Monday, May 9, 2005

harajuku boys

i'm trying out this new thing where you can email your posts to blogger and they'll publish it right away. great for bloggers like me who are always on the run. and for bloggers who are also, like me, hiding their blogs from their families! :D

i read this article last night of a girl who got fired from friendster for blogging about it. she was supposedly giving out trade secrets but all she said was that friendster switched from jsp to php which was quite ovbious whether or not she said it. i mean, hello! you can see the extension when you go there. anyways, people started to erase their accounts and were encouraging others to do the same. talk about boycott. i wouldn't cancel my account even though they fired her. seems like friendster is becoming functional (finally) and i'm not that ridden with conviction that i would boycott friendster and stuff.

blogger made me choose a unique name for the email address (where i can easily publish posts) and i chose harajuku boy. i dunno why. it seems fun. the only downside will be the yahoo ads that will be on the post. oh well, i guess that's how you can tell. :D

yet another unerelated postscript: someone said i was thin today. i guess that's a highlight. i'm sleeping over at wicky's tonight. when i asked papa for permission, he gave me yet another weird answer. last time it was "ikaw" this time it was "kayo naman nagdedesisyon ng mga buhay nyo eh!" okay now! that man was a one time middleaged drama king! he'd give lindsay lohan a run for her money! :D

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