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Subtitled: Of life, pinball, and MYMP
Second Subtitle: Cheeseball Freakazoid

I'm so fugging bored. I can't believe I can't figure out the office's LAN configuration. I swear, LAN sucks. Anyways, I just had a life realization whilst freezing to death in this forsaken office.

I was playing pinball and I was thinking, jeez, my style in playing has really changed. I mean, I'm finally moving into the seven digit scores. Whatever happened to those days when I'd launch, I'd tilt and fall? Anyways, I was asking myself what was it that changed. And I realized my main objective, my battle plan has dramatically changed.

Whereas in the past, my goal was to not let the ball fall, today I decided not to focus too much on that. There's a Jewel song called Deep Water and there's a line there that goes "Your life somehow got stuck on 'survive'". I used to be a lot like that. But then I realized that in Pinball, it's best to hit as much crap as you can and not worry whether the ball is going to fall or not. If you don't focus too much on survival, you can score some pretty decent points.

Another thing is I used to be terrified of the tilt key because if you tilt too much, the game freezes up. Now, I realize that it's a part of the game. You have to be careful when you use it but when you don't use it in fear of the game ending, you miss out on a lot.

Hey, don't we get like five balls per game anyways? Life's short. Make fun of it.

I used to be terrified of life. I always thought I was living too much or too little of it. I was afraid of some of the stupid things that I've done. Don't get too close, my insanity is contagious. Running after people, asking them to love me. Slapping the ones who do. Being slapped by those who don't. I'll leave before you wise up and leave me first. Never mind what I feel.

Drive the point home: I guess I really needn't bother explaining this post. Life is too short to be playing it safe. You have to appreciate the hardships that you're facing and not let the fear of everything ending keep you from scoring some pretty decent points. If I didn't do all that stupidity in the past, I doubt I would be the same person now. Wounds are there to teach you not to do the same things again. Mistakes are lessons to be learned. To phrase it in the cheesy Duff flick, "Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game." (Ugh, I'm starting to sound like a teacher and I'm not even in third year.) Can somebody pass the CHEESE?

Ugh, EJ Erwin flashback. He's such a fugly idiot. When I was still working for that sweatshop, he told me the next issue's theme was (Never let...) and I was like "wasn't that from a movie?". He said yeah, probably disappointed that I've seen the unmentionable Duff flick and therefore he couldn't hog the glory for such a quasi-wonderful phrase. I told him we had to cite the source and you know what he texts me in response? "Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game – A Cinderella story". How fugly idiotic was that? Pop culture has its limits.

Yesterday, we ate in Tokyo Tokyo but we passed by Yoshinoya. We were really craving for Asian food. Anyways, there was a poster of food and models eating them. Ha ha, who would've thought models and food came together? My EJ-mate Ynah was there. I knew she was a model and stuff but I've never really seen her modeling work. Dominique James (the photographer who made me look gay) really loved her and shot a shitload of her pictures during the EJ photoshoot. While the rest of us had like ten each, she had ten million. Remembering she was a Calcarries model, I felt kinda sad that pugnosedfreakazoid isn't model material (although said shoot made me feel like one :c *sadly hopeful*). He he… self-pity. At least my ninners aren't the size of Idaho potatoes! Hehehe (see last post).

Listening to this really stupid MYMP song called "Jam (Set Your Spirits Free)" from disc 2 of beyond versions. It's so stupid. I'm listening to South Border/ I am a fanatic. What kind of a song has that line? Y'all have probably heard it. It's Jam's station ID but they changed 88.3 to 'set your spirits free'. Disc 2 (Beyond Acoustic) has its highlights. 3 of them to be exact. "Tell Me Where It Hurts" is nice to listen to when you're in munimunimoo mood and just want to bawl out your eyeballs. The fact that I've no one to sing me this song even makes it worse. "Kailan" and "Sa Kanya" are classic OPM hits that strike a cord once Juris sings it. I still can't believe they let Nina go. I used to think MYMP's low-key version of "Love Moves In Mysterious Ways" kicked Nina Live's ass any day. But now that I see they aren't so different, I'm starting to be persuaded. Who knows, I might forgive her for singing baby boy you caught my eye/ can't wait till you are mine in the sort of career suicide Mariah and Christina are both known for. Album potholes (avoid them at all costs) include "Girlfriend" (a stupid acoustic "r&b" song in Justin Timberlake fashion) and "Fast Car" (Tracy Chapman cover, I thought it was going to be lovely when I bought the discs.) simply because they guy sang it and his voice is qwaful with capital P.U. Come to think of it, the guy songs in their first album are qwaful, too. Someone should tell them to quit singing and let Juris handle the songs from now on. The radio and video *ahem* "hit" called "Get Me" is sadly hopeful. It's reminiscent of Heart's "One". Listen to the intro and you'll get what I mean. It's not like MYMP to release such a pop-py song.

What am I doing? Why am I reviewing this CD? Didn't I promise you two reviews? (Guess Who and Lindsay's Speak). Add one more, I'm probably watching Wedding Date with Carlo in a few hours. Then it's off to UP to meet Karl. We both lost our phones and both got held-up so I wonder if we'll find each other.

Updates from today: Got a new diary. My office LAN finally works, obviously. I'm totally just surfing instead of layouting like I should. Scratch what I first said. I decided to call it my journal. It's made of recycled paper and is absolutely gorgeous. :D

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  1. well yes, it was kinda stupid to say in a song "i listen to southborder. i'm a fanatic" :)
    but i listen to southborder, so i can relate w/ juris and chin :) eheheheh! :)
    nice moral lesson from a pinball game by the way :) seriously, i really liked it.. i never even thought of that one before! :) go nyl! :)
    a message from someone i think you know:
    "yo yo yo what's up?
    it's time to get busy!
    so let's kick this shit,
    and rock the CK off your panties!"
    hehehe! did you watch it already?


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