stick up to that backstabbing axe wound katie. it's unsure if jen or ian goes first but it has been confirmed that katie and tom will go to final two.

they could be wrong. i could be wrong. i hope i am. gawsh...

if ever they are correct. it's the first time that the most dominant survivor will win. i mean, every sole survivor has spent some time under the radar / riding coat tails. but the real survivor heroes like rupert never win anything. i guess this batch was too much of an idiot to vote the strongest one there when they had the chance to. serves them right.

i don't like tom much, that much is obvious but it's like the concept of lesser evil. i'd rather see him take the money home than that axe wound. anyways, it'll be nice to see a real survivor win this time. i didn't watch the first one though but i know for a fact that a lot of the survivors spent a lot of time under the radar. even ethan had his moments.

anyways, it's nice to know that tom is winning. of course, i'll still ditch work to see it live. it's also nice to remember the winner this time. a lot of the winners are totally forgettable. like sandra and chris? ewww... tom is definitely someone i'll remember because he was in front from day one. i'm a bit conflicted. maybe i just need to sleep and think this through. i'm sad ian lost. i'm a bit annoyed at myself for checking out the leak.

i watched this chinese movie and i was a bit content even though it was obviously manufactured. it was called love on the rocks and the guy looked like brent javier. just in that movie though. in others, he looks more like andy lau.

the twins (twins effect) were there although they never had a scene together. you know what's weird about the twins? the fact that they aren't really twins! they just sorta look alike! anyways, got to sleep. zZzZz...