kitty kal-el

adopt your own virtual pet!

i adopted an online baby tiger! (am i finally turning into a tomasino?)

i instinctively named him baby kal-el. the names 'clark', 'supercat', and 'supe' just seemed too cheesy for a silver tiger. after spending half of last night reading up on superman v, i'm totally sleepy and can't focus on work. noticing a nocturnal pattern, mom asked me why i wasn't sleeping anymore. i wanted to say kaaaaaal-eeeeeelll but was too embarassed to. haha, haven't gotten decent sleep in about two weeks thanks to my cheepskate tendencies with ISP Bonanza Reloaded. hahaha at least i can surf about 'ol supe for free!

they couldn't put a dash so it's spelled that way. get one for yourself, too! click on him to make him do stuff. make him happy! :D


  1. Oh hun!!! Your tiger is soooo adorable! Thx for droppin' by my blog BTW,..:-) I think I want one of those,...he's soooo cute!

  2. hahaha you should definitely indulge yourself in a virtual pet. they don't poop on the carpet either.


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