me again

why do i tremble? am i not used to it by now?

where is he? why can't i see him?

why can't people just eat when they are hungry?

all i wanted was a simple kind of life but everything's too complicated.

enough about that. no one gets what those mean anyway.

have this idea for a story. there's this kid who's smoking. obviously, he's a kid. he's not supposed to do that. he sees his brother in law in the mall. the b-i-l sees him but then the kid realizes that said bil is supposed to be working out of town. sexy broad steps out of the car. both have secrets that cannot be revealed. does the kid risk exposure for his sister's sake?

it didnt really happen although my brother in law is in boracay right now. kinda cool for a story. im thinking of combining that with my zoe story that's in the works plus add in a bulimic angle via "bathroom". watcha think?


  1. that would be nice! do it, okay? i'll wait for it...

  2. thanks. :D did u like the vignette? (bathroom)

  3. if you're talking about your work w/ some lines from the song "masaya" of bamboo.. yes i did.... it's nice... mix of bulimic and love issues..
    i don't know why but i liked the drip drop drip drop thing :)

  4. xie xie ni dahling. :D jogging tomorrow, ayt?


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