in the presence of gracia's enemies

Truly, today is a landmark for any writer's (such as I) life. The day my first book is released:

It's such a shame dear Martin isn't here to support me. (Gawd, I hope karma doesn't get me. For everyone who wants to wish me bad luck or hurl stones at me for this "unfunny" joke, please spare me. :(

I just saw Guess Who with my mom kanina when we were supposed to be working. I heard it's a remake of an older movie called Guess Who's Coming To Dinner. I'm not really sure. Maybe I ought to do research. I hope I can write a review later. Ashton was his usual self. It's a romantic comedy so don't expect a non-sugary ending.

Hey, did I tell you I started working this morning? It's a part-time layout gig for five g's. But the thing is, we had lunch in Tokyo Tokyo and decided never to come back! We watched a movie, shopped for a comb and we never returned! NEVER! Ha ha ha... Just kidding. We did come back ... to get our stuff! He he but we swore we'd show up early tomorrow. Yeah, I'm part of the working force now but I still haven't configured the LAN settings so I can't blog as frequent as I'd want to. *sob*

Meeting Karl for his CDs tomorrow at Chocolate Kiss. Hope he shows up so I can get some money to tide me over. :D